Dance Moms: Abby’s Tears and Goodbye

I admit, I didn’t watch Dance Moms last night.  I’m find Abby’s antics a little over the top.  For all of you who love Abby, that’s fine but she’s not type of teacher.  A teacher needs to be compassionate and Abby didn’t have it.  She played favorites and those who were not her favorites knew it.

So surprise, surprise.  My Twitter account had post after post from Abby Lee Miller, Dance Moms jailbird, asking what people thought.  And more surprising was how people were fawning all over Abby and telling her how wrong the moms were to treat her this way.  I was taken aback.  You mean you want your child’s teacher to teach the same thing over and over again and charge you high prices for the same routine? Do you want a teacher who may prepare you for Broadway but not for some of the other dance areas of professionalism?  Do you prefer teachers who put their favorites over giving all girls a break?

Give me a break!  Every mom wants their child to succeed.  Every mom will push for their child to have an opportunity.  And every mother will call out favoritism.  It’s Parenting 101.  So don’t complain about moms unless you live in their shoes!

I want to address one mom who I have always felt was a “good mom.”  Nia and Holly stuck with the show and didn’t break their contract.  They stuck it out through their contract knowing that Abby would never give Nia the same treatment as Maddie, MacKenzie, Brynn, and Kalani.  You notice I didn’t include Kendall?  I’ll deal with that in a minute.  Nia almost lost her spot in the second season but production put their foot down according to sources in Pittsburgh.  Nia remained on the show.

As Nia grew and the move to Hollywood started, Abby demanded to control the girls career which didn’t hold much promise for Nia.  Nia was put in a category by Abby of singing “scat” which is not a popular song style.  Abby never thought Nia would fit any acting jobs and didn’t want to send her out on auditions.  So I don’t blame Holly for setting out on her own to get Nia the support she needed.  And what has happened?  Nia has come into her own with recordings and a movie coming out.

Remember the photo sessions!  This is where I bring in Kendall.  Both Nia and Kendall were all but overlooked at the studio when Abby did the shoot.  Abby even told the photographer to focus on Maddie, MacKenzie and Kalani as they had potential.  She did this where Kendall and Nia could hear her and I remember the girls shocked faces.  Abby said she didn’t mean it that way and took the two out for photos the next day.  Abby, that’s wrong.  Treat all equally.

So to all the people giving the OG’s a hard time, be specific.  The only real OG that was left was Nia and she was always treated badly.  You should stop and look at treatment and attitude before you speak of the girls in a group.  And, forget Abby’s tears.  She certain forgot the girls.

2 thoughts on “Dance Moms: Abby’s Tears and Goodbye

  1. Do what you want and say what you want but must people always bash each other? Can’t anyone just move forward without constantly running their mouth and putting someone down? Not Jill. Not Christi. I think Holly is the only one with any class really. But that’s just my opinion.

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  2. I’ve always said Holly was the one with class. She and Nia had a contract that went through the end of season 7. I think it is to their honor that they stuck it out. I also think LifeTime acknowledges Nia and Holly’s contribution as they waited until Nia announced her leaving to announce any chance of the show returning.


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