2017-2018 State of Television in Review

As another television season draws to a close, I want to reflect on a few things that stands out with the shows ending their run and the shows returning.

ABC and It’s Cancellations

ABC is the hardest channel for me to figure out.  They have dynamic dramas but the comedies are the pits (more on Roseanne in a minute).  I’m sorry, but Fresh Off the Boat annoys the heck out of me.  And, while keeping the annoying shows like Fresh Off the Boat, they are getting rid of quality shows like Once Upon a Time and Designated Survivor.  Granted Once lost steam by losing 6 majors characters but it could have come back strong, especially after the second half of season eight.  And let’s not forget that it was the head of ABC programming that “changed” the emphasis of Designated Survivor when she took over.  Next up, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. which was only given a limited run.

Game Shows

Okay, I don’t mind a good game show but everything should be done in moderation.  Take, for example, Candy Crush.  Sure I play the game occasionally and tried the show a few times but it was just too long and annoying.

ABC seems to be heading in the same direction.  While 25,000 Pyramid is a standard and who doesn’t love the naughty Match Game, you never know when they are on or how many episodes they will do.  The Match Game had a good host, Alex Baldwin, but is missing the same person staying in the bottom middle seat.  We always had some regulars and now there are none.  And one more thing about ABC’s “game shows”.  I hated To Tell the Truth when I saw it as a child.  Why would I watch it now?

Reality Shows

Granted, Celebrity Big Brother wasn’t what I expected.  In fact, I rather enjoyed it and was surprised by some of the celebrities who did the show.  Yet, I’m not sure that the time was right to bring back American Idol.  That show seemed to have a shortened time line as if they were afraid that it wouldn’t work out.  Have more confidence in your shows.  America’s Got Talent, on the other hand is considered an 18 summer show and I already have developed a love for the show again this year.  It’s all in the personalities doing the show and they need to learn that.

Roseanne’s Quick Rise and Fall

This is not aimed at any of the stars of Roseanne, but it was never my favorite show the first time around.  To say I was surprised when they brought it back, is putting it mildly.  When it was renewed, I was shocked.   I am not surprised by Roseanne’s comments.  I’m just surprised it took this long for the show to be cancelled AGAIN.



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