Big Brother #22 — Live Feed Mayhem

Big Brother #22 has been boring up until this week. Just as we finished watching the CBS network broadcast, a fire was lit in the house. Here’s basically what I’m hearing now (or at least since 9:00 PM). If this is rough, sorry. I’m reporting her as I’m listening. Of course, I can only go to 11;00 and I’m sure the last issue will not be over with by then.

Tyler has been talking to Da’Vonne and Bayleigh and has offered to talk to Christmas to have her take Bayleigh off the block and put him up. It seems that he has been wanting to self-evict and he wants them to stay and stand up for their rights or reasons they want to stay. Regardless of what happens, he seems to be showing himself as a good guy. He just can’t get everyone out of the HoH room to talk to Christmas

Ian is spilling all sort of tea. As I started this, Christmas just asked Ian what does he think of the nods staying the same. She tells Ian she may not do what he says and he says no direct answer but a percentage. She asks him if he will keep one and he asks her “do you want to know who.” He’s leaning toward keeping Day. Christmas feels the same way. Ian questions on whether there is a power to mess it up. Christmas feels that Day and Bay think that noms will stay the same.

Ian dished the tea on some of the stuff he has heard in the house that they may not know he has heard. He tells Christmas about the Nicole A/Nicole F talk where Nicole F named Ian as going on the block. They are talking about the “cool kids” shunning them.

Enzo and David talked about the powers. David was told to make a big move. It might be his only chance. David is confused.

Ian and Christmas trying to figure out the ones with the powers. They keep saying “he” and I think it is David. Oh, Christmas and Ian are talking about what the power could be that might replace a nominee — The Blocker one.

Bayleigh and Da’Vonne couldn’t believe what Tyler offered to do. They’re trying to figure out why. They think it was good but with what they’ve been told they see it as a way to just leave or something else. I honestly think their mind has been blown as they look for reasons.

And Tyler is in the Diary Room. Christmas just spilled that. If Tyler got called to the Diary Room before talking to Christmas, we know what is happening. They’re trying to address his issues and keep him in the house.

Ian wants a HoH. I just checked the feeds and many of the house guests are missing.

Seems there was another yeller and they’re on a lock down.

Four cameras — 2 on HoH, 2 on Da’Vonne, Bayleigh, and Enzo. I don’t think they have told him about Tyler’s offer.

Christmas knows that during her season they gave her a comp. Ian tries to convince her that yes, all could have false started (no — it didn’t happen that way).

Just as I put this up, a new development happened. Tyler came in to talk to Christmas and told her how much he appreciated her. She asked if there was something she needed to know and he started to say something and we got stars. Stay tuned. Unfornately, I am out for the night. Joker’s Date or Hamster (Dingo) will probably have an update later.

Okay guys. I’ve got to go. Still no word or sign of Tyler. And Dani/Nicole/Cody/Memphis hasn’t been seen since the 9:00 hour of this in the HoH room. They left Ian and Christmas talking.

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