Big Brother 22: Memphis Takes Control Looking for Revenge — (8/16/2020)

So Big Brother tonight was basically the results of the Head of Household competition from Thursday. We get Memphis who quickly gets a big head. We get Cody playing his second in command. We get the rest of them eyeing each other. Big Brother is big on alliances but this time around none in the alliance seems to trust the others. But more on that later.


The show has no big move on alliances but on what I call the second string. They seem to be intact as I listed them on Thursday so I won’t say anything here. Memphis though now thinks he controls their every action. They must/should follow his commands or possibly face the nominations.


Da’Vonne in Diary Room after talking to Bayleigh, Dani, and Kevin about the stereotypical roles assigned to African Americans from birth. This was something Bayleigh talked about with Da’Vonne, Dani and Kevin listening. Very emotional for Da’Vonne.

Nicole A — at the end of the show over nominations. She cried not only in the Diary Room but it looks like in several rooms in the house. Let’s just count this three and say it is normal under the circumstances.

Memphis – Head of House

You have to wonder when someone gets named Head of House on Big Brother how long it will be before they let the power go to their head. Well, with Memphis, it doesn’t take long. He knows he’s in charge and he’s happy about it. So how do others take his win? Kevin could care less as he was safe from eviction (will that change?). David probably is the most negative because he knows Memphis hates him. The girls (Bayleigh, Da’Vonne, Nicole F, Dani and Christmas) feel safe as all are in some type of alliance with him. Kaysar and Janelle feel safe because he’s old school like they are. Ian is scared but that’s another story entirely.

Have Nots

This year the “Have Nots” are going to be chosen differently. Instead of the HoH nominating or the finishing of a comp determining, the previous week’s Have Nots will name their replacement. The list goes like this:

Memphis picked David. Memphis feels like this will cause David to break. Well, we all know that he wasn’t in the house long enough the last time to experience it.

Ian picked Nicole F. who actually looked like she volunteered. Of course, it could be because of her alliance with Ian.

Nicole A. picked Christmas. I don’t really remember a reasoning for this but I think Nicole A is a little intimidated by Christmas.

Kevin picked Kaysar. Again, I didn’t get a reason for this choice.

Pre-Safety Suite and Safety Suite

Cody and Memphis has a quick meeting trying to decide who goes up. Memphis really wants Ian and David on the block but Nicole A. and Kaysar are also mentioned. You can really see that Memphis is enjoying his power in this meeting. He’s in control and not Cody. Meanwhile Da’Vonne, Bayleigh, Kevin and Dani are talking about their childhood. Both Bayleigh and Da’Vonne were raised being told what to expect. Da’Vonne tells us in the meeting that that is not what she wants for her daughter. In the Diary Room, she cries and is very emotional when explaining what it was like and why today matters. And no, there was no mention of Black Life Matters. This was done in a very emotional personal way. I admire Da’Vonne and Bayleigh for being so open.

As time draws near for the Safety Suite to open, Memphis decides that he wants everyone to play. His alliance needs to play to prove their loyalty. The added bonus for Memphis is that the more that play now means the less he has to compete against next week. He talks to everyone and tells them that they need to play. in fact he pushes Nicole A. so far that she tells the Diary Room that she’s not going to do it. I will say Nicole A. realizes that it may be the very thing that sends her home.

After planting the “command” (yes, that’s what it was), for everyone to play, he does get his wish (at least partly). The first to hit the door early was David who somehow knows that it is the only way to keep himself safe. He’s followed by Ian, Christmas, Kevin, Cody, Bayleigh and Da’Vonne. Here’s the thing. Cody is Memphis’ co-conspirator (in fact Tyler refused to play when asked by Cody). Why did Cody play? Ian knows that Memphis doesn’t like him. Christmas, Bayleigh and Da’Vonne are in some form of an alliance with him. Does this mean alliances are falling? More on that later.

This week’s Safety Suite isn’t drinking vile concoctions like I thought but serving two tables. The problem: the tables wobble and lose the drinks if not placed correctly. Each “drink” is wood and weighs a different amount so figuring out the weight will be important. If the table drops the drinks, you must start that table over again. All play and seem to have trouble but the times are surprising. Christmas wins the competition with a score of one minutes, thirty-eight second. Da’Vonne had the worse time at eight minutes, forty-one seconds. What’s so funny is that Da’Vonne thought she won. Christmas, who was worried about Ian’s nervousness, had promised before the competition to keep him safe if she won. Christmas follows through and names Ian as her partner. Both cannot be nominated.

Memphis Power and His Displeasure

If anyone knows me, I often draw from history. In this case, I’ll just say that Memphis acts like Henry VII or Henry VIII. He calls Christmas in for an audience == I mean meeting. She thinks it’s to celebrate but it isn’t. Memphis doesn’t waste any time with telling her that he’s not happy with her pick.

Now for the reason Memphis is upset over Ian being safe. It seems Memphis came into the house with the decision made that he would get revenge on Ian for Dan Gheesling. I’m not exactly following his logic on this because of what Dan did to him. The year Dan and Memphis played opposite each other, they became friends. The friendship didn’t end when Dan beat Memphis. The next time Dan played, Ian beat him. Memphis is in the Big Brother house looking for revenge for Dan???? Come on Memphis this is a game. Memphis has vowed to take Ian out during his next HoH (if he doesn’t come up with a way to do this sooner).

Nomination Ceremony

Memphis doesn’t really surprise us. He does play cat and mouse with David. His first nomination is Nicole A. Why did he nominate BB’s sweetheart? She didn’t play the Safety Suite. David is the second nominee and Memphis talked so low I didn’t really get the reason. I think it was because he wanted David to have the entire BB experience. David expected it and said at the end in Diary Room that the game was was on. Nicole A. cried in the house and Diary Room

Missing from the Episode

Tonight, Nicole F., Tyler, Enzo, Janelle and Kaysar were amazingly quiet. I can’t believe they didn’t do anything from Thursday night until Saturday. They were all in the background or talking to someone else.

Live Feed Developments

First, they have played the Power of Veto but I will not spoil that for anyone. It will be Wednesday night’s show and is up on several different sites. What I’ve read and seen is that the alliances are breaking down and suspicions are happening. Bayleigh and Da’Vonne have approached Tyler with an alliance yet Dani has tried to break it up. Dani let slip to Da’Vonne that she’s in an alliance with Memphis. Remember Memphis and Cody have an alliance with Tyler, Dani, Nicole F., Christmas and Cody. Yet, he made a side alliance with Cody, Bayleigh and Da’Vonne. Plus Nicole F is feeling left out in the cold. At least she didn’t cry tonight.

I’ll be back on Wednesday. Show will air at 8:00 PM (Eastern).

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