Big Brother 22: New Alliances Already and an Eviction (8/13/2020)

Big Brother is always live on Thursday nights. Well, tonight, it wasn’t even though Julie said it was. She did come on Twitter later and apologize saying that with Big Brother that’s how she always sees the Thursday show. And she was very actively tweeting. Well, I guess I’ll give her a pass, because that is true. It only changes if the producers of Big Brother expects trouble, especially fights and cussing. Also of note there was no audience this year. When the evictee left, a mask had to be used and social distancing which meant no hug for Julie.

Let’s forget the recap, shall we. Instead let’s deal with the better action that actually occurred on Twitter and not in the house over the past two days. Twitter heated up between previously contestants (Evel Dick, Derrick and Dan to name a few) and many verbal punches were thrown. I’m not going to say who won. That’s up to the fan base to decide. I will say we all got a surprised in the Big Brother Twitter universe when someone came on with the votes and voting order right before the show began. I wrote them down and as our house guests voted checked off the names. Each was in order. Is there a new mole to take former snitch’s {Vegas’s) place?


The alliances haven’t changed. In fact we learn tonight that there are now many more. Not all have names. Let’s start the list.

Not only does Tyler seem to have multiple alliances but Cody also does and is using them to protect his “rear” — I mean game. Here is where we stand on the others.

Enzo/Cody alliance — no name that I can tell but: Tyler, Cody, Nic F. and Enzo. If there are others, they haven’t been revealed. Some have been proposed.

New and confirmed Memphis/Cody alliance: Memphis and Cody (The Commission), with Tyler, Dani and Nicole F.

Kaysar and Janelle with a possible addition of Nicole A.

Bayleigh and Da’Vonne.

New and confirmed: Bayleigh and Tyler.

Ian and Nic F — Previous winners alliance (Million Dollar)

Kevin and Nicole A — Outsiders

New alliance — Cody, Memphis, Da’Vonne and Bayleigh — Cody thinks that will grant safety for him and Memphis while Da’Vonne and Bayleigh plan to use them as a smoke screen

So it looks like to me, Cody and Tyler have the most alliances, Nic F. thinks she is safe with those she is aligned with, Bayleigh and Da’Vonne are working as a strong team. Dani and Christmas are in a safe position as long as someone in their alliance wins while Kaysar and Janelle know what is going on. This leaves David as clueless, Kevin and Nicole A. definitely as the outsiders. If I missed any alliance, please let me know. My real problem is Enzo. He seems to fit with Cody and has an alliance with him but so does Memphis and both are big. So where does Cody really stand? With all! He’s trying to buy safety by aligning with the most players and also being nice to Kevin before the vote.


Nicole — once in Diary Room and once during show in the 8/12 dated Episode

Keesha — once in Diary Room on 8/12 and when she exited the house.

Kayser, Kevin with one each.

Pre-Show and Eviction

So tonight’s filler dealt with basically three things. First, we watch Janelle give Keesha a pep talk which didn’t work. She honestly waited too long to start. Then we watched Cody make alliances right and left. Finally we see Cody doing a form of vote management. He’s going to have to answer for many things after this.

As the vote starts, David gets called first and all applaud his first opportunity to vote. Remember, last season he was in and out of the house of Big Brother before anyone knew who he really was. All the others followed and the vote was unanimously for Keesha’s eviction. As I said earlier, she left in tears so I’m counting that as one “big” cry.

HoH Contest

All the house guests gather in the back yard. I knew with their dress earlier and then with the staging that it would be a question/answer or true/false game. Sure enough, it was true/false based on a “Big Brother” (read staged) family viewing party. They were to watch two videos and answer questions. The videos were rather stupid/dull/thrown together (you choose the option) and done in a Zoom format. The questions were like who appeared first, what was the background, what hand they used, etc. Memphis won although I have to question whether a couple threw the comp on purpose. He must now nominate two people for eviction but was warned that the “Safety Room” would still be opened this week.

Safety Room

And what is the safety competition this week? Well, it looked like the proverbial tasting contest where they must drink some vile concoctions. It is being called the Bar competition.

The Show’s Ending

Tonight, Julie had a very unusual show ending. It’s like one I’ve never seen her do before. She told us to remember the “Golden Rule” from the New Testament. She quoted: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you?” While I appreciate the sentiment, I’ve never seen Julie do this before. Have any of you?

So next episode will be Sunday at 8:00 PM. Please let me know opinions on this week’s show.

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