Big Brother 22 — Dani’s Reign? Is It Doomed? 9-17-2020

Big Brother 22 fans have complained all the season about how boring the show has been.  Well, so have feed watchers.  Regardless, this week has been anything but dull.  While it started predictable with Kevin and David on the block, changes started as soon as David disrupted the game with his power.  Things went downhill from there when Tyler got put on the block.  Then Da’Vonne threw a wrench in all plans as she won PoV and took Kevin down.  Who went up?  Ian of course and that started the mayhem.  I won’t tell you about that until after the show’s recap.  Will Tyler or Ian stay?  Let’s see.

And a Recap of the Week

I’m not going to recap all of this.  We already know what happened.  What we need to know is what has gone on in the house after the PoV ceremony.  An explosion could have happened after Tyler went up but Ian is an different story as there has been some bullying (more on bullying later).  Ian doesn’t want to go and you can tell by his face he’s mad. 

Julie looks more excited than she has in a long time tonight while hosting.  I’m not sure why Dani was on the screen with Ian like she was a nominee.   Julie wonders if Ian is “in” on a blind side.  Da’Vonne tells us she had to protect her friends and allies.  Kevin has been looking like a “sad sack” but he’s happy about Ian breaking up the alliance (if he only knew…).  Dani isn’t too happy herself.

Nicole is going to cry the whole episode.  She’s mad that her ally is on the block.  I guess she never realized that this is what would happen.  Ian goes out to join her and is worried because how can a previous winner be a pawn.  Ian is looking for reasons and really giving Nicole a hard time.  Meanwhile, Da’Vonne talks to Dani and Dani is mad.  Dani feels that Tyler could be a problem but plays it cool with Day.  I think the first one of them who can take the other out will.  As if Dani hasn’t had enough with Da’Vonne, Ian shows up.  He says it is a game but  wants promises which she has no intention to follow through on.  While Ian is in an alliance with Dani, Nicole and Cody, it never really had an impact on the game.  The Committee has the numbers and Ian will have to go to further the game. 

Tyler came in later with a vegan dish for Dani.  They talk about he situation.  She wants Tyler on her side.  Dani will decide when they’re no longer best friends.  And Dani, that goes the opposite way also.  Tyler is on to her and won’t trust her completely but must act that way this week. 

Ian starts campaigning with Memphis who Ian has’t had a relationship with during the summer.  He uses the argument that Tyler hasn’t done much this summer.  Wrong argument Ian.  You haven’t won ANYTHING this summer.  Ian talks to Nicole about the talk with Memphis.  She’s trying to hatch a plan to vote for Ian and get people on his side.  Ian has realized after talking to Memphis that he’s not a safe pawn.  Nicole tells him to campaign.  She tells him that if he leaves, it will be the worse thing for her game.  Nicole will have a target on her regardless of who goes. 

Kevin and Da’Vonne talk about the big alliance and wonder if keeping Ian can help them.  Kevin suggest bringing Ian in.  Sorry, I missed part of this because I’m sure we’ve heard it before.  Ian continues to pressure Nicole at least for a pity vote.  Nicole is really feeling the stress.  So why didn’t she tell Dani she’d go up.  She keeps questioning why to keep Tyler over Ian.  Cody asks why go against everyone to keep Ian.  Nicole uses the reasons that other powers that could come into play but Cody is telling she she has to vote for Tyler to stay.  Nicole may have been selected pregame to be final two but, I’m beginning to wonder why?  I thought she was a much stronger player.  Nicole tells us she wants to get Tyler out.  If she turns, it will be big.  Ian does try to get Dani’s vote if it comes out to be a tie.  She says she will, but will she. 

And the Voting Begins

Julie joins the group via screen in the living room.  Ian, who is in a suit, and Tyler, who is in active wear, speak.  Ian addresses Nicole that it’s their second time playing.  He tells them he has much to give.  He tells them if he helped their game to keep him in.  Tyler tells everyone to check out Angela’s cook book.  He tells the house guests to keep the one who would be the biggest asset to them.  He also thanks Big Brother.  He tells Angela he misses and loves her. 

The voting starts with Christmas.  She’s Tyler’s chief ally and should give us an idea of whether the Commission is going against Tyler.  She votes to evict Ian.  Now what will be final total.  Each member cases their vote and it is Ian gone.  Christmas, Enzo, Cody, Memphis and Nicole (who cried the whole time) voted Ian out.  Da’Vonne, Kevin (who looked really wimpy tonight), and David voted Tyler.  Julie joins the house guests.  By a vote of five to three, Ian is gone.  He does shake hands and hug Tyler and shakes hands with all.  Kevin looks worried.  Da’Vonne goes over and hugs Tyler (after voting himi out – what?).  Nicole is crying as Da’Vonne walks over to her. 

Julie talks to Ian about the situation (and she may not tell all).  Julie tells him he exited with class. This was the first time he had ever been nominated and (of course) evicted.  Ian tells us that it was the right play to get him out.  The vote didn’t surprise him.  He doesn’t feel betrayed by any of them because it was a game.  Julie asks him if this was harder than his first season.  Ian felt it was harder because then there were only three big players.  This time, everyone wanted it.  Ian’s plan had been to lay low.  Julie asks him if he would have changed his strategy.  Ian tells her that he wouldn’t have changed anything.  Ian tells her that he resisted working with Kaysar because of hearing Kaysar and Janelle talking about Nicole.  Cody, Da’Vonne, Tyler all leave good bye messages.  Tyler also explains who The Committee were.  Nicole tells him that she tried to keep him but couldn’t.  If she had, her game would blow up.    His final comment to Julie was that it was fun.  And he’s going off to jury for another new experience.  Julie tells him that she is really impressed by Ian.  I must say after seeing and hearing what he said after the nomination, I thought this would be really bad.

Live Head of Household Competition

Dani has decided not to use the HoH replay award.  The copetition is Hydrant Husble.  They must go get the hydrant pieces.  Their goal is to assemble it and plug in.  The first to ring in, wins.  And they are off.  Christmas decid”es to get all pieces first.  Memphis appears to be having some difficulty.  Julie gives no hint of a double.  Instead a previous contestant will be at the “neighbor’s house.”  “Don’t judge or you to will be judged” is Julie’s phrase for tonight.

And the Feeds

Okay, I must admit after what Ian had pulled since his nomination I wasn’t sure what he’d do.  He’d promised to refuse to go to jury.  He issued threats and acted strange.  In other words, he acted like a spoiled brat who did everything but hold his breath.  He told Nicole their friendship was done.  Ian though took it a step further and said he’s tell all their secrets.  Unfortunately, as we learned in the interview with Julie, he didn’t know The Committee members. 

On another front, Memphis was caught on camera almost saying a racial slur.  He was stopped before it came out by Cody.  Will he get talked to about this?  He’s already been called on talking about Ian.  It you want to see this story, check out TMZ’s article here.

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