Big Brother #22 – Will Things Change? — 9/20/2020

Good evening Big Brother #22 (All -Stars) fans.  Last week was a fairly interesting week in the house as Dani and the powers shook things up.  Now we have The Committee, a large alliance, plus Enzo (the plus one).  This basically leaves Da’Vonne, Kevin and David out in the cold.  And, after the vote and the blame game plan, I have a feeling that David is playing alone.  Anyone who saw Big Brother on Thursday will tell you, the three votes for Ian to stay were made by Da’Vonne, Kevin, and David.  The Committee decided to cloud the issue and make it look like David voted to keep Tyler.  The threesome think Nicole votes for Ian to stay and against Tyler.  Memphis played a huge role in this deed but will it come back to haunt him.  I know the HoH results but won’t spoil you now.

The HoH Competition and Results

Let’s be honest!  Big Brother only needed a pup to come by to do their business for all these hydrants.  The house guests had to build a hydrant, and as I understand it, connect it to water.  The last thing we saw had Christmas gathering all the pieces, while Memphis and Tyler seemingly to have the game under control.  So what happens!  We don’t get the HoH competion.  We get last week’s unraveling of David’s plan.

In Diary Room, David is upset because he had planned to force Dani to break the tie.  We get a flashback to David and Ian’s talk about Dani shaking on it.  Will Da’Vonne believe?  It looks like David’s plan was destroyed by talking too much and that means to be safe, he needs this HoH.  CBS!  Big Brother didn’t need this recap.  We all knew what went down.  They’re giving Nicole a good edit with the plan unfolding and Nicole lying to Da’Vonne over keeping Ian over Tyler.  Her reason:  the alliance and being true to Dani.  Of course the meetings get back to Dani plus David tries to “out-play” Dani.  This means Dani has no use for David and wants David out so bad.  So last week!  Plus Dani plans to take credit for the voting results.

Finally, back to the HoH.  Da’Vonne is panicking because she knows she needs the HoH.  Kevin wants revenge for going up for elimination three times.  David is working quickly but so is Memphis.  Cody wants to win to keep the alliance safe.  Dani was not going to use the power because she didn’t want the Head of House  She wanted to give instructions by whispering In people’s ears.  Christmas is working the puzzle in reverse and David is upset because Memphis almost has his finished.  Memphis finishes first and is wrong.  He has a piece that is incorrect which he quickly fixes.  Luckily no water hook up was involved. 

HoH Aftermath

Memphis has a plan already mapped out and knows who he wants out.  David is worried.  Memphis has two HoH wins and he needs to know what happens.  Now the questioning of how the vote happened begins.  Da’Vonne is upset because she was set up and, as she sees it, by David.  She won’t speak to him.  Dani and Nicole celebrate that their plan is working.  Nicole asks Dani how to act.  Honestly, she doesn’t need acting lessons considering her actions at the eviction of Ian and how she turns the tears on and off.  Dani is happy that Nicole and she are in the clear.  Her plan:  make David a larger target which is shown by the way Kevin and David’s conversation goes.  Da’Vonne talks to Nicole who starts acting sad and denying changing her vote.  Dani next comes in and hugs Da’Vonne with what happened.  Da’Vonne had the same goal as Dani – and I honestly think it was to get Tyler out. 

In the kitchen Da’Vonne starts in on David about flipping the vote.  No matter how much he denies it, she isn’t buying it.  Da’Vonne is upset because she has helped him then he let her down.  What about evidence Da’Vonne?  Do you have any on David?  Da’Vonne is always right so she doesn’t need proof.  Of course with Dani and Nicole in her ear what should we have expected.  David gets upset and Dani is happy because her plan is working as David’s anger continues to rise as does his voice.  David doesn’t think it’s fair – well, welcome to Big Brother where lying and holding grudes are part of the game play.  I will give Kevin credit.  He does talk to David to find out what’s wrong.  David is upset because he comes out looking like an idiot.  David knows that Nicole is the flipper.  Kevin tells us in Diary Room that Ian left because Nicole flipped to help Dani. 

Dinner is tacos with Cody cooking.  Memphis comes in while they’re eating from Diary Room to announce the “Have-Nots.”  Those who were “have-nots” cannot be a have-not again for at least a week.  Da’Vonne decides to select Christmas.  David choses Cody who is unhappy.  Christmas isn’t very happy either with Da’Vonne.  Christmas sees what Da’Vonne is up to and questions Da’Vonne’s selection.  Again, Da’Vonne, due to a grudge, has selected Christmas due to Christmas picking her as a have-not and putting her and Bayleigh on the block.  I guess Da’Vonne hasn’t learned to find the right moment to pick her fights.  Later Christmas, Nicole, ad Dani talk about what is going on.  Nicole falls getting out of the tub and evidently CBS loved that clip as they slowed motioned it (filler).  Da’Vonne tries to figure out while Tyler is still there and once again she gives David the cold shoulder.  Kevin offers to mediate.  Guess Kevin hasn’t learned that he needs to keep his nose out of other’s business.

Pre-Nomination Meetings and Noms

Memphis has a meeting with David.  Memphis doesn’t’ have a relationship with David and plans to back door him.  Memphis offers a deal.  They will shake and David will not play the veto.  Memphis nomations will not be changed and David can’t talk about it.  If Memphis hears anything, David becomes “public enemy one.”  David agrees and hands and shaken.

Memphis makes his nominations.  He chooses Da’Vonne and Kevin.  Memphis tells them that the noms are based on what happened with the use of veto last week.  Memphis has nominated them as pawns.  Da’Vonne isn’t happy and knows she hs to win.  Kevin is not happy about a fourth time on the block and hope he can survive again.  David thinks he is safe.  David says if he gets picked, he will win!

Live Feed Updates

Da’Vonne according to talk from inside the house called David an inappropriate name and a warning came down.

Memphis wanted the POV but didn’t win.  I won’t say who did but it was an alliance member.

The alliance is getting very shaky.    

And we have Zingbot’s return as the neighbor!  What will the zing be for each house guest!

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