Big Brother #22 – The Start of Triple Eviction Week – September 27, 2020

Big Brother #22 fans, hold on for a slow then wild ride.  We know that it will be a slow week (aren’t all of them) and the chances of Kevin or David winning are slim and none but by Thursday some of these folks will be fighting for their Big Brother lives.  And as the alliance plus one starts to sink slowly into the past, which one will come up with a plan to stay ahead of the rest.  The pregamers may have set up two to go to the end, but it doesn’t’ mean they will.  In fact, I think several who were not pregamers have figured out what is happening and at least one is using it for their own purposes.  We’ll hopefully see the disintegration of mob rule and every person for themselves by the end of Thursday’s two hours show.

HoH Is on the Line

Thursday, we have no clear to what the HoH would be.  The competition didn’t immediately start and we’re left with Dr. Will on the balcony at the apartment next door.  He tells them to get ready for a wild week but you know he will not be there (in that “apartment”) all the time, right (wink, wink).  As the wait in the house, we go to credits.

Head of Household (HOH) competition will be hosted by Dr. Will Kirby (NOT!  No Will to be seen).  Previous reminders are of the “Wise Guy” alliances and Dani’s power.  For that to be brought up, we know it plays into the game which means Memphis.  Whee!  (And yes, from the feeds, I knew he played.)  Enzo isn’t shy and tells all that he’s going for the money but will he be the only one?  Nicole though gets a Diary Room and tries to make herself look good by talking about being true and not voting Da’Vonne out.   Of course Nicole goes on a fact finding mission to Christmas who is buying a clue on how Nicole works.  Now the mean girls, Dani and Nicole, are together and start scheming.  Dani tells us that she has to start worrying about herself and will lie to Nicole if she needs.  Of courses, Nicole has been lying all the time.  These two are just alike.

Dani tells us that she’s debated whether to use the power.  While she doesn’t want anyone to know she had the power, she wants it used so she offers it to Memphis.  Memphis isn’t happy because he didn’t want to be HoH again, but agrees.  Cody and Nicole talk and Nicole tells all.  This means that Cody now doesn’t know what to think of Dani and wonders if she’s playing by herself.  Huh!  Of course Dani is playing only for herself but she does decide that she wants The Committee to think it is for them.   And as the television announced “The Replay” Power has been used, we know the game is on.

Tyler is first to go out and find “Going for the Green.”  No Dr. Will to explain so Tyler gives us details.  They each get three shots and there are two sides – money and HoH.  You can try both sides and you get the lowest score unless you designate otherwise.

Tyler – Cash – a  3, HoH – a 14.

Memphis – takes a 18 for HoH

Nicole – takes a 10 on HoH.

David – I  think he got a 0 but honestly can’t remember.

Dani – goes for money and ties with a 3 with Tyler.  She’s mad that she has to share the $10 grand.

Kevin – takes a 8  (I think) as his last balls goes out of bonds.

Christmas – scores an 8 on the HoH side.  She wants to put Dani and Nicole up for eviction.

Enzo – scores a 4 on the money side.

Cody – scores a 2 and is crowned HOH.

Christmas isn’t happy and it is noticed by Dani and Cody.  Cody is ecstatic for as the weeks continue, it will only get more hectic.

After HoH

While Dani and Tyler talk, neither admit to winning money.  I wonder if they didn’t show us anything because of the stories Dani told us on live feeds.  While Dani hasn’t said she won money, she does try to get people to accept that Tyler won because he can’t get his story straight. Dani is so good at lying.  When she, Nicole, Cody and Enzo are talking in the HoH, all mention how Christmas looked mad after the competition.  When Enzo leaves, Cody asks what to do.  Dani wants Christmas out because she’s insane.  Dani says that Christmas scares her.  Okay, Dani dear, you lie and scare people watching live.  So Dani wants Cody to take a shot at Christmas.  By the way, Dani dear, your lipstick matches your villian role.  I wouldn’t call you Malificent but maybe Cruella.

Filler ensues but we do see Enzo telling Cody about the second Wise Guy of Memphis, Enzo and Christmas.  Now Memphis and Christmas are on Cody’s radar.  Is Enzo destroying their game?  Most would say yes, but I see it as covering his game.  Enzo really wants David to stay and pitches Christmas as being a nominee.  Cody is planning David and Kevin because he really wants Kevin to go.  His order of eviction is Kevin, Christmas and then Dani.  Wow!  Dani is now up where she put Tyler.  Cody doesn’t trust Dani and is the least aligned with Christmas.  In his talk with Nicole, Nicole tells him by putting up Christmas, he is doing Dani’s dirty work and it isn’t fair.  So we now know that Nicole is aware of Dani’s evil side.  Cody sees it as the way to get them to the final two.  Nicole says that she’s got a rocky relationship with Dani about Da’Vonne and Ian.  Cody sees that Nicole is upset about her allies going up.  Cody doesn’t have any problem putting Christmas up as he sees it ultimately will get him and Nicole to the final two.  Nicole tells him to be ready for all to blow up if Christmas goes on the block. 

Kevin tells us he doesn’t want to talk to Cody but goes up.  Kevin flat out asks Cody not to put him up because there are bigger threats.  Kevin will not give Cody names and then his speech destroys any change he had with Cody.  Kevin tells Cody that his jury vote will be determined by who put him up or/and targeted him.  That seals his fate with Cody.  Cody uses a heavy hand on Kevin.  Whoops!  Cody, your actions have just lost Kevin’s vote.


Cody calls the group to order.  He nominates Kevin and David.  Kevin laughs while David has no facial expression at all.  Cody nominated Kevin because of the conversation.  David goes up – well, I’m not sure why but Cody says he gets to play veto.  Cody tells us that he feels that it may not to early to put someone up later if one comes off the block.  Really, you are supposed to get out the strong ones Cody.  Kevin knows he has to rely only on himself.  He must win veto.  David knows that he must win veto so he can celebrate.  Enzo isn’t happy because Christmas isn’t up.  He does know that there will be more blood, crying, and drama as time goes on. 

OTEV is back on Wednesday.  Yeah, I know who wins but won’t share now.  More then.

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