Dance Moms: Abby Lee to Jail We Go

By now, most Dance Moms fans know that Abby Lee Miller was sentenced to a year and a day in Federal prison.  The charge was fraud and her excuses were varied. The real issue is has she learned anything.  Let’s review some instances.

When she made her pitch for leniency, she told the judge that she would love to teach her to dance.  Okay, i kind  of understand why she said this but then she went on and invited the judge to lunch.  Say what!  Are you trying to bribe the judge, Abby?  You would think that after all the comments made about hiding money that you would realize that baldly saying “let’s do lunch” could be some as offering a bribe.

No remorse or acknowledgement of what she had done.  I like the instance best where she said that she didn’t know she was signing  a contract.  She thought she was signing an appearance agreement.  If I remember correctly, Abby uses “contracts” to enforce keeping her winning girls at the studio.  If they leave while holding a crown, Abby’s contract entitles her to a big chunk of change and keeping the trophy.  If she uses contracts, she should know to read everything she signs.

And I will end with the — er — shall I say stupid thing she said.  In an interview with Good Morning America, Abby stated that she was going to think of the 10 months in jail as being on a movie set.  It’s only ten months.  She also plans to read, write a book, and learn Spanish.  I thought she’d also be assigned some work detail like cooking, library work, etc.  Does she think she’s going to a hotel?   Does she even see this as punishment?

In 43 days Abby must be behind bars.  What do you think she’ll do?  What will she say?  How can she live without interviews and “red carpet” events?  Give your opinions below folks!

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