Big Brother #22 – Eviction Night 3: Will It Be Bye-Bye Janelle? – August 27, 2020

Big Brother!  Why do you have to be on the same channel as the Carolina Panthers?  And why did we have to have Fan Day Virtually last night from 7:00 to 9:00 P. M.  I guess Big Brother just wasn’t important enough.  I did record It, but just haven’t had the heart to watch yet.  I figured it was more of the same.

The Feeds

From what I can tell, while it looked like Janelle might gain ground, she lost it because of David.  It seems David has a big mouth and well around talking about people’s alliances.  That’s a “no no” unless it is the Big Brother alliance and you are a member.  This has turned the tide against David in the coming weeks.  Meanwhile, Janelle seems to be spending her last day building up the confidence of Da’Vonne and Bayleigh.  Of course, those two have lost out in the alliance game as they have been pegged as giving David information.

The Show

Tonight is eviction night but first we have to have a recap.  Julie opens and we see behind her on the screen that Christmas is still playing mom with a “star” baby.  How many did she end up with anyway?  Julie reminds us that Janelle is a legend and shows us what Janelle will do to stay.  We’re told that Janelle has made a larger target on her back by her game this week.  Kaysar knows it will be hard but he needs to do everything to stay also.

While Tyler knows that getting rid of Janelle may be good but it does put a bigger target on his back.  Kaysar meanwhile talks to Christmas.  Christmas tells Kevin that she doesn’t know what to do.  Guess what he doesn’t either.

Later the Enzo alliance meets.  Remember the Enzo has Bayleigh and Da’Vonne who are out of sorts about the number of girls who have left.  If Janelle leaves, that is another woman.  Da’Vonne feels (and knows) that she and Bayleigh will be at the bottom of the alliance.  Dani promises that a guy will go next week. 

Apparently, during the final days, the rookie David has a big mouth and tells Da’Vonne then Bayleigh about the thought of flipping the vote last week and blaming them for it.  He also names the alliance that they’re in with Tyler.  This upsets first Tyler and then Cody.  Da’Vonne actually wants Cody out and he knows it.  So the big mouth rookie, David, spills everything and confirms to Tyler that he did.  I knew David would be a wild card but not this type.  I thought he knew something about the game by now but evidently not.  Not only has he hurt Cody and Tyler’s game, he’s raised the stakes by admitting that he told Da’Vonne and Bayleigh.  Has he destroyed the alliance?  It’s only a matter of time anyway.  Maybe if he did, the game will get better.

Da’Vonnie and Bayleigh are totally confused.  Da’Vonnie isn’t there to teach anyone so David is on her hit list because he was talking about last week’s almost vote flip.   Bayleigh knows that she needs Da’Vonnie in the game with her.  As this escalates, Cody finds out from Tyler how David is blowing the game.  Now the two of them have to do some alliance control.  Colby see the rookie as blowing everything up.  In fact Da’Vonne feels that David is wanting her to teach him the game and she’s not there to do that for anyone!  No Da’Vonnie is in this game for herself as is every other houseguest.

The Eviction

Janelle tells them they are cool, she wants to stay if she can benefit their game.  Kaysar meanwhile again compliments the other guests.   He tells them he wanted to play again to have an impact.  Both were classy but now for the vote.  Tyler cannot vote.  Neither can the nominees.  And Julie is shocked by the first vote as Dani votes to evict Kaysar and not Janelle.  She even goes “What” to us and wonders how that happened.  The vote is nine votes to evict Janelle (Nicole, Da’Vonne, Memphis, Bayleigh, Cody, Christmas with a baby star, David, Kevin and Ian.  Enzo joins Dani in voting out Kaysar.  I know Enzo likes to throw a questioning vote but why did Dani.  She’s Janelle’s friend and had told all that Janelle had to go. I’m going to be interested in hearing what Evel Dick has to say about this!

Janelle is now on stage with Julie who has much to say to Janelle.  Julie offers this comfort:  Janelle, do you hear that!  It’s the fans screaming not Janelle (paraphrased of course).   Janelle planned to wear an evening gown but wore a different dress in case she stayed.  Janelle is asked who kept her and she first thought Da’Vonne and Bayleigh.  She finally (on the third try) gets Dani and Enzo.  She’s confused and so is Julie.  Julie says Enzo likes to do this type of voting as he showed last week.  Janelle wanted to work with Tyler but Kaysar didn’t.  Julie confirms who are the core four.  Janelle is told that Christmas and Memphis are the other two who helped get her evicted. 

Good byes are played.  Bayleigh gave a heartfelt message.  Cody says it was because she was coming after him.  Nicole said she thought they were good friends and rescinded the invitation to Nicole’s wedding.  Kaysar promises that the alliance will pay but Janelle gets upset.  He doesn’t know all the members and will tell Memphis. Julie tells her that Da’Vonne, Bayleigh, and Kevin wanted to keep her but couldn’t make waves. 

Head of House Competition

This week has Tyler not competing.  The Safety Suite is closed.  Carnival Quick Shot has the house guests divided into two groups of six.  Each have three balls and must roll the ball up the incline to sink their three balls into the holes at the top of the ramp.  The first three advances.  The second six compete.  Then the final six will play each other.  The game isn’t easy and as we leave, we see Kaysar has made it the finals.  Julie’s words for the night:  “Be kind.”   

So who will win Head of Household?

Can Kaysar maintain his ability and take out some of the Core 4?

WIll he spill the beans to Memphis making Kaysar an even bigger target.

We’ll have to wait until Sunday to find out (unless you read the live updates that is).

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