Big Brother 20 — My Take on the Contestants Left as of 7/20/18

Okay, Big Brother 20 has been interesting to say the least.  I mean how often does a major character who thinks he is in charge, Swaggy Z, get taken out week two.  Of course, he played too fast and too loose, had a big mouths that bragged about his skill, an alliance that didn’t know how to keep their mouth shut, and an alliance that wasn’t an alliance so much as a “bully squad,” so what did he expect.

First a recap and let’s be honest.  Big Brother 20 at the first of the season had two alliances.  I can’t even remember what name was given to Swaggy C’s but he was the leader with Rockstar, Faysal, Haleigh, Kaitlyn, and Scottie.  This group then added Swaggy’s showmance of Bayleigh.  So, in essence, it should have run the show  and carried the votes.  But wait!  It didn’t.  Kaitlyn turned on Scottie’s pal Steve who left week one.  Kaitlyn became HoH and did the unthinkable and backdoored Swaggy C who was gone week two.  The alliance could have gotten rid of its rivals by voting as a team.  Instead both Kaitlyn and Scottie (the Swaggy C vote) did the opposite and got rid of two potential votes that they could have controlled.  Why?  Well, it seems pecking order came into play.

On the other side of the Big Brother house, you had Level 6 which was comprised of Tyler, Kaycee, Winston, Brett, Angela, and Rachel.  These six have played as a team with Tyler as the de facto leader which is how Big Brother alliances work.  Unfortunately, they loss Winston week three.  But hey with Tyler in the group, he seems to know how to switch the votes of others.  Besides, Swaggy’s group is imploding at a face rate with true feelings showing and emotion playing too big a game.  Plus the voting has one or two of them switching sides a week.  Both Kaitlyn and Scottie are down with voting out their alliance so how does an alliance last?

So what about Sam and JC.  They are the true wildcards who vote as they see fit. Of course, both are in alliances with Tyler which helps his game and theirs.  With Sam, she votes from the heart.  JC votes from who will help his game.

Oh, and less I forget, Tyler, Scottie and Sam have a final three.  Well, Scottie isn’t true to his alliance so I don’t put too much trust in this.  Scottie puts up people who he feels disrespects him.  He doesn’t count who he disrespects.

So how are the remaining players faring in the Big Brother house right now.  Here’s a rundown as of last night.

HOH — Sam.  She has said she will not do one on ones but make the decision herself.  More power to her if she holds true.  She’s supposed to be in an alliance with Tyler and Scottie and the Girls’ Alliance (which I expect to blow up soon).

Tyler, Brett, Kaycee, and Angela have been promised immunity in regard to the block.  Tyler is in a safe spot because no on knows for sure who cast the vote against Winston (he did) last night. Kaitlyn thinks she controls Tyler and said he would vote as she told him.  Let’s see how this plays out.

Scottie, Rachel, Bayleigh, Faysad and JC, I feel, are safe this week.  Scottie has a final three with Sam and Tyler.  JC has always treated Sam with respect.  Rachel has never really done anything against Sam and I think she’s low on Sam’s radar.  Bayleigh and Sam have had heart to heart talks so I feel Sam will be reluctant to nominate her.  Bayleigh also has the power to change the noms but she is beginning to regret her decision to stay with Swaggy’s side.  It hasn’t helped her or gotten her information. Faysal is also one I feel is safe because he has treated Sam with respect.

Kaitlyn – the mystic – I’m unsure about.  Sam doesn’t buy her act plus knows she voted Winston out.  That saved Sam.  Yet she is also possessive of Sam’s friend Tyler.  Will that be enough to keep the “nutcase” as they are seeing her as safe?  Kaitlyn does talk too much and Tyler has told her to lie low.

Haleigh and Rockstar probably are the biggest floaters to me.  They neither one have really gotten to know anyone outside the Swaggy C circle plus they have the distinct disadvantage of running their mouth about their alliance putting the other side out.  So far, there has only been one on the Level 6 side that has gone (Winston) while Swaggy’s side has lost the Steve vote and the leader.  Rockstar is showing signs of self-destruction in the game by going off on rants.  Banging posts and pans is an art form on Big Brother and I don’t think she paid enough attention to Evel DIck’s lessons.  Haleigh is a user and has used both sides.

So who will Sam put up?  I’m thinking Haleigh and Kaitlyn or Rockstar. The big question is:  Will Bayleigh use her power to save them?

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