Big Brother 22 – Memphis Reign’s Ends or Does It? — 9/24/2020

Big Brother 22 fans! We may be in for a bumpy ride on tonight’s eviction episode of Big Brother.  As many may know, the feeds were down for almost 24 hours.  During this time only things we know is that COVID tests were done and a wall yeller came. Rumors and questionings persisted on Twitter and Facebook until feeds returned.  When they did, the only thing I could see were happy house guests playing charades (which we did not want).  We do know that there is one power that can be used by Dani and it was offered to Memphis.  I honestly believe that some type of drama occurred and hopefully we find out tonight!  Oh, and we have a ‘Big Brother superstar’ will show up for an event.  Does anyone really care who it is or what the new twist will be?

Before the Eviction

As we hear “previously on Big Brother” I know we first get the recap.   But wait!  Before we get Julie telling us what the all-stars is going to miss and one is missed opportunities.  Well, of course, that’s true for everyone.  Boy!  Da’Vonne is going to be bitter once she’s in jury house. 

Julie returns to welcome on Day 51.  Julie thinks that whomever is left after tonight’s eviction will become valuable to whatever members are left of The Committee.  Why did I phrase it this way.  I see The Committee as fracturing because of Dani and Nicole’s perceived actions.  Let’s face it!  Being chosen for Kevin and Da’Vonne made them look like allies to their other alliance members. Memphis now thinks that getting rid of Da’Vonne is best because of Dani and Nicole.  You mean he can change his mind!  Christmas is also suspicious because of the veto.  Kevin knows his chances are 50/50 to stay.  Da’Vonne is not going to go quietly though.  She’s going to make everyone sorry which doesn’t brood well for the week.  She thanks Kevin for being there for her as she packs.  Da’Vonne says she tried to focus this season on the bigger picture.  Honestly, it was a good plan but came off as vindictive again. 

Dani comes in to check on the nominees.  Dani is sympathetic because she’s losing a number in Da’Vonne.  Da’Vonne knows the guys are waiting for her to start a campaign.  Don’t worry Da’Vonne.  Dani is going to do what she can for you to stay. 

Kevin buys a clue and goes to talk to Memphis but again, I’m not sure what Kevin really thinks.  Kevin is really too nice a guy to play.  This scenario happened last time also.  Kevin does say that Dani and Nicole are with Da’Vonne.  Memphis confirms that Kevin’s thoughts are going in the right direction.  Da’Vonne’s speech helped prove it.  Memphis does hint that Kevin has a chance but now Kevin is over analyzing and thinking does Memphis have a diabolical plan.  Da’Vonne is so smart, she should have thought of this earlier. 

Talking to Nicole, Da’Vonne wants to know if Nicole would be honest.  Okay – no comment.  Nicole feels she’s dug a hole she’ll never get out of but she’ll admit all to Da’Vonne .  My question is this:  You dig a hole for yourself every year!  What makes this year different?  Da’Vonne is still suspicious about David but Nicole is in the mix also.  Da’Vonne you shouldn’t have frozen David out. 

In the yard, Da’Vonne’s talks to Christmas (did she call her OJ girl). ole focus on Dani so much.  Christmas smiles and nods.  Enzo and Memphis talk and decide to have two side alliances beside the one they have with Cody (The Wise Guys).  Later Memphis talks to Christmas and Enzo enters.  Meet the Wise Guys II.  While Christmas makes them admit that she’s not a guy, she also hasn’t forgotten that she’s in a final two with Tyler.  The Wise Guys II is her back up.

Dani and Christmas are talking about how to keep Da’Vonne.  Dani is pulling all the punches with Christmas who smiles and nods.  Christmas immediately talks to Memphis about the conversation and suggest pulling David in with some type of safety.  It falls to her to have the meeting.  David listens but doesn’t really commit to anything.  David has already seen everything that Christmas says.  He knows he could easily be a fall guy if things go wrong. 

The Eviction

Julie joins the house guests and gives each a chance to address their house guests.  Da’Vonne is first and she is long winded telling about her love of the game, being there for a purpose, strong women need to wing and her love of God.  Enzo looks like he’s zoning out.  Could this speech be why the feeds were down  She mentions Nicole and her vote for Ian.  For someone who loves God, she sure is an angry person! Kevin has to be brief.  He talks about votes and thanks Memphis for listening – look no one could get all of these speeches.  Tyler is first to vote.

Julie reveals the vote to the house guests. By a vote of five (the guys and Christmas)  to two (Dani and Nicole), Da’Vonne is evicted from the Big Brother bubble.  Da’Vonne hugs all and puts on a brave face through the sniffles.  She blames Nicole for being the reason it took her so long to leave.  Kevin holds the door as Da’Vonne exits the Big Brother House. 

On stage, Julie greets her and they talk.  Julie asks how Da’Vonne feels and the reply is “relieved.”  I guess I would be too.  Da’Vonne mentions that she’s sick of her house mates and tired of dealing with them.  Julie wants to know why keep Kevin.  Da’Vonne sees Kevin as a puppet (and admits it).  Julie shares the goodbye messages.  First up is Kevin telling her that she made his time bearable.  Tyler tells her about the alliance (with Nicole and Dani) and that he couldn’t keep her because he was her target.  David’s interview, as usual, rambles.  Finally!  Nicole comes clean in her goodbye (and starts to cry on cue).  Da’Vonne is asked about Tyler’s message and she knew something was going on but didn’t expect Dani and Nicole.  Julie then turns (on) Nicole.  Da’Vonne doesn’t know where she stands with Nicole.  She sees Nicole as not being honest.  Da’Vonne’s final thoughts are:  she loves the game, she loves being black and she’s ready to go.  She said other things but I honestly couldn’t get them all.

The New House Guest and  HoH

Julie gathers the house guests in the living room.  She starts to give them the news on the twist and lets someone they all know does it.  Yes!  It isn’t Derrick, Dan or Jessie.  On the balcony next door is Dr. Will.  Oh this could get good quick.  What better neighbor could they have!  He’s going to put his little spin on the game.  They can go for a power or a prize.  The decision is up to them.  Julie admits the house guests are clueless.  No answers tonight whether they take power or prize and whether Dani will give Memphis the chance to play again.

Next week:

Julie tells us to watch Sunday for who wins HoH and the power twist.  Also, OTEV returns on Wednesday.  And get this!  A Triple Eviction next Thursday night.  I believe it is a two hour show. 

As the show ends, Cody and Dani are talking in one of the bedrooms and she’s not happy.  He apologies that he hurt her.  Meanwhile Nicole isn’t happy either but that devious light in her eyes you can tell she’s trying to figure out what is better – power or prize.  I bet, for her, it will be whatever will advance her in the game (or she was told to talk by her mentor).

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