Roseanne and the Aftermath

Roseanne drew some interesting reactions.  We all knew it would, but let’s take a look at a few of them.

President Trump:  Used it as a way to tell the press they need to apologize to him and not attack his daughter.  There are some subtle differences in what happened.  Roseanne attacked someone outside of government.  The Trumps are still very active in government.

Samantha Bee:  She’s not a commentator.  She has a view of the world.  While her comment was inappropriate, she said it in the sense of commentary.  Granted, Ivanka doesn’t deserved to be attacked due to her father, but Ivanka needs to be aware that when you are in the public eye everything you say has an impact.

Roseanne’s quitting and staying with Twitter:  Did she leave or did she stay?  Evidently, she stayed as she made comments about what people were saying and attacking Fishman and Gilbert.  Roseanne thinks that they threw her under the bus.  I think it was the other way around.  Roseanne said what she thought (not the drugs making her) and got the show cancelled.  When the others didn’t come to her defense, she mouthed off at them.

Gilbert and Fishman:  I’m not going to condemn them for what they said.  They have a right to state their opinion.  And, as they are no longer children, they have the right to disagree with someone who thinks she’s their superior.

What I have learned from this whole mess is that everyone is responsible for what they say.  We also have to be aware of fact-checking and the use of the internet to check what you say and be accurate in what you say.  While I don’t agree with Roseanne’s attitude at all and feel Bee went to far, I understand the context in which all spoke.  To those in public view like Roseanne and others named above, your actions sometimes speak louder than your tweets or voice.

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