Once Upon a Time: Wish Emma?

Once Upon a Time went extreme on the mid-season finale with Emma.  She’s been a hero but she’s never asked for it.  The “Wish Enchanted Forest” made Emma appear as a wimp and my personal belief is that a wish would never have changed our Emma.

Granted, I understand, Emma had to be extremely different from the one we know.  If she hadn’t been, the Evil Queen (EQ) would not have really won.  But, even if it is a wish world and she grew up with her family, would she have taken life as mildly as she did. Wouldn’t she have wanted to protect the kingdom her parents had striven to make great.  Personally, I think  Emma would have been a stronger leader.  Unless some kind of “switcheroo”  happened, Emma would or should have retained certain characteristics that we know.  Let’s review what we know of Emma Swan.

Season One — the bounty hunter who is a doubter.  Once Upon a Time introduced Emma as a bounty hunter who meets her son for the first time since she gave him up for adoption.  She bravely took him home.  She confronted his domineering adopted mother, Regina Miles.  She stood up and believed when Henry looked like he was dying.  With all of this, she wouldn’t have been so meek and mild.  She would have still had some of these attributes.  I even wondered in “wish world” if she raised Henry because he was so “hard-nosed.”

Season Two — Emma the uncertain.  Once Upon a Time had her come to grips with everything she had learned.  While Season Two is probably my least favorite season, we did see her learn about her homeland and her mother.  And because Snow would have wanted her to be brave, she wouldn’t have allowed a child in any realm to be a wimp. Emma would have been brought up to be a strong person.  Forget the foster care that she lived through in our world.  The Enchanted Forest would always have some new enemy to conquer

On through season three, four and five we saw Emma accept her past (Neal or Neil depending on who wants what spelling), finding her true love (Hook), and raising a son with the woman who was once your mortal enemy.  She has grown by confronting her foster mother, The Ice Queen, and all this has had an impact on her.  I don’t think a “wish” would have changed the life lessons on Once Upon a Time‘s Emma Swan.

In closing, I’m going to speculate and say that Emma’s “wish world” was what the EQ wanted.  She wanted Emma to suffer and figured a weak, meek Emma would do the job.  Unfortunately, the weak, meek Emma was awakened by probably her best friend, Regina, and the quest continues.

Do I look forward to Season 6-B.  Of course I do.  Granted, I want Emma, Regina, Zelena, and Dark One to be the ultimate cause of EQ’s demise but at least she’s of the mix temporarily.  It’s going to be a long wait until Once Upon a Time returns in March.

2 thoughts on “Once Upon a Time: Wish Emma?

  1. Excellent post! Agree with you whole heartedly on the wish aspect, it seems like it’s exactly what the evil queen wants. However, I think a lot of her development stems on the fact shes evolved beyond her past experiences and has moved on from them, and is no longer reflecting upon them as much.

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