Celebrity Big Brother: US Style

Wednesday, February 7, saw the premiere of something unique, Celebrity Big Brother.  I must say that the whole experience intrigued me and had me wondering just who would go in the house.  I must say, I was pleasantly surprised.

The celebrities in the house are not unknown to me.  You follow pop culture long enough and they get at least one hit on your radar.  Brandi is not one of my favs but I want to see just how far she can get in this game.  Omarosa, the surprise guest, is the one I really want to see play.  I’ve seen her on two versions of The Apprentice and know she’ll do anything to win.  I love Marissa and remember watching her in Hairspray.  Keisha is a kid we watched grow up on screen.  I don’t really know much about Shannon or Ariadne.  Last night both showed they were a force not be ignored.

On the men’s side, I have to wonder about their thought process.  When I heard one say that Paul was BB royalty, I had to laugh.  That role is reserved for those who really have made a name for themselves like Evel Dick.  All Paul has done is played the game twice and lost.  But I digress.

Chuck is the one male who I saw with real potential followed by James.  If they don’t let their egos rule their heads, they may win.  Also Ross has a chance but it will be because he played a close to the chest game.  Metta World and Mark are both clueless.  I look for them to depart early.

So Celebrity Big Brother is underway.  Right now, I’d give the winner’s crown to the ladies but much can happen over two weeks.

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