Big Brother 22: Boring … Er … Alliances Begin to Form (8/12/2020)

Okay, so I let the cat (not Enzo) out of the bag. Tonight’s episode of Big Brother, to put it mildly, was boring. No big moves, no acknowledgements that slop made people sick, just a few moves and things going as planned. Come on Big Brother crew, make something happened (other than that ! and A). This group is so interesting that I would almost say I’d rather watch paint dry. Tonight was a snoozefest. But let’s get to the action.

The Tears

First up, let’s deal with the cry meter for the show. Guess what! No tears from Nicole F. Tonight Kevin teared up in the Diary Room and maybe during the looking for a partner in POV period in the bathroom. I’ll only count that as one. Kaysar had tears during his talk with Ian in the Living Room,

The Alliances

None really have names yet but let’s go through them here.

Tyler: Has a final two with almost everyone in the house. They just keep coming up and offer to go to the end with him. In Diary Room we find out that this wasn’t his intention this year. “It just happened.”

Cody has an alliance with Nicole F, Tyler, Memphis and Enzo. Now this is interesting as it is so different from the one we are getting on the feeds that Enzo has been promoting which is Enzo, Cody, Tyler, Bayleigh, Da’Vonne and Dani. Come on guys! Which is it or is it both?

Kaysar and Janelle (and possibly Nicole A). They want to work with Keesha but that seems to be a lost hope now.

Cody and Enzo has a final two.

Ian and Nicole F. — Winner’s final two. Nicole F.’s back up plan.

Da’Vonne and Bayleigh — final two.

Tonight’s Episode

Basically tonight is nothing more than a filler. Considering no action or disagreements happened in the house, it was really a drag. If live feeders thought the feeds were bad, then this was much worse for them. We had two honest conversations which were shown during the same space of time. The one that most interested me was between Kaysar, Ian and Nicole A. (one of the briefest scenes we saw for her). In the living room, Ian tells Nicole A. and Kaysar that he is missing the back yard and hammock. To him the hammock is a safe place to go. Ian suffers from a mild form of autism and he feels that he’s doing this for others like him. Ian, come on boy! Your smart and have a good life, don’t let this bring you down. Kaysar tells him to be who he is and Nicole A. tells him that he is great and she is proud. In the Diary Room, Nicole A. talks abut how proud she is of Ian and opening up about his experience. She has encountered this when she worked in a school.

Enzo and Kevin has a talk. This may be the first talk those two have had. Kevin asks about forming an alliance and Enzo shuts that down. So much for empathy here right?

We also find out that Nicole F. has gotten Kaysar and Janelle’s suspicions in overdrive. They don’t trust her and know that Nicole F. doesn’t like/trust Janelle. Later, Enzo sees Ian and Nicole F. talking about their final two mentioned early. Like the true boy scout he is (NOT), he runs upstairs and tells Cody. Enzo would like to put Ian up but as he says later, it’s too early.

The Power Of Veto Game/Ceremony

The players are picked. Cody draws Tyler, Kevin draws house guest’s choice (Enzo), and Keesha gets Ian. The first Power of Veto has them visiting the BB Farmer’s Market where they play BB Banana Peelathon. They must rock back and forth on giant bananas (no I kid you not). When they reach 90 seconds, they must race and stack “vegetables” into a basket (table). I kid you not! I’ve seen these “vegetables/fruits” in children’s game sets. They have 30 minutes. Time begins and they start. Some quickly build up the 90 seconds others take their time. All have problems with the stacking. Enzo buzzes in with 18 stacked. While Kevin thinks he has 19, he doesn’t buzz in before 90 seconds ends and is disqualified. The rest fail to finish. Great POV right? I hate it when there is no real contest. Enzo celebrates the victory in the Diary Room sounding like a rapper while looking like an idiot. Side note: Twitter fans were mad because it looked with Enzo knocked Keesha’s over during the competition with an elbow. If he did, and I’m not sure because I didn’t see the elbow, I’ll call poor sportsmanship.

Kevin did make a pitch to Enzo to use the Power of Veto on him. If Keesha did, it wasn’t shown. In the end, after talking to Cody, Enzo decides not to use the Power of Veto because “it’s too soon.” You know, I can remember this coming back to bite someone years ago.

Take Aways from the Live Feeds and Tonight’s Show

Good thing! Nicole F. didn’t cry during the show in the Diary Room or on screen. That may be due to the fact she got little air time.

Bad News — Slop made all the “have nots” sick. If it’s that bad, how will they tell if the players have COVID or slop reactions.

Enzo talked like a teenage thug and acted like a rapper. Good news is that very few “meows meows” were heard.

Tyler understands that he has made too many final two alliances. He just couldn’t stop people asking. He admits it will hurt him later.

The only two winners in the house have a final two. Wonder how long Nicole F. will keep it. Better question: Will Ian find out about her alliance with Cody.

Tune in tomorrow as one Big Brother contestant departs. Right now, it looks to be Keesha but hey, they’ve got 24 hours to change their minds. Of course, with this lack of action in this group, it may be another boring show.

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