Big Brother 22: So, Are We Good (Episode 2)

Okay Big Brother fans! Let me admit, I’ve checked the feeds occasionally and most of what has gone down on the live feeds is just talking to each other and trying to keep one self’s clean. So far, it’s been boring. These people don’t seem to realize that socializing will help your game. You need friends to vote for you or else it will be against you. They’re off in their own little huddles with the same assurances offered every time. The only one really trying to set up alliances is Tyler and he’s making them with all like usual people. By that I mean EVERYONE! Cody seems to have let the power go to his head (as usual with an HoH) and teamed up with Nicole F, or is it Tyler, or is it Memphis, or is it “meow man” Memphis or is it . . . He seems to be listening to Nicole F (I mean Nic) more than anyone else and I bet that she hates having another girl in the house with her name. Oh and why hasn’t Enzo outgrown the “meow” label. It was cute for all of six weeks the first time around but he is older and should be wiser.

This was your usual filler episode except for the items listed below. I’ll put the big things separate.

  • The “Have Not” room. I mentioned in my last update that it looked like a basement with first and heating pipes. That’s exactly what it looked like when they got in. (Note: Reports out of the house yesterday said that Memphis, Ian and Nicole A are all having issues with the slop. Nicole A. even went to be bed early last night with a bucket beside her.)
  • Nicole F (Nic from now on) has her first cry in the diary room. Not sure why but I think she feels no one likes her especially Da’Vonne. I know she later said to Cody that she’s being trashed on Twitter about pre-gaming. Well, Cody did talk to Derrick who admitted in an interview that he planned to bring a phone in with him. (Sorry I didn’t hear all of this due to a news blurb about the earthquake on my phone.)
  • Nic and Cody talk with Nic suggesting that she will set up an all-girl alliance and report everything back to him. I didn’t hear him say he’d tell her about the all-guy alliance. And since no one seems to be following up on the all-girl alliance (and no one really trusts anyone else), I don’t see this happening.
  • Cody doesn’t like Janelle — she’s too smart. He doesn’t trust Kaysar because he’s too smart. And Cody thinks Tyler should open up more. Duh, Cody, this would give his game away.
  • Memphis wants an alliance with Cody and Nic.
  • Enzo wants Tyler out.
  • NO BIG MULTI-PLAYER ALLIANCE YET. There seems to be some small groups aligning but they don’t seem to last for long (Kaysar, Janelle, Nicole A for example).


Cody calls a meeting and hands out VIP passes. Each week, players can enter the Safety Suite and play for safety. This allows them to remain free of the noms during the “Nomination Ceremony.” Once they use their VIP pass, they can not play for safety again. They will be called and the time will set on the screen. They are given one hour to decide whether or not to use their VIP pass to play the game. If they win, they get to name one person who will also be safe but must take a punishment.

The announcement is made, but no one makes a move. The reason: no one wants to look nervous about their fear of nomination. As the time almost runs out, Kaysar and Janelle (Cody’s unofficial, unspoken noms) decide to play. The game is “Don’t Miss a Beat” and they each will enter the room alone. The room is spacious and set up like a DJ center. They must listen to the tune then play it back with the buttons given. They each will hear the tune, hit each button to see where it corresponds and then remember the location to play the song back. It’s not easy (think the childhood game Simon on steroids), but Kaysar and Janelle won’t let it ‘beat’ them. When Cody reveals the time, Kaysar did it in 7:55 while it took Janelle 16:36. He earns the safety and must immediately name the person he will keep safe with him. Kaysar, seemingly knowing that both he and Janelle are at risk, give her the other safety. Poor Cody is left with no nominees. Janelle’s punishment is a “star” costume. Considering Nic’s record with these, I know she is hating this.


Cody must now make a change to his nominees and he’s not happy. He talks it through with Nic and then gets a visit from Kevin who seems to be acknowledging that he hasn’t had any “social game” with Cody. Kevin goofs up big here and plays on emotion which Cody admits in the Diary Room that he doesn’t like.

The noms are in and it is Keesha and Kevin. The reason: no relationship has developed and nothing personal. Kaysar celebrates in the Diary Room the foiling of Cody’s plan. Just how much does he know?

For the Rest of the Week

Power of Veto is played — I haven’t confirmed who won and would not include it here for spoiler free people.

Will we get a big alliance this week?

How will Keesha and Kevin react toward Cody and his noms. ?

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