Big Brother #22 — Enzo’s Reign Ends with a Whimper — 9/3/2020

Big Brother #22 fans!  Are you ready for an exciting evening?  Didn’t think so because we haven’t had any drama or fireworks on eviction night yet!  So Big Brother, who will go tonight?  My money’s on Kaysar but think it would be funny if Christmas goes. I like unpredictable behavior and this group is so predictable right now it’s boring.  It would serve Christmas right if she does go home.  Who is their right mind volunteers to be a pawn.  Oh, that’s right.  These are new-school players.

Alliances and Live Feed Notes

Okay!  Big Brother #22 now has two new alliances.  Over the last two days we have had two new groups come forward.  They are:

Triple Thr3at.  Yes, the spelling is right.  This crew has a thing for numbers.  It’s composed of Enzo, Cody and Tyler.  Each has a nickname but I’m not sure who is who.  The nicknames are Shundance Kid, Green-Eyed Bandit, and Zuco (Thanks #hamsterwatch bb22 on Twitter).  I really don’t care who is who but if I was Tyler, I’d notice that I was third in the group and so would be the first gone.

Insurance Policy – Ian and Tyler.  They shook hands on an agreement to have each other’s back and tell each other if anyone is thinking of putting them up.

Live feed notes:  Dani is mad at Tyler because he refuses to put Ian up as a “have not.”  She doesn’t want to do it because Ian will have hard feelings toward her.  So, let me get this straight.  It’s okay for Ian to be the heel while you smell like a rose.  Tyler refused and so I’m not sure what will happen on that front.  Dani is playing the whole house but is nervous.  Nicole doesn’t think she’s on anyone’s radar. (Really!  You have all but been called a rat.  They reserve that for Twitter.)  Things are simmering below the surface and I’m waiting for it to blow.  And yes, I still have my live-feeds.

The Preliminary Information

Let’s get to Big Brother shall we?  The preliminary filler opens with Julie reminding us that pawns have been thrown out before.  Cody and Enzo have a final two.  So what else is new, Cody has a final two with almost everyone.  After a recap of what we were allowed to see on the network broadcast, we see Dani coming in to the “Slick Six” alliance which Tyler tells Enzo about later.  We once again see Enzo naming Christmas at the POV Ceremony.  Oh, I wish it could have been a dream but we’re told there is a new power to shake up the house.

So on Day 30, Julie says the “Ghost of Janelle” haunts the house.  Julie now shows us what has gone in the house since the POV Ceremony.  Enzo put up Christmas to be sure that Kaysar will be gone.  Kaysar and Memphis talks about alliances.  Memphis is sort of out of the thick of things with a back injury.  He’s not worried because he’s got an alliance.  When Kaysar asks if he knows what is going on, Memphis plays dumb but tells us he knows what is going on.  Dear Memphis, there are two alliances of six.  Guess what!  You aren’t a part of “Slick Six.”

Cody and Enzo talk about Tyler and Dani being at odds.  Cody makes excuses but Enzo tells him and us that Dani is sloppy.  Now Cody told Enzo about the other alliances.  Enzo though see Cody and Tyler as his guys.  So Cody is selling everyone in the other alliance to protect himself.  Does he have reason to be paranoid (oh yeah, the yeller). 

Tyler is getting tired of Dani gaming like she is.  He tells us that Dani is trying to throw everyone against each other and he sees her as spreading malice. Tyler talks to Bayleigh and Da’Vonne about Dani.  Both now are suspicious.  Da’Vonne tells Tyler that Dani will be caught and will go home next week.  (First, you have to win an HoH to do it Da’Vonne.)  Tyler does tell Cody and Enzo about the talk.  Cody is upset because Tyler has told Da’Vonne and Bayleigh.  To him Tyler has created chaos and it’s splitting the house.  No Cody!  You and Nicole already has done that.

Meanwhile, Ian and Kevin share information and Kevin is shocked.  Ian is telling him everything about the alliances.  Both feel like something should be done but Ian feels it can’t come from him.  Ian talks to Kaysar and Kaysar shares his version.  Ian knows he has to watch Nicole closely now.  Unfortunately it is too late for Kaysar at this stage.

New Twist and Eviction

Julie tells us the new twist will be called the BB Basement.  There are rooms downstairs where people have stayed over night (remember Samantha the Robot last season?).

Eviction ceremony starts!  Christmas gives her speech first.  Her speech is very creative as she says supports the Enzo’s decision and asks the others to have Christmas Joy stay.  Kaysar meanwhile tells them he loves each on a personal level but he does mention the game play of Nicole and Cody running the house.  He thinks the guys have an alliance mentioning David and Tyler.  Dani and Nicole and Cody have an alliance.  He tells the house guests to keep them because he will take a shot at taking the core out.  Vote to keep Kaysar safe.  It’s the way to play All-Stars.  Cody is nervous, Nicole looks unaffected.

The voting begins.  Cody is first and he knows that Kaysar is on to him.  Nicole, when she casts her vote, is as cool as a cucumber (no pun intended BB fans).  All vote to evict Kaysar.  I guess Kaysar hadn’t learned not to put names out at Eviction Ceremony.

Julie tells Kaysar that he has been evicted by all.  He gets his mask (because he’s leaving the BB house) and hugs Cody and the rest.  Dani doesn’t look happy with the hug but the rest seem friendly.  Julie is waiting on stage and she wants to know if he thought he’d get any votes.  He admits he didn’t expect any but wanted to leave the others with a present.  Julie asks him about the game and mentions Cody, Tyler, Nicole and Dani but adds Memphis and Christmas.  Kaysar is shocked (behind the mask) and he didn’t see it coming nor that Memphis started the alliance.  Julie talks to him about his in-depth conversations with Da’Vonne.  Julie wants to know did he come back to change the world. Kaysar says that he came back because it changed his life 15 years ago and to make a difference.  He sees so much pain and division in our world and someone must take a stand.  I love Kaysar okay.  I admit it.  He’s honest!  Julie tells him that’s what he was voted back 15 years ago it was because the fans saw this also.  She thanks hi for coming back.  He thanks the BB family.  Note all:  No good-bye messages!

HoH Competition Begins

The HoH competition begins.  Since all are dressed up, it can’t be physical.  Julie announces that there will be no “have nots” this week (next week must be very physical).  The game this week is “Filter Face-Off.”  They will see the faces of the house guests and they will see stickers over the pictures.  Two at a time, they must answer questions with more, same or less.  Ian and Kevin start and the game progresses.  Why does not one call Tyler and Christmas up toward close to the end.  It comes down to Christmas and Da’Vonne.  The next HoH is Christmas.  She’s shocked and Nicole is the first to hug her.  We know who feels safe.

Julie show us the new room and explains the power.  The new room is dark with three new game changing powers.  Julie promises these powers could change everything.

For Next Week:

Who will Christmas put up?  (I think Tyler, Enzo, Bayleigh and Da’Vonne are definitely safe).  Will she go for Cody and Nicole?

Who will win the “in the dark competition?”

Will the powers possibly bring Kaysar back since he didn’t get any messages?

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