Big Brother #22 – Week 4 – Enzo No Big Move – 9/2/2020

Well, Enzo was in power on this week’s Big Brother #22 All Stars and promised to make big moves.  Well, he hasn’t as we can see with Kaysar and Kevin as the nominees.  I guess “big moves” to him now means doing the easy work and leaving the hard for others.  Big Brother can’t be happy with what is going on inside the house but they set it up.  Apparently, the group has an order to evictions but the question I have is:  What group?  There are two groups of six and the members are not the same.  How can two groups of six where only three members are the same control a game?  Enzo needs to get the facts from Cody.  Oh, right!  Cody and Nicole are the only ones who really share information.

Why I Say That

There’s been talk on Twitter that there was a pre-game alliance.  Let’s just say, I won’t say who set it up because I have no proof but I did get some proof of who was involved through live-feeds.  In case you don’t read Jokesters or follow along on Twitter with some posters, there was a megaphone incident on Sunday night.  I won’t say who suggested the wording (ask me in a message to share).  The gist of the shout was “Cody and Nicole are playing the house.”  Of course they are.  They’re the pregame alliance according to the rumors making the rounds on Twitter.  So this has messed up the house and their game.  In fact, the two met yesterday and think their pregame is sunk  Nicole thinks it can be salvage but Cody doesn’t  He suggested putting her up and she said emphatically “NO!”  (Yes, I heard that conversation on my live feeds.  If they don’t get better, I may cancel.)  Any way . . .

Alliances as of Now

All are in turmoil it appears.  Oh, and rumors of another megaphone sent everyone into lock down around ten last night.

Slick Six is all but kaput.  Dani is filling Enzo in on how much Da’Vonne and Bayleigh is talking .  Tyler got disgusted with Enzo for putting up Christmas and has talked to Da’Vonne and Bayleigh without Cody’s permission which made Cody run and complain about Tyler to Enzo.  Enzo’s name now for his alliance is the Sucky Six.

The Corporation (I guess that is Memphis’s alliance) had Christmas volunteer to go up as a replacement as she trusts Enzo.  Now she regrets it after the Sunday yard yeller.  Tyler isn’t trusting either Cody or Nicole and Cody doesn’t trust Tyler.  Christmas talks to and relies on Tyler and Kaysar.  She and Tyler tried to get Enzo to put up Dani.

Ian has just about figured out everything.  He knows that Cody and Nicole came in with a pregame alliance but isn’t sure how it formed.  Tyler was Cody’s screen and Nicole has used Ian. Ian has told Kaysar but Kaysar isn’t sure about Tyler.  Christmas was just added in and Dani is friendly with Nicole.

Bayleigh and Da’Vonne are solid and seem to be okay with Tyler so I guess that threesome is okay.

Ian and Nicole — Nicole thinks all is well but Ian has everything almost figured out.

David has some thoughts but every time he says something it comes out as a guy alliance.  Ian didn’t help this idea much because he said Nicole was told to rally the girls and him while Cody was arranging the guys.

Memphis has been seen but not heard (much like Tyler who has gone quiet).  He has hurt his back somehow and is listed as “disabled” or “hurt” by the others.  It could be a ruse.

Kevin is clueless but listening to Kaysar.  Dani is meddling in all groups but is good friends with Nicole.

Is your head swimming?  Mine is.

And Now for the Show

(They are choosing some unflattering clips of Nichole this year – face mask that looks like plastic.)

Kaysar figured that he’d be up he tells us in Diary Room.  Kevin is all but crying.  No, he has a headache.  Kevin is upset because he likes Enzo.  Enzo apologizes of course.  Basically, Kevin is pawn but still needs to fight for POV.  Kevin didn’t buy this in Diary Room and said: “I’m a queen, not a pawn.”  Enzo begs for trust.  Dani and Christmas feel bad for Kevin.   Nicole looks so happy in the Diary Room because she’s not up.  Of course, this was before the “yeller.”  Meanwhile Kaysar went up to question what happened. 

David is still as dense about this game as before.  I must say that he was honest in Diary Room because he said he had lost people’s trust (he finally bought a clue).  Bayleigh sees David as an outsider and admits to us that he’s rubbing everyone the wrong way.  (Really?  Shocker!!)  Bayleigh also tells us that he needs to tone down his game.  Enzo talks to Ian who promises to check with Enzo if he wins POV.  He’s just telling Enzo what he wants to hear.  Enzo seems confused by Ian.

Enzo and Cody meet to discuss who has said what.  Enzo is confused by Ian.  Cody tells us how he sees it but it sounds like “blah blah blah” to me.  Cody does say in Diary Room he does want Ian to leave because he is smart. 

Oh goody.  We get Memphis telling us about his morning routine.  Could we have gone without this?   We know you don’t have news or anything else Memphis but “Guess the Headlines” with Kaysar is lame.  Our headlines are bad enough and we don’t need these two to add to them.  I guess Big Brother is hurting for content due to the routine this group has.

The Power of Veto

Enzo starts the ceremony to pull the competitors for Veto.  Enzo chooses Tyler while Kaysar picks Bayleigh.  Kevin chooses “Houseguest Choice” and chooses David.  (Really Kevin?  Why did you do that?)  It seems that David and Kevin had talked and we’re told that Kevin thinks David will take him off the block if he wins.  David looks like the kid in the candy store in the Diary Room because he’s so happy.  Meanwhile Kaysar fills Bayleigh in on where he sees the house guests’ thinking.  Bayleigh of course has alliances to which she feels loyal.  Of course, this is a concept that old-school (as Tyler and others call it) don’t get.  Bayleigh lets us know that she probably would not save Kaysar.  Meanwhile Enzo and Tyler meet.  They’re confident they can win and the nominees will remain as is.  Then Cody arrives.  Does he have to be there all the time.  I think Tyler is tired of Cody with the eye look he gave that the camera saw.  Cody feels threatened by Tyler.

Memphis is host and is in a circus ringmaster outfit.  It is the BB Theater and they will be puppets.  They must hold to the puppet string with feet and hands in a holder.  Winner gets Power of Veto.  Noncompetitors love it.  I’d hate it.  Kaysar tells us he’s doing it for America and BB Nation.  Kevin is doing it to show that he’s not a pawn.  The puppet master pulls the strings.  Da’Vonne says if you are not flexible, you are hurting.  They also get sprayed with slime.  Oh Enzo, you shouldn’t complain.  You saw the goggles.  All have problems with Kaysar being the first out.  He’s followed by Enzo, Tyler, and Bayleigh (who lost a hand hold).  Kevin loses his foot grip but gets it back.  Kevin tries to get David to fall because Kevin really wants POV.  David misses a foot grip and is down.  Kevin wins POV to applause from all. Bayleigh tells us that it was a mental competition.  I can see that!  Kevin is laughing and crying at the same time.  David thinks that he has proven he can be Cody and Tyler’s ally.  Enzo worries about the replacement

Kaysar immediately starts campaigning to Ian.  Ian is worried he might go up.  Enzo goes to the HoH room and finds Cody and Nicole there.  Nicole doesn’t want Ian up.  Enzo tells them he could make a big move but is not ready to put up Ian.  “He’s not playing around” is what Enzo tells us in the Diary Room.  (My thoughts are will that last much long – NO!)  Cody leaves and Christmas and Enzo talk.  She agrees to go up as a pawn but he’s reluctant to do that to his “BB sister.”  She’s doing it to solidify her friendship/alliance with Enzo.  Enzo tells us he hates doing it but tells her to trust him.

Meanwhile Dani, Nicole and Bayleigh scheme.  Dani wants a “Slick Six” meeting but why is Nicole there?  This upsets Tyler when he sees Nicole and you can see his mind working.  Tyler talks to Enzo about Nicole being there when Dani wants to meet. This upsets Enzo because he feels that Dani broke trust by telling someone outside the key alliance. 

It’s time for the Veto meeting and no, we don’t get anything about the yeller.  Kevin choses to use the veto oh himself.  Enzo now must name someone to take Kevin’s place.  And the nominee is . . . Christmas of course.  We do learn that Enzo is proud of Christmas volunteering to go up.  Christmas hope she’s safe because she doesn’t want to leave looking gullible.  Kevin is excited that he is off the block and pretty much told the house guests off in the Diary Room.  Tyler declares war on Dani because “he sees what she’s doing.”

So what’s to come:

Eviction of Kaysar or Christmas (leaning toward Kaysar by  a wide majority).

The lost of trust for Dani.

HoH where Tyler has a purpose and Kevin wants revenge.

Tune in tomorrow night and we’ll watch another boring episode where no one makes a move!

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