Big Brother #22 — August 23 — Tyler Fails to Make a Big Move!

With the memory of Memphis’ HoH fresh in our minds, Big Brother fans are wondering what will happen next.  Will Tyler, who won HoH on Thursday, be as bad as Memphis or will he aim to get the old schoolers our first.  For Big Brother fans, the real questions are:  Will this be a boring week?  Are the alliances still in effect.  And will Tyler make a big move???

First from the feeds

New Alliance:  4 Prime of Ian, Dani, Cody, and Nicole F. was formed.  They were debating adding Tyler as a possible 5th (and the first of their group to go).  No word on whether Prime 5 is in place.  And there is a Lipstick Alliance but Dani ran through the group so fast.  I think this is what they called Enzo’s alliance. 

Now on with the Show

Kaysar and Janelle feel that they are in jeopardy (oh really) and David is jubilant.  Please,he’s much too happy.  Cody is happy and plans to talk to Tyler about nominating Janelle and Kaysar although the thoughts were originally of Baleigh and Da’Vonne. Whoops!  Cody must have forgotten about that alliance.  Cody is worried that the girls might think there is an all boy alliance if another girl goes.  Meanwhile, Da’Vonne feels comfortable with Tyler in charge due to her alliance with Tyler (through the Enzo crew and an agreement of three with Tyler).  Tyler comes out to announce new “Have Nots.”  David doesn’t know who to pick and so Enzo goes in.  Christmas choose Bayleigh.  Nicole F. chooses Janelle. Ian, I think, picked Cody.  This was set up before by the alliance. Nicole just announced her choice bluntly and Janelle was not amused. 

Janelle tells us that Nicole F. has been after her since day one and the tension has just grown.  Of course, Janelle.  Janelle is also upset about the reason:  “you talk about me.” Well, Nicole talks about Janelle so it’s only fair.  Janelle talks to Kaysar and they know something is up.  Both still feel bitter against Memphis.  When Memphis comes into nap, they tell him that they know about the alliances and maybe he isn’t in as good as others.  They hint that for his sake, Memphis needs to save one of them if he wins. 

Enzo seems to be having problems with the bathroom.  He has tried the bidet and got water everywhere.  So they had few clips to show, I guess?

As the show progresses, Kaysar and Janelle remembers 15 years ago.  They’re talking about the difference of then and now.  Back then, from the clip, we find they were even different from the “freaks” in the house then.  That crew wanted fun (I guess).  The difference is that the new schoolers now think too much don’t go against the HoH.  Janelle feels that they are the strongest team in the house and they promise each other to do anything they have to do to survive. 

In the HoH room, the Alliance is meeting (the Cody, Christmas (I think), Tyler, and Nicole F).  Tyler is upset because Janelle and Kaysar have picked up on the fact that he’s working with them and David and spreading the story.  (And where was Dani/Enzo/Memphis during this meeting).  The Alliance is discussing what to do.  Oh, and Dani overheard the alliances being talked about by Janelle and Kaysar.

Safety Suite

It’s time to play the Safety Suite.  Enzo, Nicole F., Tyler, Dani, and Memphis can play.  Da’Vonne is not concerned about any of the ones playing.  Da’Vonne wants a costume though so she begs to be the plus one (why I don’t know).  She goes to all and asks to be the plus one and Enzo first agrees to calm her down.

The game is called Stealing Safety.  They must work their way through a laser field to steal safety (a large rubber ball) and return through the laser field to ring the buzzer.  Nicole F, Memphis, Enzo, Dani and Cody play.  Enzo wins and has chosen Christmas as his plus one.  Enzo does this to strengthen his alliance with her.  Da’Vonne meanwhile is upset and now is suspicious and doesn’t trust Enzo.  Well, it’s called Big Brother.  You plan your strategy as you go and don’t worry about costumes.

Memphis who will “save” her is he wins.  Enzo isn’t happy.  He’s going to try and calm her down.  Nicole F. is using it.  She feels if she doesn’t that she will appear in an alliance.  Dani and Tyler are talking.  Memphis is the one Kaysar wins and use it on Janelle.  Memphis is planning not to win.  He feels if he doesn’t play they will know he’s in an alliance.  Tyler doesn’t have to play.  Enzo is now in.  And so is Dani.  Da’Vonne wants that safety.  This makes the others suspicious.  Tyler is happy as it proves that Enzo trusts him.

After Safety Suite they are talking about how paranoid Janelle and Kaysar are.  I think they’re also wondering what is going on with Da’Vonne.  Later, Tyler enters the HoH room to find Kaysar there.  That was so impolite Kaysar to enter HoH without being asked.  It’s a new school rule.  Kaysar wants to offer a plan but Tyler seems to shut him down by saying he’s heard his name had come out of Kaysar’s mouth with alliances.  Janelle changes it up by saying if she stays, she will be a target or shield for Tyler.  While this is true, Tyler can’t make that kind of move due to his alliance. Tyler does sees Janelle remaining as being good for him.

And the Nominations Are

Nomination Ceremony happens.  Tyler has chosen Kaysar and Janelle as the alliance wants.  Tyler made the choice because they tried to flip the votes last week and spreading information.  Janelle and Kaysar aren’t happy.  Tyler had to make a move so he did.  Kaysar is accepting but is already thinking ahead.  Janelle is planning to make the day interestsing.  She’s feeling she must win.

Quote for the night comes from Tyler:

“Big Brother fans don’t want lying, cutthroat game.  That’s Old School.  They need someone to root for.”  Okay Tyler!  Newsflash!  The fans are finding the show boring and can find no one to root for.  Give us some action and you may be chosen.

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