Once Upon a Time: Rumple and Belle Mid-Season Report

Once Upon a Time has been seeing protests about their treatment of Belle and Rumple.  There are many who want this pair together but some think that it’s time she dumps him and moves on.  I personally like the pairing but this group has many issues they must deal with in the coming episodes in March.  Let’s look at a few of them.

  1.  Black Fairy is Rumple’s mom.  Well, that explains why he became the Dark One.  When you father steals kids and takes them to Neverland and your mom steals kids, it’s hard not to be dark.  The good news is that he never stole a kid (except to lure the Black Fairy).  Considering all Rumple has been through and his parentage, it’s amazing that he turned out as “good” as he did.  He does have a heart of gold for family and for those he cares about.
  2. The Evil Queen (from now on known as EQ).  What is this with her obsession with Rumple.  And she doesn’t admit her guilt.  Wonder when Belle will finally clue in to the fact that she has a rival. True the rival is a cobra (I hope that is right) now but she has to be dealt with sometime.  And wouldn’t it be fair that Belle does this.
  3. Their son, Morpheus/Gideon.  This is the most complicated story right now.  It’s got the big issues attached to it and we must have details early.  We know the Black Fairy got him and we know that her realm doesn’t work on the same time frame as ours.  The big question is what did the Black Fairy teach him?  Does she want revenge on Rumple?  Does he now hate his mother?  How does the Black Fairy play into destroying the Savior.
  4. Can Rumple and Belle mend their lives together.  I believe that the two of them love each other.  The love has also sustained them through many dastardly deeds that Rumple has done.  This time, the deed was protection but he couldn’t tell Belle.  Will they be able to move forward?  Will they be able to defeat their son?  Why, oh why, do we need their offspring being evil when Neal was so good?  Better question:  Why didn’t the Black Fairy go for Neal?

We’ve got to March to ponder these questions.  And discuss them.  More articles from the season/mid-season finale will be forthcoming from me.


One thought on “Once Upon a Time: Rumple and Belle Mid-Season Report

  1. Reblogged this on Site Title and commented:
    We think that Rumbelle needs to just go! The same old recycled storylines are getting old. Once Upon A Time’s fans are not happy. The writers wont listen to us, and yes i think they should.
    Who knows where Rumbelle will end up. The EQ is now under Gold’s radar as he put the cuff on her that was on Belle and can now find her anywhere.
    Charming NOT using a wish to wake up Snow was a huge shock to us. It would have been the very first wish for us.
    We are not happy that the EQ is now a snake.
    And Gideon, we don’t understand why he wants to kill the savior, plus hes suspicious, don’t forget that he basically talked belle into handing him over to the fairies.


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