Big Brother #22 — Christmas Joy Is No More — 9/10/2020

Tonight on Big Brother 22 we will see the end of Christmas’s reign as HoH.  The best thing I can say is that it did give us drama.  The question is:  Will any of the real secrets finally come out tonight. How about the latest?  Well, it is live feeds and could impact tonight so I’ll fill you in now.

Live Feed Spoilers

Let’s get to the good stuff first.  While I was out picking up grocery delivery, a conversation happened between Cody and Nicole.  Two interesting tidbits came out of it and I thank RealityBBQ for posting it on Twitter.  In the conversation, Cody revealed to Nicole that Dani has been running to him with what she (Nicole) has told her (Dani).  Now, we all know that Nicole is supposed to be Cody’s number one.  This upset her and now she has made Dani a target.  Don’t worry.  She told Cody she’d play nice, but will she?

Also during this conversation the following was said.  It may not be verbatim, but you will get the gist.  And I can’t find the clip or it would be linked.

Cody:  Any little thing that comes out about what we were doing in this game.  … It’s going to be way worse.  It’s going to confirm everything (from the fence yeller). 

When you add that to Da’Vonne’s conversation with Bayleigh, we get more and more evidence that the pregame is Nicole and Cody.

Oh, and if you didn’t see it.  TMZ is calling out the Big Brother house for their treatment (read bullying) of Ian.  If you are interested in reading the piece where they name Memphis, Dani, Nicole and Christmas, clip here to go to the TMZ site.  By the say, as the article notes, this is going to maybe hurt Nicole more than she knows.  Olay will no longer use her as an “influencer” on Instagram.  Wonder if the wedding costs will go up per person now?

The Intro of the Show

After a recap with no new information from Sunday night, we get into the last few days of production’s view of Big Brother.  I wonder if they will show Christmas and Da’Vonne’s fight.  So, here we go.

Julie tells us that this weekend was the most emotional weekend of the season (the best weekend is what I say).  We pick up at the veto meeting.  Bayleigh and Tyler is resigned.  Christmas tells us in Diary Room that she wasn’t putting her final partner up to go home.  Da’Vonne tells us she is going to check her emotions at the door.  Tyler tells us he has to refocus.  Bayleigh meanwhile looks to be having a mental breakdown.  She thinks Tyler didn’t plan to make the offer.  Will smoke fly?  At the pool, they discuss Bayleigh’s use of the term “untouchable” (in regard to Tyler).  Cody looks nervous (as he should).  Inside Da’Vonne and David try to console Bayleigh but she tells Da’Vonne that she has the votes.  Bayleigh tells us in Diary Room that she is upset for Da’Vonne.  She wishes they could be there for each other.

When Christmas talks to Da’Vonne, we learn that Christmas put Bayleigh up because of what she has said to Christmas.  Christmas was not taking the shot for Bayleigh by putting Tyler up.  Christmas tries to explain but Da’Vonne is reading it in a different manner.  Christmas promises that they have Da’Vonne but Da’Vonne sees it as she is still in jeopardy and not Christmas.  (Okay, what about their verbal fight.  When or do you plan to show this Big Brother.)  Da’Vonne is trying not to lose it, I must say.

Tyler goes to talk to Da’Vonne about what happened.  Da’Vonne tells him that she needs him and Tyler tells her the same.  They hug it out but can these two work together?  Meanwhile Kevin and David are trying to figure out what to do about Bayleigh and Da’Vonne (Well David you could have used your power). David needs Bayleigh. 

Cody gets called to the diary room where there is a letter waiting.  His grandfather died on Labor Day and he is having a hard time.  When he first finds out, he doesn’t talk to anyone but goes to bed.  It’s Tyler who finds out and tries to offer support.  Tyler sits with Cody and gradually everyone enters the room to offer support.  As he gets hugs of support (even from Da’Vonne and Bayleigh), he grieves but knows he has support.  Cody tells us that winning is now that much more important to him.

Julie tells us that the next clip will be about personal feelings.  Will it be edited?  Julie saying that drawing the lieenne between game and friendship can lead to chaos.  We see Christmas and Dani speaking when Da’Vonne enters.  (Maybe we’ll get the fireworks after all!)  Da’Vonne explains what she did.  Christmas and Da’Vonne discuss what Bayleigh has said.  Yes, the conversation begins civil.  Da’Vonne though is pushing (shall we say) someone as stubborn as she is.  It comes down to the difference in the game and personal feelings.  Voices are raised.  It’s so bad that Kevin leaves while Ian is stuck in the shower.  Da’Vonne doesn’t like that Christmas took what Bayleigh said and used it against her.  Bayleigh comes in and is surprised to find that she is the conversation point.  As the “discussion” continues, they get loud and Da’Vonne eventually leaves and Bayleigh tries to calm it down. 

Outside she complains and Tyler goes over to support her.  We learn that she felt like Christmas was treating her like a child.  Both have said they hate the game.  Inside Bayleigh has been trying to explain to Christmas that they have issues with this on a personal level.  Christmas tells her to separate game from feelings and so it goes.  (Okay folks!  Most of this we saw but not all – or I missed the yard stuff.)  Kevin is shell shocked.  Da’Vonne in the diary room says this scene will send her home.  Meanwhile Christmas  tells Kevin not to leverage this to make Christmas look bad.  Kevin had Chmya on his season.  He thought she was bad.  (And yes, there were some major edits here.)    

Eviction Ceremony

Eviction Ceremony!  This should be good but no.  There are no personal attacks.  Da’Vonne is first and she makes a Black Lives Matter point saying “all lives” can’t matter until “black lives” do.  I was taught never to call them “black” Da’Vonne.  Why did you make me type that term?  Bayleigh meanwhile talks so fast I have trouble following her.  She tells Christmas she is did a good job and Bayleigh will not take it personally.  For Da’Vonne, Bayleigh says she thinks of her as her sister.  The votes begin with Dani.  The vote is unanimous and Bayleigh is gone.  Julie tells the houseguests and Bayleigh says good-bye.  The evicted house guest must leave the bubble.  She hugs each (even Christmas and Tyler and whispers thank you to him).  Cody hands her the bag and she leaves.  (Swaggy though has a nice surprise waiting for her, a new car.)

The Aftermath and Interview

Julie welcomes Bayleigh to the stage and mentions how emotional the week was.  Bayleigh will continue to support Da’Vonne.  They talk about Christmas’s betrayal.  Julie asks why.  Bayleigh thinks the game is tough enough and you don’t have to bring personal discussions into it.  Julie tells her that the Slick Six was against the Committee.  They show her who is in The Committee.  Julie says Da’Vonne was her untouchable.  Bayleigh guesses finally that it was Tyler.  Julie asks if Bayleigh would have nominated Tyler and Christmas but I didn’t catch her answer.  Julie says that Bayleigh and Tyler had talked.  Bayleigh and Tyler have come to a meeting place and will leave the drama in the house. The goodbye messages are played.   Enzo calls her his sister.  Tyler apologizes.  Christmas tells her she had to protect her week one alliance.  Da’Vonne says they were the final two but she’s going to go all the way.  Bayleigh says Da’Vonne will be her girl.  Bayleigh had a great time.  She came back to prove to herself that she could play the game and has accomplished what she had planned to do

HoH and Surprise Announcement

The Power Trip will push them to the limit.  Oh goody!  It’s the wall.  It could be a long endurance or  short but it’s supposed to be on the feeds.  And no, I’m not going to be posting the winner here because I’ve seen these go on for hours. (Besides, the CBS site has crashed.) Julie announces that there have been speculation on a battle back.  Julie tells them that the first five have been sent home which means all the remaining house guests are in jury.  They must hang on the billboard for a new movie called “Power Trip.”  They must hold on for dear life.  If they fall off, they are eliminated.  The first three off the billboard will be “have nots”.  And let the game begin.  I will say Dani looks scared.  Enzo is already breathing hard. 

Next week, the show will air Tuesday instead of Wednesday.  Next Thursday, the first all-star will go to the jury house.  Julie’s last message is:  “Let kindness be the rule for everything you say.”

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