Big Brother #22 – Memphis’s Quiet Reign with a Zing — 9/23/2020

Hello Big Brother #22 fans (or hanger-ons).  If you hope for drama, on a scale of 1 to 4, I would say we’re at a 2.5 to 3 to see at least some drama tonight.  It’s been rather tame with the Big Brother #22 gang or at least it was until last night.  If you have (or follow) the feeds, you know they are down (and I checked at 7:00 PM Eastern).  No one knows why but they went down after a yeller started on the street.  And are you ready for Zingbot.  He’s due back tonight.

After Nominations

Big Brother fans, remember the nominees – the usual suspect, Kevin, and Da’Vonne.  Memphis may see this as a power move as Da’Vonne is tight with Dani, Nicole and Christmas but as proved last week, they stayed true (at least for a week) to the alliance.  I honestly believe that Tyler is playing it cool and “true” to the alliance but I’m not sure if he’s still willing to buy all the baloney they try to feed him.  David may finally be getting the hang of the game but is it too little, too late?

After the nominations, Da’Vonne’s face tells you that she’s not happy.  Da’Vonne tells us that she thinks the house thinks she saved Ian and then she starts cross talking.  Kevin is mad because he’s up for the fourth time and he is annoyed.  It’s so bad he goes to see Memphis.  Memphis gives him a bunch of bull but he does tell Kevin he would rather see him safe.  Remember, Memphis wants David out.

Dani and Cody talk about Da’Vonne being up.  Whisper, whisper – Dani is upsest because Da’Vonne is up.  She says that she told Da’Vonne that she’d be okay.  Cody thinks that it’s where Da’Vonne should be due to her actions. 

Da’Vonne and Kevin talk about why they are up.  Da’Vonne knows it is an alliance.  The second reason is to back door Kevin.  Let’s hear applause for Da’Vonne!  They still want who didn’t vote for Ian and they’re eyeing Nicole and David but Da’Vonne puts the blame on David.  Kevin says he has had a good season as he got to play Big Brother again and made Da’Vonne as a good friend.   

Big Brother #22 has Memphis call all to pick nominees for veto.  Memphis chooses Tyler.  Da’Vonne selects house guest choice and picks Nicole.  Finally, Kevin gets another house guests choice and picks Dani.  Oh, so there are four alliance members and three have been told by their leader to throw the veto so he (Memphis) can back door David.  Tyler’s not trusting anyone now because of Dani’s actions last week.  Dani tells Nicole she plans to win and take Da’Vonne off.  Boy, Memphis is strict when he tells Dani, Nicole and Tyler to blow the competition.  What can he do if they win?  Tyler isn’t happy and doesn’t plan to let him put up David.  Nicole and Dani are confused.  I guess they haven’t learned to follow their inner feelings like Tyler.  Memphis even tells Kevin and Da’Vonne that he has set it up to win because he wants to back door David.  This man isn’t to be believed!

The Return of Zingbot and Power of Veto Competition

Zingbot is on the balcony next door and wakes all up.  He’s now the “Tiger Zing” and I’ll be honest.  I have the hardest time understanding him.  I’ll try my best to give you the zings.

David – Zingbot can’t believe he’s there because he isn’t an all star..

Enzo – Zingbot gets him for still using “meow, meow.”

Cody – Zingbot calls him a perfect 10 but that is his IQ.

Dani – Zingbot called her an old pro her first season but just old this time around.

Christmas – Zingbot gets her for her name – a season that causes stress and is annoying.

Kevin – Zingbot’s zing was the hardest one on this but it had something to do with his agreement ring.

Tyler – Zingbot got him for being okay with losing $500,000 but getting a girl and called him a liar.

Da’Vonne – Zingbot got her for the number of reality shows (three times Big Brother, two times The Challenge) by asking her which reality show she planned to lose next.

Nicole – Nicole tries to hide but Cody drags her out.  Again it was hard but I caught the words bride, whine, and cry.  Zingbot did add something that got bleeped. 

The challenge is called the Tiger Zing Sanctuary.  They must return three tigers to their cages and then ring in.  It’s a time competition and Tyler usually aces these.  As the house guests returns to the house to wait for the start of the competition, Christmas gives Zingbot the finger.  Now Christmas!  Was that a very Christmasy things to do?

As the competition starts, Zingbot takes shots from above.  Da’Vonne goes first and seems confused from the start.  She’s followed by Memphis, Nicole then Dani (who both plan to take Da’Vonne off the block), Kevin and Tyler.  Tyler is fast in this competition and looks confident.  The times are:

Kevin – 5 minutes, 30 seconds.

Memphis – 3 minutes, 29 seconds.

Dani – 4 minutes, 22 seconds

Da’Vonne – 6 minutes, 53 seconds

Nicole – 4 minutes, 22 seconds  (unsure on this one)

Tyler – 2 minutes, 55 minutes.

Tyler has won the Power of Veto and Da’Vonne’s bad mouthing of him continues.

Post PoV

Memphis is mad at his alliance and tries to talk Da’Vonne down with promises.  She knows that the rest of the group was in an alliance and I figure she’ll pin it on Tyler.  Meanwhile Memphis lectures Tyler on using the veto but Tyler is not going to do it.  This is Tyler’s game and he won’t let Memphis or anyone else control it.  He let’s slip that he’s been on the block and has no reason to send David home.  Memphis is mad because he doesn’t know where he stands with David.  Then, he uses the reason that Tyler should do what he wants because Tyler owes him for last week.  Tyler decides to drop a mini-bombshell on Memphis and tells him that there was a reason that both Dani and Nicole were picked to play veto.  He tells Memphis that they’re not to be trusted because they had a side alliance with Da’Vonne (which technically they do).  Now Memphis is questioning Dani and Nicole’s allegiance to the group. 

The Power of Veto Ceremony

Tyler calls everyone together.  He gives the nominees a chance to speak.  Kevin is first and he uses the “you were here last week and I hope you use it on me” speech.  Da’Vonne addresses Tyler and calls out Christmas and the others.  She complains that they will waste their chance for a bigger opponent on her.  Dani’s uncomfortable but should have expected this.  Tyler announces he will not use the veto and ends the ceremony.  By the way, this speech was brutal in its original form.

Results:  Memphis tells us that at least Nicole and Dani have been outed to him.  Tyler thinks it’s funny but he’s still there.  Kevin will survive because he’s the Big Brother phoenix and will rise again.  Christmas thinks that Da’Vonne has no clue what is going on.  Da’Vonne says there was never a chance for it to be David or Tyler but she is a fighter. 

Tomorrow night will be the vote out and a Big Brother legend” returns to kick off a new twist.  Oh great!  Will Dan or Derrick come back to further mess with the game? 

Some Personal Observations:

No one knows why the feeds have been down and seem to be gone until after tomorrow.  Probably set up but could it be because something happened last night.  Another yeller made an appearance and feeds went bye-bye.

And a note to Dani.  In the past, you made reference to Jeff Schroeder doing his “television show” and interviewing D-rated celebrities.  What do you think Big Brother stars are?  I think you fall in the “D” category.

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