BIG BROTHER #22: August 30, 2020 – More of the Same but with Different Players

Big Brother will start tonight with a Head of Household competition.  Of course, I know who won because I watch and read live feed updates.  For now, with this episode of Big Brother, I’ll say just to expect more of the same game play that we’ve seen in the last few weeks.  We all know that the old-schoolers aren’t long for the game unless one of them wins which is highly unlikely at the rate things are going but I will give a few updates.


The two big six alliances on Big Brother #22 are beginning to show cracks at the seams.  In the Enzo alliance, Bayleigh and Da’Vonne have no trust for the guys.  In the Memphis alliance, well, they never meet but Cody and Nicole F. have had words a few times.  She did invite him to her wedding but the cost made him mad.  She wants him to pay $1250 to go to a wedding!  Of course, it’s on the islands and of course is has three parties associated with it but he said no.  Then there’s also been arguments about putting Ian up if (and when) the Power of Veto is played.  Cody, I believe, said it couldn’t be done because Ian is protection for Nicoe. Tyler is playing quiet this week but doesn’t have any trust for  Dani but Nicole is on his scope also.  I want confirmation on who has been tutoring who and if a pay off is due if one of the pregamers wins). So now on to the Sunday night yawn-fest – I mean show.

Head of Household

It has been said that Janelle left some clothes behind for Da’Vonne and Bayleigh.  Don’t be surprised to hear Nicole and Dani complaining about this.

Da’Vonnie is explaining the HoH game.   The people who watched the eviction show knows that Kaysar won a spot in the HoH final during heat one.  Dani tells us during a Diary Room that she didn’t mind stirring up trouble with her vote but more of the game.  Enzo wants a win so he can make decisions.  Ian meanwhile is using too much math on this HoH and Nicole wants to now play her game. (What game Nicole?  It always involves a guy.)  Enzo wins the second spot and David gets the third spot. 

Now it’s time for the second group.  Cody is worried.  He knows he will be on the block if Kaysar wins.  Dani wants to compete against Kaysar and stop him from being HoH.  First, she has to win and so far she hasn’t done crap.  Kevin wants to shake things up because of a lack of trust.  Christmas has got two balls in and Memphis wants David out.  Bayleigh wouldn’t mind taking out Ian or Nicole (remember, they’re not in the Enzo alliance).  First spot goes to Dani who finally has won a spot in something.  Kevin has won the second spot while Cody gets the third spot.  Wait it is a photo finish with Cody winning.  Christmas has tears (okay one for tonight) because she lost out on seeing pictures of her baby.  So Kaysar, Enzo, David, Cody, Dani, and Kevin. 

The finalists are determined to win.  While Kaysar gets one ball in quick, he knows his safety depends on it.  Nicole doesn’t want Cody, Dani or Enzo to win because she wants to be the one to take Kaysar out. Big Whoop Nicole.  You haven’t done anything so far.  Kaysar is so close but Enzo is so focused.  David gets two in the slots and it going to be ending soon.  Kaysar is close.  Tyler is nervous.  And the winner is Enzo.  Enzo wants blood all over him as he says in Diary Room and he is wanting to stir up trouble.

The After Game

On returning to the house, Enzo tells Kevin he did good.  Maybe, Kevin says, it wasn’t a bad thing.  Meanwhile recriminations are being done by Cody and Dani.  Maybe all the fights that Dani and Cody are doing are rigged.  Naw, I don’t think so. Da’Vonne and Bayleigh gone will allow Dani to work to get whichever one is left on her side.  Cody on the other hand want Nicole out.  To him, Dani has too much going on. Da’Vonne tells us she wanted pictures of her child and we have tears two in the Diary Room and the house.  Bayleigh does play cheerleader.  Please Big Brother, give us some action.  This is nothing more than more of the same. 

Okay as it is more of the same, I’m going to give you my take on this situation.  All don’t trust or like David.  Dani wants to be the key woman in the house and Nicole thinks that she’s in charge.  Both want Da’Vonne and Bayleigh out (I’m not sure about Christmas).  To them Enzo seems to be a wild card.  And the clueless member of the house is David who sometimes look like he doesn’t know what is going on. 

In the HoH room, Enzo talks about his alliances.  First there is Cody who fills him in on Dani and how she is going to pin things on Bayliegh and Da’Vonne.  Seems Dani came up with the idea and Enzo’s thought wasn’t good enough for her. 

Kaysar knows he is going up and decides to work on Da’Vonne to stay.  It looks like he plans to use philosophical.  The discussion is centering on Black Lives Matter.  And it is good but deep I have to wonder how this plays into Kaysar’s game.  All he did was agree.  Oh and we have tears three because of how hard the game is for Da’Vonne.  Kaysar tells us in Diary Room that people should be brave and speak up and say the right things.  Kaysar, you don’t do this with new schoolers.  They look to be stroked and keep things the same.  Good conversation but seems out of place.

Enzo calls all to the living room.  “Have Nots’ are being determined.  There are only three and they are Tyler (volunteers for Enzo), Da’Vonne (chosen by Cody) and Dani (chosen by Bayleigh).  Oh my – what is that on Nicole’s face – some type of masks.  Dani is now being very friendly with Nicole but Danialso has a cry.  Seems Dani and Nicole have bonded.  (Why?  They both want to be seen as smart but why are they acting like dumb blondes?)  Enzo, Tyler and Cody meet to discuss nominees.  The fact is that Kaysar will definitely go up but against who?

Oh, and we are reminded of Christmas’s all-star babies.  She has  twelve and they just keep on coming.  And the babies talk to her.  Finally, she’s told that the babies have grown up and do not need her anymore.  She is pictured with all cheery in the Diary Room. 

Enzo and Christmas talks.  He knows she means to compete.  In Diary Room, Enzo tells us he needs her and will listen to all she will tell him.  In HoH, Enzo asks about the two Kaysar votes.  He knows he did one but wants Christmas to find the other.  Of course, Ian’s name comes up as does Kevin.  David is also listed as wanting to stir things up.  He tells her to sit back and watch what happens.  And Christmas does think Dani is problematic and has an attitude.  So Dani is definitely now on the watch list of Tyler and Enzo.

And the Nominees Are:

Kaysar and Kevin are nominated.  Enzo chooses Kaysar and Kevin for nothing personal but because they haven’t talked to him about game or anything else.  Enzo says that everyone should be worried but no one looks that way.

On Tuesday

Of course, we get the Power of Veto who I already know who wins but won’t tell.

Kaysar will be struggling to win people to his side if he doesn’t win.

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