Big Brother #22: Did We Get Gifts or Coal? September 9, 2020

Hello, Big Brother 22 fans (or haters whichever).  As you might know from my second blog from Sunday night, Christmas’s HoH did bring the fans some Christmas gifts.  Unfortunately if you were like me watching Big Brother Sunday’s show, you missed about half of the fireworks.  At least I saw a small amount of it and the Tyler, Da’Vonne and Baleigh half meeting.  When I finally tuned out at 11:00 PM, they had just killed the feeds as Tyler talked to Christmas.  For an account of what went down, visit my blog and read this.  I’ll give more after tonight’s show.

Now for the coal.  More again will follow the update for those who don’t like spoilers. I’m not sure how much details or whether they will whitewash the events of Sunday found in the above link.  The drama has decreased over Sunday and Monday with a cordial atmosphere throughout the house now.  I will go ahead and tell you that Cody did receive some bad news.  His grandfather has died.  And today, Da’Vonne let slip the juicy detail that confirmed the suspicion on who is behind many of the Cody/Nicole actions.  That too will be in the spoilers.


A new one has formed of Christmas, Dani and Nicole.  It was given a name but was also dead at birth.

The Da’Vonne, Bayleigh and Tyler alliance is kaput but one may be forming soon.  Things are not smooth in either the Committee or Slick Six.

And a special note to all our West Coast and Colorado folks.  The fires are bad and the weather is strange.  Please stay safe.

So On with the Show

After the recap and the celebrations, Bayleigh told Christmas that Da’Vonne was her number one which upset Christmas.  Of course, Christmas runs to Dani – everyone does.  They decided who would go up for  nominations.  We’re reminded to the secret powers.  Dani spread stories and Tyler found out and it has come back to haunt him.  And it looks like we will see some of the events that happened Sunday night.

After the Nomination Ceremony, Da’Vonne is upset that Bayleigh and she are on the block.  Christmas is crying.  When Da’Vonne finds Bayleigh, she is crying also.  Kevin is with them so I guess it could it be worse.  Bayleigh feels betrayed and doesn’t understand why this happened.  The two of them try to figure out alliances.  David shows up to check on them.  Ah, they are bonding about how they care for each other.  David now has to consider whether to use his power and he’s confused.  Of course he is confused, he’s never gotten this far in the game!

Bayleigh goes to talk to Christmas and find her crying and Bay is like why?  Bayleigh does admit it was a good game move.  Christmas talks in circles as usual.  Meanwhile Dani and Nicole are talking to Da’Vonne.  Dani and Nicole are probably not upset (they don’t look that way) and lo and behold Tyler’s name comes up.  Dani of course tells her what she has.  Dani sees it that Tyler is working against her and will try use this to help none other but Dani.  Nicole feels safe so she’s keeping her mouth shut.  In fact, Nicole ells us in Diary Room she will go along with Dani.  Isn’t Nicole such a sweetie (maybe this is why she’s known by some of the names they’ve given her on Twitter).  Dani leaves to work Christmas and tell her stories on Tyler.  Christmas is not going to work on any Dani suggestion of taking Tyler out at this time.  It’s in her interest to keep The Committee together.

Veto Competition

When the competitors are picked for veto, Christmas has Nicole, Da’Vonne has Dani and Bayleigh picks Ian.  Unfortunately, Ian wakes up the day of veto not feeling well.  He’s having some type of anxiety attach and has pain in his chest and other health issues.  The BB medic pulls him from the game due to his condition and heat (over 100 on the veto day).  David gets to host his first veto.  Nicole and Dani meet and decide to throw the veto in the hope that Bayleigh or Da’Vonne wins.  This would give Dani a chance to take out Tyler and not get “blood on her hands.”  Believe me, she’s not Lady MacBeth.  She won’t wring her hands complaining if her plot works.

And it is the BB Math Triatholon.  They will will get a “read, set’ and see  an equation.  They must race to the finish line and hit the buzzard.  False starts gets you out of the game also.  Dani and Nicole may throw it but Christmas says she needs to win to control power in the house.  Oh, and did I mention there are five trophies for them to choose as they leave the game.  Last person can take any prize. 

Wait, Christmas has played something similar before.  She should do a good job on this.   It’s the BB Math Triathalon.  As the math starts, Da’Vonne starts too soon.  Good news she got the POV but that won’t last long.  Dani is upset because there goes the plan of getting Tyler out and Nicole tells us it’s too hard to watch.  As the game continues, Bayleigh, Dani and Nicole finally lose leaving Christmas as the winner.  After the prize trading, Christmas gets PoV, Nicole a costume punishment.  Dani gets a “have not pass” for the season while Bayleigh has to perform a punishment. (Bayleigh must ride a bike around the back yard for 500 laps. We don’t get to see that tonight.).  Da’Vonne did get $5,000.

The Aftermath

Nicole checks in on Ian who feels better.  He’s still resting.  Meanwhile, Diary Rooms are being done and Nicole is called to get her costume.  She’s a little upset over her Sloppies costume.  It’s a cereal box (literally) and wig that she is not to supposed to take it off except in bed.  (She told the house guests that Janelle made this a rule since she didn’t wear hers all the time.)  

Outside Dani and Cody are sitting together when Tyler comes out.  Dani wants Tyler out and is giving him the evil eye.  Tyler gets in the pool but you can tell he’s upset.  He goes in, finds Da’Vonne and tells her he needs to talk to her and Bayleigh.  Tyler tells us that he’s feeling guilty about some of the stuff he’s said.  Tyler is not being true to himself and is also missing Angela.  He had hoped to mend fences with Bayleigh but that hasn’t happened. He sounds sincere when he tells Bayleigh and Da’Vonne that he plans to put himself up on the block.  He goes to talk to Christmas and tells her that he feels guilty about planting seeds on Bayleigh and even suggests going up (and here the whitewashing starts as he’s called to Diary Room before he can talk to Christmas).  While we see Bayleigh and Da’Vonne surprised at Tyler’s move, we also see doubt there. 

Christmas isn’t happy with Tyler’s feelings or decision.  Basically she tells Tyler to sleep on it but ultimately it will be her decision.  Christmas tells us in Diary Room that it is her HoH and she makes the choices. She wants to keep The Committee safe because it is her shield.  Tyler and Christmas both have to listen to higher authorities.  (Production!)

Bayleigh and Da’Vonne wonder what happened.  They are thinking that Tyler wasn’t being honest.  Bayleigh says it is like their previous season.  Later Christmas talks to Da’Vonne about using the PoV .  Da’Vonne tells her about Tyler’s talk with them.  Da’Vonne is trying to make Christmas comfortable as she tells us.  Hearing that Bayleigh has it out for Tyler and he wants to throw his game out for Bayleigh upsets Christmas.  It’s the worse thing that Da’Vonne could say.

Christmas talks to Tyler and tells him what Bayleigh has said about wanting his head on a silver platter.  For Christmas’s game, she needs Tyler there.  Tyler is upset over the way Bayleigh is acting.  He really wanted to be her friend but sees it as not possible.  (I think that is what came out of that rambling speech in Diary Room).  Da’Vonne basically shot down any hope that she and Bayleigh had.

POV Ceremony

Christmas announces she will not use the Power of Veto and Bayleigh makes a comment.  It’s over and the group is adjourned.  Bayleigh is upset and says Tyler is a fink and didn’t follow through on his promise.  Christmas is upset because she gave up the summer with her son and Tyler almost mess up her game.  He’s going to have to do his own dirty work.  Tyler says it may be his second chance and he’s going to have to work and not worry about friendships.  Da’Vonne is upset and told herself to wake up and play Big Brother.

Coming up Thursday

Who will be Evicted?  Find out tomorrow but now for the Scoop that I mentioned earlier.

Now a short version of “From the Feeds”

Sunday night, production basically kept Tyler from talking to Christmas for over an hour.  It has been mentioned to some of the house guests by Tyler that Tyler was told that he can’t ask to be a backdoor.  He can’t talk to the nominees about it.  Many people I know have said they thought Grodner was called to calm him down.  While this was going on, Day and Bay were talking to David and Kevin planting seeds to get Tyler out.  They also mentioned the core.

Monday (I believe) Christmas had a fight with Da’Vonne that sent sparks through the house.  It has calmed down. Oh, and another yeller showed up that Cody shouted down.

Today, Da’Vonne spilled the confirming tea of a pregame set-up.  She talked to Bayleigh and said she got a call from a previous winner, Derrick, asking if she was going in the house.  He wanted to check so he could talk to a friend who was playing.  Someone didn’t pull the plug soon enough on that reveal.

And, if Bayleigh leaves tomorrow, Swaggy has a special gift waiting for her.

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