Big Brother #22 — Hey It’s Christmas! Not Really — She’s Only HoH — 9/6/2020

Okay Big Brother #22 fans!  I must say Christmas winning the Head of Household was not what I thought would be good for the show.  While there has been some movement and tears in the Big Brother #22 house, especially after nominations, it was the BB Basement that made at least two people mad.  Should I tell you now or wait. 

Oh, and before we get into fun and games, please remember on 9/11 to take a moment to remember those who died on that day in Washington and New York.  I had friends who were not near the danger but close and helped feed first responders.  I admire the first responders and hospital workers so much not only for their work on that day but also for their work now on the pandemic front.

Live Feeds and Alliances

There seems to be no change in the alliances as of now.  Slick Six is very close to being a thing of the past but the three guys are now bonded.  I’m just not sure this Big Brother threesome are as close as they want to appear.  It seems Cody says what he thinks people want to hear and there is a lack of sincerity in all that he says.

The big action came not from the nominations but from the BB Basement game.  Anyone who follows the live-feed knows of who claimed two of them (but I’ll wait until at least after the show to tell more).  The third power has not been mentioned.  At least one person got mad over the power and sulked and cried in bed.  If they don’t show this, I’ll fill you in after the action.

Now on to the two nominees.  Names will be given later.  Let’s just say that Dani is spilling a bunch of half-truths and out right lies to the whole house.  Why?  She thinks if they believe it, she’s safe.  Also at this stage in the tale bearing, I’m not sure she even knows what is true and what is false.  Plus she wants Tyler out who returns the sentiment and wants Daniele out of the Big Brother house also.

Also Cody unbeknowingly gave me the final clue to why the new school players are more – shall we say – boring than old school.  Old school went in and played the game as individuals.  The new school players have always been into team sports. Without a group or team, they don’t have the knowledge or ability to think outside the box.  Let me know what you think of this theory!

The HOH Walk and Talk

As usual on Big Brother, Christmas promises to make significant moves.  Da’Vonne is so upset with herself because she didn’t win.  She was planning on putting  Dani on the block (and that’s all I focused on).  Cody is upset about the Kaysar eviction speech.  Memphis says there is no where to hide.  Enzo likes Christmas but refuses to be a pawn for her.

In the storage room, Nicole and Christmas meet.  Nicole apologies for not hugging Christmas.  To be honest, I feel like Nicole is acting so superior that it looks like she has this won now.  Dani tells us that Kaysar’s big move was to call out Nicole and Cody and doesn’t like being the third wheel.  Well, let’s break it down!  Both Dani and Nicole like to spread stories and gossip (even inaccurate stuff).  Tyler has figured out the six are calling each other out but Tyler was not named.  He brings it up to Da’Vonne and Bayleigh.  The three of them see that the alliance is taking shots at each other.  While Da’Vonne calls Cody out, he is stalling for a reason.  Hey Nicole, he’s letting you down.  Da’Vonne has called him a liar.  Tyler has figured who is the last in line.  When will Bayleigh make an accusation?

Dani meets with Christmas and tries to influence the nominees.  Dani and Nicole are all urging Christmas to put up Bayleigh and Da’Vonne because they are coming after them.  Dani likes Christmas and thinks she can sway Christmas. When Da’Vonne talks to Christmas, she wants Christmas to know she’s not coming after her.  Christmas wishes they had had the talk before she took power.  Enzo sees her as a sister and an ally.  He suggests Da’Vonne and tells her that Bayleigh and Nicole are emotional.  Christmas thinks Enzo is on the same page as she is.  Christmas dear, everyone is in it for themselves.

BB Basement and Aftermath

BB Basement is in the bowels of the building and is too frightening for anyone to enter.  There are no lights has three new powers.  All powers will be rewarded in this one game.  Christmas isn’t happy with game as it could hurt her HoH . Dani is worried that it will cause more tension and hurt her game.  (What game?)    

The game is played on a sticky floor and they must find three puzzle pieces to win “replay,” “disruption,” or “blocked.” Tyler finds a secret room but no significance is shown.  David finds disruption (the only power that hasn’t been revealed during live feeds).  Everyone cheer!  David finally won something.  Dani find replays.  Christmas finds blocked.  Oh, by the way, Nicole has lost her pants during the competition because they were glued to the floor.  Well, at least we can’t call this boring.

Christmas immediately tells Tyler she has a power.  She’s in a final two with him.  Her power, “The Blocker” can prevent a house guest from being put on the block.  She must use it in the next three weeks.  Of course, Tyler tells Enzo and Cody.  Dani wins “Replay” which allows an HoH to play in the competition that he or she must sit out.  It also lasts three weeks and she tells Nicole.  David has the third power and doesn’t tell anyone (as far as we know).  His power is “The Disrupter.”  He can cause chaos to an HoH’s reign.  He can also use it to save himself. The question is:  Would he have the sense to use it.  He seems to be clueless at times.  Wait a minute.  Big Brother, these powers are not new.  I’ve seen them in different seasons so the use of “new” is inaccurate.

Dani is meeting with Da’Vonne and Bayleigh to do damage control.  Of course, she’s throwing Tyler and others under the bus.  Dani is turning Tyler’s word against him to Bayleigh.  Of course, Bayleigh has told her something now that Dani denies.  Damage control doesn’t mean throwing your team under the bus Dani.  Enzo’s name is brought up and Enzo heard,  He doesn’t support Dani which sets her off.  So now, Dani needs to watch out for Enzo and Tyler. 

The Nomination Ceremony

Before the nomination ceremony, Dani seeks to do damage control.  While it looks like she doesn’t want Bayleigh up and feels the blame will come back on her, ultimately it is Christmas who makes the decision.  Bayleigh does talk to Tyler about Dani’s comments and gives Tyler information on Dani.  Bayleigh doesn’t know who Tyler would chose over her.  Bayleigh is trying to protect the alliance and Dani seems to want to destroy it.  Enzo and Tyler offer support Bayleigh who is upset on how Tyler tried to comfort her.  So Dayleigh tells Da’Vonne who is now in the know.  Tyler comes in to talk to the two and tells them he does have their back.  Again, this group acts as a team.  Bayleigh wants confirmation that Tyler wouldn’t turn on Bayleigh and no one understands Dani.  Tyler sees he could be in trouble.

At the nomination ceremony, Christmas selects Bayleigh (who is shaking her head as if she knew).  The second is Da’Vonne (who is starring daggers at Dani).  Bayleigh was nominated because she told her that Da’Vonne was her second.  Christmas is almost in tears.  Da’Vonne is mad.  Christmas is in the storage room crying but she did this for the purpose of the game.  David has the power that could take down the nominees.  Will he use it?

So – what will happen?

I know who won PoV and it wasn’t either Da’Vonne or Bayleigh.

Will David use his power or save it for possible use on himself?  Does he realize it is almost a coup d’etait power?

Dani cried in bed to Nicole about her power! At least she got one!

Can Tyler and Enzo save face with Da’Vonne and Bayleigh and take a target off their back?

Turn in and this week looks to be better than the past four.

One thought on “Big Brother #22 — Hey It’s Christmas! Not Really — She’s Only HoH — 9/6/2020

  1. Oh and do you like tea — be sure and check the Feeds, Hamsters or Jokers’ tomorrow. Everyone is comparing notes and the in group may be in trouble (poor Derrick/Dan). Ian is spilling the beans to Christmas. Tyler wants to leave. What else is going to come out tonight? Oh and Ian told Christmas that she heard Nicole use his name as a nominee.


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