Big Brother #22—Does Cody Play It Safe? 8/30/2020

It’s time for Big Brother All-Stars.  My brain:  So what?  My conscience:  You know you are blogging it?  My brain:  Well everyone knows what happens.  Does anyone care?  My conscience:  One person may have a need to know.  Besides, you need the distraction and also the opportunity to comment.  Besides, tomorrow night. three will go.  My brain:  Oh, that’s right.  Maybe we will get rid of some problems tomorrow.  I’ll do it.

That’s about the stage I’m at in regard to Big Brother this season.  There’s no one to pull for.  Cody has deals with everyone.  Even the ones I had hoped would put him up has a final two.  I think  with the shyster.  Tyler has a clue and I only hope that someone else has because otherwise, the ones we don’t want to win will bulldoze their way to the end. Just a reminder that David and Kevin are the noms because Cody played it safe.

After the Noms

Oh, that’s right.  OTEV is tonight.  It may not be as bad as I thought.  Cody seems proud of himself.  Kevin, on the other hand, is sarcastic.  He has every right to be.  David tells Tyler not to say anything, he knows.  David knows that he’s not the target but the  pawn.  He should!  It’s been that way for awhile.  Tyler is sitting quietly waiting to see how it plays out.

Later Dani and Nicole talk about who should go (like they have control?).  Dani wants Christmas up and now and Nicole is now down with it.  She’s changed her mind since the talk with Cody?  Of course, she has.  Does everyone see the Mean Girls at work here.  And what is Nicole’s real feelings.  I think she’s using Dani and Dani doesn’t realize it.  Dani also wants Tyler out.  Oh, and let’s not forget that Nicole is still feeling guilty over Ian (really – cry me a river, Nicole).  Later Nicole and Christmas talk saying there is a war about to start.  Is Nicole actually sincere or just spreading some Christmas joy to Christmas.  Oh, Nicole thinks Christmas needs to know that Dani is targeting her to help Nicole’s game.  Well,, win something Nicole, win something.  (Note:  Dani gets the evil queen look again – why am I channeling Once Upon a Time).

Christmas is bonding with Memphis (oh, great – this is worse than I thought).  Memphis is determined to keep the noms the same or he knows that one of his alliance (read Christmas) will go up.  Christmas isn’t dumb, she knows that Cody plans to get her out.  The Committee is toast. Kevin and David also have a talk about but what good does it do.  Neither has won a POV so far and I don’t see it happening now (especially if money is involved).  Enzo talks to David and tells him not to worry.  I think Enzo things he’s closer to Cody than Nicole and Memphis.  Only one closer to Cody is Derek!  We do get another good conversation about the culture in our world today between Kevin and David.  Hope people are listening.

POV Anyone

Okay – I’m not into following the alliance talk in Cody’s room.  Dani tells us in a diary session that Cody isn’t the brightest but no one, in my opinion, can be as dumb as they’re portraying Cody.  Luckily for us, we get the Veto Competition pick and don’t have to listen to them anymore.  The players are drawn with Cody picking Nicole (and she wants to win to protect Christmas so to get Dani out).  Kevin picks Tyler (who has played in every game and it makes Christmas mad).  David picks house guest choice.  He chooses Enzo.  Poor Christmas is left on the sidelines in a very bad mood, a temper showing and a big mouth.  Tyler talks to her and asks if she is mad and she says no.  All the alliance guys try to make her feel better.  Later, Enzo, Memphis and Cody confer.  Cody wants the noms to remain.  Enzo is ready to back door someone and he doesn’t want to listen to Cody.  All alliances are teetering.

The veto area  has ETOV on the balcony above them.  This time he is green and psychodelic.  He’s talked to Dr. Will (who we haven’t seen) and the game begins.  It involves tie dye t-shirts and it revolves around contestants (like Sgt. Keesha).  There are inflatables filling the play areas with others that fall.  There’s also a $10,000 prize.  Who will go after that (as if I don’t already know)?  David is excited as he’s never seen this.  Oh, and the t-shirts are folded (and buried) with all the beach items on them.  Nicole wants to prove she’s a good ally and start building her resume for the final two (presumptuous isn’t she)?  Since OTEV is harder to understand this year, I will just give you the eliminated house guest.

Eliminated round one is David.  Don’t worry!  He took the $10,000 and earned the ridicule ot Cody, Dani and Christmas.  Note:  We see that Nicole had problems throughout this comp with climbing the slide  (I lost count at four).

Eliminated round two is Tyler who picks up an inflated cow named Moo-lan.

Eliminated round  is Kevin who is beaten by Cody.  By  the way Kevin can’t stand him (Cody, I guess).

Eliminated round four is Nicole who can’t get up the slide (and they make a joke out of it) leaving Enzo and Cody in the finals.

The winner of POV is Cody.  Of course it is!  Enzo wanted to create chaos but Cody doesn’t want it.  Enzo heads up but Cody beats him.  Cody wins the competition. 

House guests take t-shirts and beach balls as they leave the OTEV area.

After POV

Enzo in Diary Room complaining about David taking the $10,000.  None of the house guests seem happy for David but will it change their votes and let them keep Kevin.  Cody tries to explain this to David about having a target on his back now.  For some reason, Cody still wants Kevin out. 

The PoV ceremony is held.  Cody apparently doesn’t give them a chance to plea their case and he adjourns the meeting without those on the block saying a word.  I wonder if this was because of a lack of time or if it really happened.  David feels that he may have made a mistake and Kevin sees it as a door opened for him to stay.  Does it really matter with three leaving tomorrow?

I’m not even going to make a prediction on what will happen with three evictions?  We’ll all have to watch to find out.  And I’m betting feeds go down early to prepare for this!

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