Big Brother #22 –Memphis Reign Is Through — August 20, 2020

Big Brother always has an Head of House that gets too power hungry.  Usually, it around week five.  This year, Memphis got the power and it went straight to his head.  Because next week is the last week of Safety Suite, he decided he wanted an easy win.  How do you do that on Big Brother?  You get everyone else to play the second round with threats of eviction.  If you get crossed, which Memphis did, you take revenge on the weakest (or is it newest) players.  David never got to play last year and Nicole A. slipped through the cracks to finish third.  Neither one could be considered a big move.  Fans of Big Brother expects more but Big Brother 22 isn’t giving it to us.  Memphis lost his shot when he didn’t make a big play by taking out legends like Kaysar, Janelle, Ian or Nicole F.  Sure Ian had safety but there were still three other big targets in the Big Brother 22 house.

Tonight we will see more of Nicole A.’s tears.  She’s mad at the world but it’s really her own fault.  She didn’t align with anyone and the only ones she seemed to gravitate to were old school and outsiders.  She should have learned the lesson of follow the crowd.  Of course, this year who knows who is really in the crowd (or as Janelle says – the In Crowd).

Pre-Elimination Recap

Big Brother All-Stars as usual starts with a recap.  Tonight, we see Memphis also aligning with Kaysar and Janelle.  Does he not have an alliance with anyone?  Oh, well, let’s just hurry though this recap and get on with the ejection. 

Julie is on a quiet stage again and there is no audience.  She reminds us that Memphis wanted people to sweat.  Hey, Memphis!  Two people is not everyone.  The only one with water (tears not sweat) is Nicole A.  Also, does Memphis have to be so smug about the power.  Nicole F. is looking to take Janelle out.  Memphis says he’s staying as neutral as possible.  If so, he doesn’t understand that Big Brother is about playing for yourself, making big moves and not to keep things neutral.

As Nicole A. starts campaigning, you see that she would have been out earlier if  last season if she hadn’t had an ally in the know last year.  She just doesn’t seem to know what to say.  Da’Vonne is the first we see, and she’s not choosing Nicole A. over David even if  Da’Vonne likes her.  Nicole has the read of the house wrong and there’s no changing it now.  Kaysar and Janelle see the four person alliance but seems clueless of Bayleigh/Da’Vonne and Christmas/Nicole F.’s position in the mix.  Kaysar also has a misread also with Memphis/Cody who “looks” to be running the house.  Easily, Tyler, Nicole F or Dani could start pulling the strings of the alliance.  The real leader hasn’t stepped up because those two are just too into themselves.  Of course word gets back to David who looks like he just fell down a warp hole.  He evidently is more clueless than Nicole A.  I guess his meditation seems to get in the way of reading the house.  David also doesn’t seem to need anyone else’s help.  He could give lessons in how to lose the game.

Kaysar and Janelle are trying to figure out a way to keep Nicole A.  They have Kevin but they need three others.  Nicole A. sees herself as expendable even with Kaysar and Janelle.  Everywhere Nicole A. turns she finds out that Janelle and Kaysar may have been a bad friendship move on her part.  Kaysar and Janelle is beginning to worry about keeping themselves safe and Nicole A. is a vote for them.  Janelle cries and tells us in Diary Room that she sees Nicole A. as a little sister.

The Vote

Julie goes to the house to talk to the nominees and tells Dani ‘happy birthday.’  Now David and Nicole A. can plea their case.  David is first and he’s talking in what appears to me to be circles.  He should have just said I want to stay.  Nicole A.  does a shout out.  She admires Janelle and Kaysar and tells the rest to vote what they think.  She also takes on Memphis who just sits there and laughs.

The house guests start voting with Tyler first.  I’m not going to get into particulars but the final vote is Nicole A. 10 votes (Tyler, Christmas, Janelle, Da’Vonne, Kaysar, Bayleigh, Cody, Ian, Nicole F, and Dani) and David, two (Enzo and Kevin).  Even though she had promises, they renegged but Nicole kept it classy.  She even hugged Memphis.  I hope she trashes him on air.  Plus, everyone will think it was Janelle and Kaysar who voted against the house.  Enzo surprises me.  We didn’t even see him this week.

Julie talks to Nicole A. about her game play.  She questions Nicole A. on her attitude to Janelle not helping her.  Nicole A. was being told that Janelle was mean and Nicole A. says it got in her head.  She was asked who was in the alliance and missed Christmas and Dani.  Nicole A. is surprised.  Kaysar calls her a sweet heart in the goodbyes.  Da’Vonne tells her it wasn’t about her.  Janelle tells her that she’s sorry.  Kevin is upset and tells her she was played.  Julie stresses to Nicole A. that Janelle had her back and even cried over it.  That seemed to make Nicole A. feel better.

Head of Household Competition

The Head of Household is getting ready to start.  It seems to be throwing glasses filled with “beer” down a table.   Memphis can not compete.  The official name of this game is Mug Shot.  They must slide their glasses down three tables and hope the glass doesn’t go off.  The one with the highest score and, in the event of a tie, the best time will win.  They only have 30 seconds.  Cody starts off with a four but I really don’t think that will be good enough.  Sure enough, Enzo is next and scores an eight.  David and Christmas are next but neither can beat Enzo with Christmas scoring the same as Enzo but missing on time.  Da’Vonne and Kevin do not do well but Ian comes up and scores a 10. Ian is not in the lead.  Nicole F and Dani do not do well and Tyler steps up to the plate for the alliance.  He scores a 12 and takes the lead.  He only has to wait out Bayleigh, Janelle and Kaysar.  While Janelle does well, she can’t beat Tyler while Kaysar is not doing well at all.  Tyler is this week’s Head of Household.  Will the power go to his head like it did Cody and Memphis?

Who will Tyler nominate as he has alliances with everyone?

Are Janelle and Kaysar ready for the block.

And will Nicole F or Christmas make Janelle a “have not”. 

We will find out on Sunday.  Or check the feeds if you cannot wait.

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