Big Brother #22 — Dani Stirs the Pot and Alliances in Danger – 9/15/2020

Hello Big Brother fans!  Finally!  Some drama which I hope we get to see tonight.  If not, for all the Big Brother fans who hate spoilers, I will wait until the end of this piece to update that.  Let’s just say that Dani has been scrambling since the noms went up and there could still be surprises.  With two of the “special gifts” in play, and at least one involving nominees, Dani’s choices of Kevin and David may not be safe for long.  Could she be the first HoH to have to nominate four house guests for eviction?  Well, we’ll have to wait to see.

Alliances – all are in flux.  Slick Six is down to Slick Five but with one very disgruntled member, Da’Vonne.  Meanwhile Nicole is still very adamant of Ian staying in the game.  Enzo seems to have gone solo.  Memphis is playing but I’m not sure what.  His Big Brother game seems to come and go according to his need for sleep.

So on with the Show!

After the “previously on All-Stars” introduction, we are reminded that Dani wants Da’Vonne out as told to Tyler.  Tyler told David and he just runs off and tells Da’Vonne.  Dani is now mad at Tyler.  David  just hasn’t gotten his game together, has he.  The only thing he’s done is win a power and we are reminded of his celebration.  David, buy a clue.  The celebration, if seen, is suspicious and I think Nicole suspects.  Because Tyler told David who told Da’Vonne, Dani has a real problem on the nominees.  Should she take out Tyler or not.  We all know she nominated Kevin and David.  Will David use the “disrupter” power.  Of course, he can’t be so stupid as to not use the power. 

After the nomination ceremony, Kevin is pouting — again.  I think he has only that one face and he has changed since his original season.  I’m not sure if it is because there is no Natalie or Jessie to control the game.  Da’Vonne is upset because she wanted Tyler out.  David isn’t a good actor after all.  He has the power and is trying to act sad and frustrated but he’s so relaxed.

After the ceremony, David spends his time asking the others if they used the power on him.  He sees this as playing coy.  I see this as playing stupid.  So does everyone else because only the one with the power would have taken him off.  And I thought David knew of the alliances.  Tyler had saw a clip where he said he could cry on cue.  That may be true, but David just can’t perform other emotions.  Cody and Enzo is worried about what will happen if one of the nominees comes off the block.  Tyler would be nominated and that would be bad for Cody and Enzo.  Now where does Memphis come into play here?  Who knows because I honestly don’t think they do.  Cody, Christmas and Dani talk about the powers.  They’re waiting for that to drop.  And while Nicole and Dani are discussing things in the HoH, an announcement comes through that the “disrupter” power as been released.  And David sits there so unconcerned. 

The house guests learn from the mysterious voice that a nominee has been taken off the block.  David’s acting skills leave him as he his head down on the table before he’s told he is no longer on the block.  David plays so relieved and cries.  Cody is suspicious.  Dani must now put up a new nominee.  She chooses Tyler.  He doesn’t look surprised.  Good news!  David can’t use his power again.  Next week, he’s sure to go on the block.  Dani is upset telling us she is freaking out.  So is Kevin because he sees Trevor as a “comp beast.”  Tyler was expecting a back door but now he’s hoping to win the Power of Veto.  In Diary Room, Dani tells us she doesn’t want Tyler to go home but now is worried that Tyler will come after her.  Really, Dani?  Why is that?  If I was Tyler, that would be off the table now.  As Tyler tells us, “there were plenty of others who could go up.”  Meanwhile Christmas is remembering all that Dani said and if probably devising a plan of revenge because Dani told her that Tyler was safe!

Nicole may now remove her “Sloppies” costume and what does she do.  Off comes the box and into the pool she jumps.  Dani calls all for the veto competition.  After giving the rules, Dani pulls Da’Vonne.  Next up is Tyler who picks Ian.  Kevin’s choice is Enzo.  Ian’s worried about the veto.  He is worried he’ll go up if he loses.  Enzo knows that he needs to win to take Tyler off.  Dani wants Tyler to win but Da’Vonne doesn’t.  She says she’ll be on the same team but will she?

The veto competition is being hosted by Nicole and production gives her a laser ray to play with.  She has the PoV players line up and “strikes them with the beam” so they get to the POV competition.  The game is called Microbrew and they must stack tiny beer cans (thimble size) with garden shear size twizzers.  It’s difficult and anything can knock these over.  Just when we think Tyler has it won, he lets out a breath and blows them over.  Enzo’s hands seem to big to handle the task.  Just as it gets close with Dani almost through, Da’Vonne puts her last can in and wins.  This marks the first win ever for Da’Vonne and she cries.  The PoV medal is tiny this week to go with the competition.  While Dani wants the noms to stay the same, Da’Vonne has issues and probably won’t do it.  Kevin, of course, talks to Da’Vonne about saving him and Da’Vonne tells us later that she doesn’t have to keep her word to Dani.  The only one that not using the power would help is Dani.  If Da’Vonne doesn’t take Kevin off, she will lose a number that will help her in the game.  Christmas knows this and talks to Dani.  Christmas has a power that would save Tyler.  Will she use it and make Dani put up a fourth player? 

What is Dani to do?  She knows that if she puts up a Committee member, all will turn on her.  Ian and Enzo though are out initially because she likes them.  Dani and Cody have a meeting where Dani says Da’Vonne will use the power.  Now, Cody is stressed.  Ian and Enzo aren’t on the Committee but she doesn’t want to do that.  Cody tells her that Tyler won’t come after either one of them.  Later Nic and Dani talk.  Nic is worried about Da’Vonne.  Dani is leaning toward putting up Ian but Nicole is mad.  He’s her number two.  She had wanted to keep Ian as a target to protect her.  Nicole cries and talks it though and then cries again in the Diary Room.  Wasn’t it just last week she got yelled at about making fun of Ian?

Da’Vonne and Dani talk again.  Dani tells Da’Vonne that keeping Kevin will not help either one of their game.  Kevin will just go up again.  Dani reminds Da’Vonne she can’t just do what is best for her game.  And I sit here and say:  “Why not?  You do.”  Dani tells her that by saving Kevin it would prove that she is tight with Kevin which makes them a pair. 

The Veto Meeting

Da’Vonne calls everyone in for the veto with a sly smile on her face.  She is so happy to have the power and Cody is so mad.  She brags about the win but says it sucks.  She claims no commitment to anyone (yeah, right).  None are her ally (again, yeah right girl) and she has decided to use the veto on Kevin.  Of course, he cries.  Everyone else is mad and Da’Vonne’s has enemies thoughout the house.  Dani has to make a new nomination and it is Ian.  Nicole cries and ends up putting on sunglasses. 

In the Diary Room, Da’Vonne is sorry that it doesn’t work for Dani but she’s glad to send Tyler home.  Dani has Tyler as her “number one” second.  Tyler doesn’t know what Dani plans.  Tyler tells us that he can forget but not forgive and he’s watching her.  Nicole is upset because Ian is on the block.  Ian is saying all are seeing a previous winner on the block and he may be gone. 

So who will be evicted.  Come on guess?

The Feeds

Let’s get the nomination ceremony over with first.  From what the house guests said, it was much longer than what we saw and some of the feelings Da’Vonne put into her speech wasn’t guaranteed to make friends.  David has been marginalized so I’m not sure where he stands with Da’Vonne and Kevin.

David did talk to Da’Vonne about founding a new alliance of the three of them and drawing Tyler in.  I honestly don’t think Da’Vonne went for that as Tyler will have some major issues if he stays.s

Also, the night prior to the POV Ceremony, Dani and Cody hatched a plan to stop the veto meeting, have the nominees leave, and then prove to Da’Vonne with a show of hands that they’d keep Kevin over Tyler.  Would I believe this?  No and neither did she.

Nicole has fought hard to keep Ian.  According to what I have seen, she’s been told to vote Ian out to keep the alliance strong.

Ian is saying that he will not go to jury.  According to a post I read, production has told him he will lose his prize money for playing this year.

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