DANCE MOMS: The End of a Series and the Beginning of Life

What can you say about the end of a series like Dance Moms.  I won’t do a recap but I want to talk about what viewers have experienced.  The show has run seven years and let us watch Nia, Kendall and Chloe (to a certain extent) grow up.  It’s let us see other girls like Maddie, MacKenzie and JoJo move on in a different career path than competition dance.  Nia, Kalani, Chloe and Kendall have found other options besides dance in their future and have the strength to continue on the path toward success.  We are still unsure where their path will lead but the future is bright.

When you think of the early Dance Moms, you think of seven little girls going out into the world and competing for national championships.  Now, the circle has come full cycle.  The teacher may not be the same.  Some of the girls have change but the cycle has been complete.  While three girls from the early years are there to see the end, the additional two — Kalani and Camryn — have won places in our hearts.  These girls have stayed the course of the season, remained true to themselves, remained true to their beliefs, and maintained a friendship that has survived the test of time, confusion, and rejection.  They have come out the other side as National Champions once again and should be very proud of their accomplishments. At this level, they have met the challenge.

I want to express my thanks to each girl and offer their strengths and commend their success.

To Nia — you were always cast as the underdog.  What you found within yourself was strength and purpose.  Your strength is in your ability to see beyond what is before you to what is underneath.  You didn’t take things at face value.  Your struggles have made you the performer you are today.  Whatever career path you pursue, you will have success.  The reason:  you have the tenacity to continue to strive for success.

To Chloe — you too suffered as an underdog.  Your early success seemed always to be overshadowed and forgotten.  It may have made you insecure at times but look at where it has led.  While you were away from dance, you found success as an actress.  Your friendships there are strong but you haven’t forgotten your old friends like Nia, Kendall and Kalani.  You have a bright future and when you set your mind to something you WILL succeed.

To Kalanii — you have success written all over your fashion design.  You have the dancing skills but your fashion vision may take you further than any dance will.  You came to the show late and I had my doubts about you but you have proven to me that you are not only a strong dancer but a dedicated friend.  Your support of Nia and Kendall showed that you care for others.  Go for it girl!  Your fashion sense (and socks) will take you far.

To Kendall — Kendall, you are at a crossroads.  You are a singer and a dancer but are you a dreamer.  I can see you succeeding on so many levels and my advice to you is to stay the course.  Don’t forget your friends.  Stay true to yourself.  Stay true to your ideals.  Stay true to your friends.  Don’t get distracted by the “noise” or advice of those who say have your best interest at heart.  Remember the lesson that came from Abby’s taking on your music career.  Do what you think you need to do to succeed.  Success is right around the corner for you.

To Camryn — Camryn, though we have only known you a short time, we see your strengths.  You have determination, you have the will to success.  Go for it!  Your life is an open book.  Your future is your destiny.  Whether you stay in dance or move into other venues take the lessons learned and stay true.  Remember your friends — the ones who are there for you and don’t lose the contact with them.  They are your source of strength, an enabler and encouragement source.

And a special note to all the moms.  Thank you for sharing your girls with us.

Holly— Thank you for having a level-head and being a source of wisdom.  Thank you for taking care of not only Nia but all the other girls.  When you saw things were getting out of control, you took control of the girls and kept them from harm.  You are an inspiration, and should be so proud of your daughter.

Christi — I know you take a lot of online abuse from people who feel you are combative and argumentative.  To me, you are just stating the truth and calling things like you see them.  Thank you for being an advocate for the girls.  Thank you for standing up for the girls.  And thank you for reminding people of those who came first and started the success (of which I understand you can take part credit).  Chloe has a bright future.

Kira — Kira, I heard some of the things that Abby dished on you last night.  Yes, I know you have problems but who doesn’t.  Would Abby be in jail if she was innocent?  Anyway, I want to thank you for your fairness.  You never forgot there were other girls there and never put Kalani’s interest before the others to their detriment.  While you wanted Kalani to shine, you didn’t forget there were others there who need the spotlight. Continue to let Kalani explore options.  She has greatness written in her stars.

Jill — Jill, thank you for being you.  While I don’t always agree with some of your methods, your goal has always been to have Kendall be a success.  Some of the time you took the wrong path but you always found your way.  As I told Kendall, don’t always listen to the bright promises.  You need to step back and evaluate decisions that the two of you make.  Kendall has a promising future.  It’s up to you to help guide in the right path.

Camille — Camille, I don’t know you from your television persona as well as I know the others, but I have a wish for you.  I want you and your beautiful daughter to continue to gain strength and rely on the people around you for support.  Remember the lessons you learned from Dance Moms.  Remember the advice given.  Take the good to heart and the other use when necessary.  Give your daughter guidance, encouragement, and love.  The path is unsure for Camryn but the future is bright.

Now to future Dance Moms participants I offer  the following advice.  Don’t go into any television show with stars in your eyes.  The show may not last.  It may not make you a success.  It may not even show you in a good light.  Remember what people see on television is what they expect you to be.  We don’t see the hours that are edited out.

Which brings me to one more note for Ashlee and Brynn.  Ashlee, you seemed to forget you were on a reality show.  You and Brynn didn’t take into consideration that your actions might have ramifications.  I was brought up to say nothing if I couldn’t say something good.   Both of you have done some things, said some things, and had looks on your faces which were in opposition of what you say you meant.  Always remember that your actions speak more than what you think they are saying.  If you do reality, remember that we don’t see everything that goes on.

So seven season of Dance Moms is over.  Will the show return with a new cast?  That is still to be determined.  Will fans accept a new cast?  Again, it’s too soon to tell.  But I will always remember this team of girls (Nia, Kalani, Kendall, Chloe, and Camryn) and these moms (Holly, Kira, Jill, Christi and Camille).  You maintained your beliefs in a test of fire.  Congratulations.




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