Big Brother #22 – Where Have All the Game Play Gone? – August 19, 2020

Okay, so this is All-Stars but I’m not really seeing any Big Brother All-Stars.  The last game had Chill Town running the show and getting away with control.  The old-school Big Brother players have not learned that it is a new game yet.  You have old grudges going on with Memphis planning to target Ian because he won over Dan which really doesn’t make any sense.  Hey, Memphis!  This is Big Brother and your are supposed to be out for yourself. 

A Breakdown on Where We Stand

From Live Feeds, Memphis and Cody want Nicole A out.  The logic doesn’t make much sense.  Memphis is mad at her because she didn’t play in the Safety Suite.  Of course, he wanted all to play since that would leave him the automatic winner next week.  Memphis let’s Tyler, Dani, Enzo and Nicole F. get a pass?  And as for David, Memphis doesn’t feel that David knows how to play the game.  Memphis’s logic makes no sense and will see him go down fast.

Nicole A has been having panic attacks since she’s on the block.  She feels that Janelle and Kaysar haven’t worked hard enough to help her.  As it stands now, she probably will be leaving as most of the house guests are scared to vote other than “with the house.” 

Big Brother Alliances

I’m not sure how many are still active.  Ian and Nicole F still seem to be active and Christmas and Ian seem to have an unofficial one as she saved his this week.  Kaysar/Janelle and Da’Vonne/Bayleigh’s are still strong.  Cody has a final two with both Memphis and Enzo.  Tyler and Bayleigh are still together and Kevin and Nicole A. has turned toxic as Kevin is giving her bad advice. I’m still not sure that Tyler and David have a true alliance.  I honestly think that Cody has more alliances than Tyler.

Newly discovered alliances:

Enzo and Cody have switched up their alliance of Tyler, Dani by taking Nicole F and Christmas out.  Now Bayleigh and Da’Vonne are part. Their name is the Slick Six but Cody has told Nicole F that they’re still good.  Also, there is a new development with Tyler as he has aligned with Christmas.

And Now for the Show

After a recap, we are told the battle heats up but don’t see it.  Memphis tries to reason with us in the Diary Room that Nicole A isn’t working with him and David isn’t playing.  Dani is a little upset about how Memphis is acting at the present time and she doesn’t respect his game.

The after-veto scenes have Tyler and David talking with Tyler encouraging David.  Tyler tells us in Diary Room that Memphis is lame.  He also feels that Memphis’s game is coming from the 1940s (Tyler, the show wasn’t on then).  Tyler plans to play Veto and keep David safe.  Meanwhile Janelle is trying to help Nicole A.  For Janelle, Nicole A. leaving is bad for Janelle’s game.  Janelle goes to talk to Kaysar and Memphis about this.  Memphis uses his same lame excuses.  Memphis is on a major power kick.  Janelle is trying for a back door and suggests keeping Nicole A. while pushing for the nominee to Janelle be Dani and Cody.  Janelle has overplayed by naming two of Memphis’s allies. 

Enzo talks about his kids and how he would do anything for his kids.  Nicole F talks about her marriage to Victor coming up in December.  Kevin reveals he wants to have a child. If Kevin wins the money will go to staring a new chapter by adopting a child.

Cody and Memphis meet to discuss their dislike for Kaysar and Janelle.  Memphis tells Cody that Janelle and Kaysar mentioned every member of the alliance which means, as Cody says, they are now a target.    Kaysar and Janelle think it is Nicole F is the head but we all know that Cody thinks he is the mastermind.  Memphis is not ready to take a back door shot at either one.  Cody tells Dani things are spiraling out of control ad have a meeting of the group minus Memphis.

Veto and New Developments

Now, whee, it’s time to pick players for the Power of Veto.  Memphis as HoH chooses first and picks Ian.  Nicole A. picks Tyler.  David’s pick is Nicole F.  Okay, what’s wrong with this.  Almost every pick but Ian is in the alliance and know that they’ve been named by Janelle and Kaysar.  Is it smart to win or lose?  How bad would Memphis take it if one of them won and took one of the nominees off?

Big Brother All-Stars Wars is Ian’s punishment.  He will be hero, Dirk Spacerunner (I think that is right).  His costume looks like a silver space suit but with a female crown head piece.  He has to read/act a story and the rest respond.  Others will be called to read the script and act it out as well.  Let’s put it this way.  Like everything this summer, the rest if the cast just isn’t into it but Ian tries.  Ian must act whenever a buzzer sounds.  In the middle of the night he has to do a scene and Janelle is very unhappy.  Big Brother makes commentary on Ian’s performance.

The alliance has a meeting with Janelle and Kaysar as the topic but people don’t seem to trust Memphis.  Nicole F. doesn’t understand why Janelle is coming for her and knows that Janelle wants her gone.  How many times can Nicole F repeat the same phrase over and over in different sentences?  Tyler has an idea to win and take David off the block.  Memphis will have to show his cards then.  Right Tyler, you only seem to play the second half of the game.

Enzo is hosting this late night Power of Veto game.  The game is Oh Sorry I Am … (whatever).  They have to hold a ball on a paddle. The game looks like the old tennis game we played of how long can you hold a tennis ball on the racket.  If they drop the ball, they are out.  It seems to be a little hard to balance ad Nicole A is eliminated first followed by Nicole F.  The guys are left.  The only think I can say is this one seems to last longer than some of the others.  As David, and Tyler lose their concentration, Memphis wins.  Memphis wants to keep the power and total control.  He says he will get what he wants (and the rest will have to put up with his power trip).  And another cry by Nicole A. in the Diary Room.

In the aftermath of the competition, Nicole A’s diary room session shows that she is upset with herself.  When Kevin offers sympathy in the storage room, she shuts down. Is this our sweet little Nicole A from last year.  Nicole F. and Christmas talk about Kaysar and Janelle.  Nicole F sees ian as playing both sides and doesn’t trust Memphis.  Dani tries to reason with Memphis about using the veto and taking down Kaysar or Janelle.  Shows who is the smartest right – Dani.  She sees Janelle coming for the group hard.  Cody even pushes for Memphis to use the veto but Memphis has the power and he’s in control.

At the veto meeting, Memphis announces that he will not use the veto.  Ian gets called to act out a space drama scene.  Why couldn’t it be to put the evil king up for eviction.  Memphis’s speech is arrogant toward his nominees. He’s not willing to play toward his alliance’s advantage.  Dani and Nicole F. are really upset over this.  I wouldn’t be surprised if one of them doesn’t take Memphis out for stupidity.

For Next Time?

Will Nicole A hold a house meeting like she’s being urged to do by Kevin (or is it Tyler or does anyone care)?  At least it would give us some action.

Will Nicole A or David stay?  That’s still up in the air. 

Does anyone care unless this group really starts playing?  The ratings will only tell. 

There will be an eviction tomorrow night but will the real culprit go.  I wish someone had a coup d’etait to play and put Memphis up. I’m getting tired of this power kick and it is much worse than Cody’s from last week.

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