Big Brother Season 22 Premiere: Let’s meet the house guests

First let me say that real world got in the way which is why this is later than I had hoped. Please excuse typos and bad grammar. I’m saving that for the editing I just received. Secondly, I was glad to see the house guests wearing masks until they entered the house last night and hear Julie’s comments about distance (12 feet) that she had to stand from the contestants. Then I wanted to remind everyone that I wrote in a post on May 2nd, the following.

Filming of television shows/movies

  • Temperature and health checks as people enter and leave the set.
  • Hand Sanitizing and frequent hand washing locations near the set.
  • Close sets with only those required present.
  • Taped with fewer crew members.
  • Space between host and participants.
  • New sets that are aware of distancing.
  • No sharing of “spaces” or “beds”.
  • Limited punishments (like Big Brother’s ‘have not’ room or Survivor’s Exile Island).
  • Possible quarantine for 14 days before filming begins.
  • Less alcohol as that tends to lead to fights.

Looks like I guessed right on some of the above or most of the above. I found it interesting that the 12 foot rule came into use with Julie and the house guests. Let’s see what happens inside the house. I may need to comment more. Now on to the show.

We, of course, had been spoiled on who might enter the house. Thus, there were no real surprises. I will be honest and say that I liked how the house guests entered and played the game. The contestants intros from home and family gave you a real feel of the mix. I also found it interesting that the first group of ladies included Nicole F., Dani, Da’Vonne and Christmas. Of this group, many seemed surprised about Christmas because she left a son at home and was a Paul stooge. Nicole F. seemed ready to get to the game and Dani and Da’Vonne showed real potential.

The second group of women held no real surprises. I’m honest, I expected Bayleigh to be in the crew. I actually see her as more confident now. Janelle and Keisha are probably the oldest women in the house while Nicole A. is probably the youngest. Of this group, I see Janelle aligning more with Dani and Da’Vonne than with Nicole A. Keisha to me is a wild card. I don’t remember her well from her season.

So, let me give you my take on the women quick. I think if Janelle aligned and set up an alliance with Dani, Da’Vonne and Nicole A. that they might go far. Nicole F. seems to be acting like the confused child from what I saw last night and playing up the girl next door. Unfortunately, Dani and Janelle, I personally think, are well aware of who and what she is capable of. The ladies may be the strongest group as long as they band together and not lose their focus.

The men are a strange mix of characters. The first group included Tyler, Ian, Kevin and Enzo. Of this group, I could done without the “Meow” man, “Enzo.” I’m honest. I didn’t like him in his season and I’ve got a long way to go to be convinced that he IS an all-star. The second group of men consisted of Kaysar, Cory, Memphis, and David. David is the real non-All Star because he didn’t really get a chance to play. I see this as hurting him as all are aware of what happened. He’s going to have to win comps to stay viable. Also, while I like Kevin, his cut wasn’t good during his seasons of Big Brother. He came off more as a Jessie fan but swears he wasn’t. Yet, Kevin was strongly aligned with Jessie, Natalie, Lydia and what’s her name. Of these, I look for David and maybe Kaysar to be a target but I think I would put a bulls-eye on Memphis and Enzo.

The Head of House comp was a two parter. The first part was played in groups of four. Due to COVID, I think we can expect much more of this. This one was a puzzle game of putting the ball in a room location that matched the object in the picture. It seemed much harder than usual with Christmas and Nicole A. being the only two women making the final and Ian, Kevin, Memphis and Cody making the grade for the men.

The second challenge was more physical. The one with the best time would become Head of House. While Memphis finished in a minute, 12 seconds, Cody followed and set the mark for the rest with a time of 22.06. Both Christmas and Nicole A. had problems and many fear that Christmas would break a foot again. Ian and Kevin both fell during their time. It seemed to me that Ian forgot which block on purpose. He did say during his package that he planned to lay low. This is not a good strategy though with All Stars. Those losing had to take an envelope with a good or bad prize. Christmas got the cash ($5,000) while Nicole, Memphis, Ian and Kevin are “have-nots” for the week. So much for luxury as the “have not” room reminded me of a basement with boiler pipes and fires to keep people warm and cot beds. Oh, and did I mention, you must crawl to enter the room. I’m sure Memphis and Kevin will LOVE that. Slop is never fun and they didn’t even get a special welcome dinner.

Of the house guests, I don’t expect any showmances this year. At least seven (I believe are married and around half the cast have children. Also, it seems Big Brother went all out with “training” this year in inclusion and sexual harassment. This tells me that they’re going to be extra strict.

In the closing minutes, there was much smoozing as the house guests got to know the newbies and caught up with each other. With the huge group, it seems hard for any alliance talk to begin. I didn’t catch any of the live feeds but did check Joker’s this morning. There seems to be some unity with Tyler and the Renegades. Dani seems to have found a bond with Da’Vonne. Those two would make a unified, tight team. Nicole F. seems to be feeling her way to an alliance while Nicole A. seems to be trying to learn all the others. Bayleigh and Tyler seem civil but that situation needs to be watched.

If I had to make nominations now, I’d put up Christmas (for winning money and a foot injury) or Nicole F (since she’s won several prizes before). David or Enzo would be my choices in the men. Reason for David is obvious. He’s never played the game. While he needs the opportunity to prove himself, many would question whether he has the right to be there. Enzo is just annoying. He never really did that much for the Renegades and I’m not sure he will do much for any alliance this time.

As to alliances, it’s too early for that. There are some powerful women who, if they bond together, could go to the end and win. As to the guys, Tyler and Kevin would have a good chance as long as they move without being in view. Kaysar needs to cut down on the tech talk and blend in a little more.

More after Sunday’s show. And, if I see something interesting on the feeds (yes, I have them this year), I’ll send an updated blog.

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