Big Brother 20 –The Week That Was

Big Brother this year has a show worth viewing!  Most people who know me know that at this point in the year, I am so disgusted with Big Brother that I’d rather not watch.  I usually have a good idea of who will get the money and feel like the show is rigged.  While I have that feeling slightly in regard to one player this year, I don’t think anything went as planned.

The House Guests and Alliances:  From the start, you had people who had their own mindset on how to win.  The Alliances formed early.  FOUTTE was very visible.  Level 6 was hidden and originally known “as the other side of the house.”  I’m not even sure at present if FOUTTE realizes that there IS another alliance.  The reason:  While FOUTTE has been in your face with their so-called team work, Level 6 has operated as individuals going about their lives.  While they talk, it is not as visible as what FOUTTE does.  The silently meet and chat as friends or meet one-on-one.  While Tyler seems to have been the leader, he doesn’t show it when in the group and they discuss things and not get dictated to.

FOUTTE (Swaggy, Fessy, Haleigh, Kaitlyn, Scotty, and originally unofficially Bayleigh) had the misconception that Swaggy was the best leader and beloved by America.  Well he didn’t get America’s vote for the “good” apps and the other side quickly figured out a way to make him depart.  While he can boast and brag, he didn’t have the cunning needed to go far in the game.  His attitude was that he and his group deserved to win which filtered down through the pack with each member assuming that their decisions were law and people would follow their dictate.  Each week, they were proved wrong.  Even their own alliance didn’t understand that an alliance is only as powerful as the team behind it as first Kaitlyn and then Scotty went against the pack!

Add to this mix the fact that Bayleigh had a power app but didn’t play it.  Sure she didn’t see any purpose when Rockstar and Scotty was put on the block this week (August 9).  Scotty was expendable.  Yet with two of your alliance on the block, it would have made sense to play the app and keep both safe.  Then with the “hacker” lose in the house, it turned out to be her fellow team member Hayleigh in control.  Yes, we all knew that Hayleigh hated Tyler so the “block for him” didn’t surprise me.  The thing that did surprise me was that Hayleigh didn’t check the scenarios at the door when putting Kaycee up to play in the HOH competition  When you alliance is down to four, the stack the deck in your favor.  All she did was add another person to the Level 6 side who would protect Tyler.  Then to call a house meeting to out yourself only to have a team mate go off  . . . well that’s going to be good viewing for the fans!

Level 6 on the other hand has silent and carefully made their plans and played their game.  Even with Bayleigh as HOH and her down spiral this week, they’ve played it relatively cool with each having a part and keeping in character. I really thought Bayleigh would catch on last week when her choice to stay walked out the door, but didn’t seem to have a clue until her backdoor.  Now, with her app revealed and her performance at the house meeting on Tuesday, August 8, I think she is pretty much sunk. Level 6 didn’t have it planned but set the wheels in motion until everything worked perfectly.  Last week, Brett played his part on the block and helped Rachel self-destruct while Tyler was in mourning for losing Kaitlyn.  This week, Brett is the odd man out and Tyler has played his part by being on the block and showing defiance.

Wildcards this year are Sam and J. C.  Sam tends to follow Tyler’s lead and J. C. is friends with Fessy and Tyler.  Where they fall is anyone’s guess as J. C. has already given one “hinky” vote.

And the Tantrum Winner Is . . .

The award for tantrum so far this year goes to Bayleigh.  The temper tantrum she had yesterday was over the top.  Yes, she’s on the block, but she has too much power for Level 6 to keep her.  Also, she’s too visibly aligned with FOUTTE.  She should have figured out a long time ago that if you have only 4 or 5 members is your group, you can’t guarantee where the others will vote . . . no matter what you dictate.

Stupidest move of the game (so far) . . .

This award goes to Haleigh.  You have a power.  You secretly put up your number one target on the block.  You pick a POV person you don’t think will win.  You don’t consider whether the POV player is a friend of one on the block.  You don’t study all the angles.  Then when you find your plans evaporating, you call a house meeting and confess all.  Stupid move.

One thought on “Big Brother 20 –The Week That Was

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