Big Brother #22 — Week 5 and the Power Force Is? 9/13/2020

Hi Big Brother 22 fans!  And welcome to Week Five of “We Are Family”  — er I mean Camp Team.  Camp Team is like that old movie “Camp Nowhere” except for two things.  The pre-gamers of Nicole and Cody are in charge and no one apparently has a clue that they are together.  Well, a few do due to the wall yeller but they don’t know details.  Big Brother though should get interesting this week as all the non-Alliance members are gone.  Also, there is still fall-out over the “Ian remarks.”  Poor Nicole is in for a surprise when she gets home.

The HoH Competition

Okay, I know who won but I’ll play dumb which should make the producers at Big Brother 22 happy.  We have the crowd favorite “The Wall” competition.  This could last minutes or hours depending on the deals that were cut prior to competition.  This year, the Wall is in front of a movie promotion called “Power Trip.”  The first three off are “have nots.”  You remember this, it aired as the show went off.

The competition starts when the wall tilts.  Da’Vonne’s mind is not really in the game and she looks like she’s having a panic attack.  She falls at around 12 minutes into the game and does a superb job of fake crying (even demonstrating later in Diary Room).  Maybe she should be the actress and not Bayleigh.  Oh no, it’s filler night as they just showed Da’Vonne and Christmas (fake) making up. David has finally had his wish come true.  He’s playing in the wall competition but he’s unprepared for the stress that the game puts on his body.  He’s next to fall at around the 40 minute mark.   Ian, who feels safe, follows.

These three are now the “have nots.”  I must say that I’m impressed.  David finally may have bought a clue and figured the game out.  Ian feels safe and protected (little does he know).  Meanwhile Dani has a goal in mind to take out Tyler and to do that she must win.  Her main goal is to stick it out longer than he does.  Guess what!  She does!  She beats (in order of falling ) Memphis, Enzo (lost grip), Kevin, Tyler (back flips), Cody and Nicole (who decided she didn’t want to do the dirty work).  HoH Dani is crying as she realizes she will finally get photos of her daughter, Tennessee, who helped her win.

HoH Aftermath

Dani loves that she has won until it hits her that she has to nominate two people.  Nic is safe because they are the “Blonde Twins” and Da’Vonne has bonded with Dani.  D and D’s bond is to get Tyler out as Da’Vonne blames Bayleigh’s departure on him.  Da’Vonne will blame anything on Tyler from now on because he crossed her.  (Wonder how she feels now that David has revealed to Da’Vonne the Memphis alliance?) David just can’t trust Dani which is reciprocated as he hasn’t talked to Dani at all.  On the same note, neither has Kevin.  It takes Cody to remind her that putting Tyler up would mess up two alliances and destroy the house.  Kevin is playing for two cultures and he’s playing on that in his talk with Dani.  So Dani is being whined from all areas. 

Tyler comes to talk to Dani and he apologizes for last week (when he tried to self evict).  He asks her not to backdoor him (yeah, right like that happens).  Tyler has no desire to be in jury house.  Dani says if she goes after Tyler, he could hurt her game.  Oh no!  I just realize who Dani reminds me of from my daily life.  That’s scary.  She does talk to Tyler about how stressful it is being HoH.  They make a verbal agreement not to go after each other the final six but Tyler said final four.  She verbally agrees (so will she be good to her word?).  Tyler does say if she reneges then it is war.

The Nominations

So we go into this nomination ceremony with Dani in a quandary.  She can make Da’Vonne happy by putting Tyler up but that would make her public enemy one with her alliances.  She can put up two safe people like David and Kevin thinking she has no problems.  Little does she know of David’s power to change a nominee.  Oh, how I wish he could change two.  What will she do?

Dani talks to Nicole about whether to put Tyler up as pawn. The Blonde Twins discuss the plan but Nicole thinks that taking Tyler now is too early and will be really ugly.  Let’s face it!  Tyler probably knows more than they do.  Kevin does come in to once again plead his case.  Dani tells him that she’s scared of the power.  She trusts Kevin (yeah right) and she hopes that he will be used as a pawn.

Dani calls the Veto Ceremony.  She turns the keys revealing Kevin and David.  She says that this is a Catch-22.  Kevin hadn’t really talked to Dani before this week.  David is up for the usual reasons.  She needs to play her game and not worry about powers.  Kevin feels he can’t persuade anyone on anything and trusts only himself.  David has the power but must use the veto.  He’s hoping to win approval by not being on the block. 

REMINDER!  The show will air Tuesday at 8:00 PM and not on Wednesday this week.

The Feeds

Okay, the “Ian affair” happened one night and involved Dani, Nicole, Memphis and Cody making fun of Ian’s rocking.  This set people off and the story got reported to TMZ who loves to get something on Big Brother.  So far, Nicole has had the worse fall out losing three of her sponsors for her “influencer” position (Olay being the biggest).  Memphis is now considered the villain because evidently production talked to them about their actions.  He hasn’t changed and still has plans to take pot shots at Ian.

Let’s just say that David used his power and now Dani had to name a new nominee.  Three guesses on whom she chose.  When I came to write this, the Corporation is spreading word that they’ll vote for Kevin to stay if Da’Vonne doesn’t use the PoV that she won.  I know Da’Vonne isn’t that dumb especially with David in her ear.  So, the plans have changed with Ian going up and guilt is felt by those who was talking about him.  And Nicole’s real feelings have been revealed as she says she had a final two with Ian.  Wonder how Cody would feel if he knew.  Wonder what their mentor thinks?

The alliances are disintegrating.  Enzo wants Tyler to stay while Memphis could care less.  Of course this is Memphis’s attitude on almost everything.  He’ll let someone else get their hands dirty and he’ll sit back and laugh. The real question is what will Christmas do with her power.  She doesn’t know that Dani and Nicole want her out of the house (they really only want to be the two girls there) and has rubbed others the wrong way.  If she saves Tyler, could she go up.

Better yet!  Will Dani have to make a fifth nominee.  I know she enjoys her power but is it too much for her ego to be presented with putting up an actual true alliance co-patriot.

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