Once Upon a Time: And Now We Know More of Rumbelle’s Great Love

Once Upon a Time has done it again.  They made me cry Friday night.  So, let’s get on with it.

Three cheers for Adam and Edie, the writers, the actors and all involved.  Once Upon a Time gave Rumbelle their happy ending.  I loved how Rumple went looking for a place to lose the dagger.  Too bad, though, for him that the dagger always remained.  But there is hope.  He now knows that he must find the Guardian to give the dagger to so darkness cannot return.  Unfortunately, he hasn’t found that person yet as “darkness” is now in the hands of Lady Tremaine.  Thanks to Tilly shooting Rumple, he knows two things:

  1. he will be reunited with Belle
  2. he’s been cursed and made to forget the past (loved that dearie at the end).

So where does he go from here?  Probably the harder question is where is the dagger?  And what type of “tapes” does Victoria have on him anyway?

Now on to the Guardian…just who is he?  We know that Rumple knew where to find him.  First person he meets is Tilly.  Some are thinking that she is the one who gets the dagger.  Me, I think we need to look a little further into the scene of his arrival.  Could it be Henry?   He zoomed by on his bike and didn’t even notice his grandfather.

Ad we actually had one more question answered for us.  In the “Comic Con” version of the opening, Regina asks Henry why didn’t Snow, Charming or Emma stop him from the quest.  I wondered then why Rumple wasn’t mentioned.  Now I see he had probably already left the town trying to get rid of  “said” dagger.

Tilly is an interesting character.  Speculation on Twitter and Facebook feel that she is Hook’s 2 daughter.  She does appear to be the LGBT character the show promised last year.  The real question is how Tilly, who is really Alice, came to be the only person not affected by the curse?  Could she be immune due to her arriving late in Seattle?  Could she be a magical fairy that sees beyond the veil?  And what is in those pills she takes?  Could Victoria be pumping it into everyone.

One last note:  I really didn’t think the Ivy scenes played true to the show.  Now, she seems to be developing feelings for Henry.  Has it got something to do with his “pure heart?”


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