Big Brother #22 – They Know! Production told! 10/1/2020

Okay, Big Brother #22.  Which of you decided it was important to tell the house guests through Dr. Will that it’s a triple eviction.  You had the Big Brother fans excited that the house guests had no clue!  You had us happy for once that Cody and Nicole couldn’t come up with a plan!  Finally, we’d see the alliance disintegrate with a fight breaking out.  Then the Big Brother powers that be sent Dr. Will out with a clue that told them to expect a triple.  We were stuck with live feeds of Enzo getting mad at set plans and Dani and Cody trying to figure out a pecking order.  Once more, Cody and company have it in their heads that they are able to control the eviction level.  And, every time I checked today, no live feeds at all.  No wonder the show ratings last night was so bad compared especially to The Masked Singer which surprised all with an unexpected exit (due to costume).

Introduction — or Whatever

Julie looks happy since it’s the first time in 20 years that they’ve had a triple eviction.  I’m not recapping the recap.  We know already Cody is HoH, Kevin and David are on the block, and Cody and Dani seem to think they are going to an automatic final two (wait what happened to Nicole?).  We also know Cody won PoV and kept the nominees as the same. 

Julie does tell us that in a less than a month, we won’t have to suffer – I mean root – for our players to win.  Tonight, we will see two HoH comps, two nominees, and two PoV play out.  But, we can we see Dr. Will’s message.  Oh do get more of Cody’s bravado.

As of the very first of the show, we get Cody talking and talking.  It’s bravado time. Finally, we hear Dr. Will and he’s on television (in the back yard).  Will talks about how awesome he was in the game.  He’s telling them the clue with numbers (one, two and three) and they first appear clueless.  Quickly the figure out that double eviction (and I thought they were dumb).  Team plans are now shot but Dani is not sure what he wants them to know.   David figures out the three moves and so does Memphis but maybe they don’t get the timing.  And who do you take out if you win HoH.  I’m already bored.

Please Big Brother, please.  Stop the over analyzing by these clowns – I mean contestants.  It always comes back to the same thing:  who do we eliminate first.  Will Tyler convince Dani to work with him?  Is he lying (of course, he is)?  Tyler realizes that all “hell is about to break through.  Buckle up.”

First Eviction

Julie says keep the triple a secret between us.  Julie, someone already has told them.  Julie confirms it is a double eviction to the house and then gives the nominees a chance to sway votes.  Kevin is first and he talks about Black Lives Matter.  He seems to use the idea “I can help you” (which is a lie).  David talks about making it further than before.  Everyone seems ready to get it over with (so do we).  Now it’s time for the voting and first up is Enzo.  Kevin is evicted by a vote of six to nothing.  Yea!  They stayed true to their team!!  Julie reveals that Kevin is out.  Kevin does say something (I think about no hugs or goodbye) and he walks out.  Angry loser (who knows).  Dani and Nicole doesn’t walk him to the door.  The Mean Girls are at it again.

Julie asks Kevin why he didn’t hug anyone.  He calls the house “fake.”  On finale night Kevin said he would see if he hugs anyone.  Kevin tells Julie it was hard to break through the alliances.  The reason David was kept was no one was afraid of David.  Kevin does say he felt safe for only six days.  It’s different from the last time because Kevin was never nominated (especially five times).  Julie asks if his talk with Cody was the tone he wanted to use.  Kevin admits he was playing on his emotion.  Julie asks about the deep conversations and tells Kevin that the conversations inspired people.  Kevin wanted to represent the community he belongs to because they’re important.  Kevin, you did help people.  He does get goodbye message from David (who felt that he was there for him), Enzo (he was out of Enzo’s league), Dani (jury points by wanting him to stay but the alliance didn’t) and Cody (you were better than the other person on the block).  Kevin is grateful and we should be also because he was at least true to himself.

Head of Household 1

It is a question and answer comp called “It’s All About Will.”  Evidently his two (yes only two) appearances are the basis of this comp.  Four leave on the first question and it comes down to Enzo, Memphis and Christmas.  Memphis is HoH and now must nominate two people.

Nominations and Power of Veto 1

Dani and Nicole look confident.  Memphis faces his house mates and nominates David and Nicole.  Well, well!  Nicole is a surprise.  Nicole looks upset.  And It will be a competition without Dani and Enzo.  The competition is called “Ice in My Veins.” They must cross the balance beam, solve the puzzle on the other side, and then return.  Well no one falls off the balance beam going over.  Christmas thought hers was done but had an error.  Then Christmas and Nicole race back.  Christmas is announced as the winner but did she?  Must have because Nicole is really pleading her case and spilling things to Christmas.  Christmas is talking to Memphis as the commercial plays.  The PoV is clarified.  Nicole did hit the button first but the puzzle was wrong.  Dani looks worried. Pleas:  Nicole is glad Christmas won.  David congratulates her and asks to stay.  Christmas chooses not to use the veto because of the turbulence in the game. 

The Second Vote and Eviction

The eviction speeches consist of everyone surprised that Julie reappears.  Was there something else there?  We’ll never know.  Nicole is first and she’s talking fast.  She’s helping games, please keep me.  Thank you.  David is next and he points out that Nicole has won already but he will stay and play and help people.  The voting begins with Cody.  By a vote of three (Cody, Enzo and Dani) to two (Christmas and Tyler), David is evicted from the game.  And the fun may finally have begun.  David leaves quickly.

Julie invites him to come on out.  Nicole looks mad that she got two votes but Tyler hugs her.  Dani is wringing her hands again (in shock or despair, she is evil).  Memphis and Tyler talk triple.  David was a little late coming out due to gathering his emotions.  Julie asks how he is feeling and he tells her he feels vindicated after last year.  Julie mentions the triple eviction which was behind her in a scene all saw in the house.  Julie asks why he played.  Did David want to make statements, to show he could play or make money.  David wanted to prove he could play and he is proud of winning a comp that took him out last season.  Julie talks about the money.  She asks if going for the money caused the eviction.  David says while it could have.  David feels that the game is fun but also a pressure cooker.  Julie asks about the wrong assumption made that he voted out Ian, David said it was a great move for Nicole to do what she did.  His final thoughts is that he was vindicated even though he didn’t win the money.

Head of House #2

Julie calls all into the living room to start the second Head of Household competition.  Now the game is really afoot.  Julie tells them they’re not done yet and Memphis is rubbing his face.  Julie says that they all listened to Will and had planned three moves ahead.  Julie announces another week of BB and the third headed to jury.

This HoH is different.  All left in the game have an alliance with one or more people.  Which person are they true to the most.  Outside, it’s another question and answer game that Memphis cannot play.  The name of the game is called “It’s About You.”  Julie will read statements about events that took place earlier in the season.  They must determine if the statement is true or false.  The questions begin and no one wants to lose.  Cody, Christmas and Tyler have made it to the final three.  Cody is showing he is smart after all. Tyler wins Head of Household so he is safe from Dani’s line up of sixth.  Dani does try to tell Tyler that she’s not coming after him so he won’t put her up.  She’s pleading basically for her game.  Will he believe?  Oh great!  Now it’s Nicole’s time.  She swears she’s not coming after him at all.  I don’t think he believes either her or Dani.  He’s had his eye of those two for a long, long time.

Nominations and Power of Veto

Cody tries to have one last word with Tyler as they got called for the Nomination Ceremony.  Tyler nominates Dani and Nicole and apologizes.  Both are upset.  Each can still save themselves in the POV.  If looks could kill, Dani’s looks would kill Tyler.

The Power of Veto competition is called “Feet to the Fire.”  They must race across balance beam, get their fire puzzle piece by piece and return to rebuild it.  Once finished, they race back and hit the buzzer.  Memphis cannot play.  Both Christmas and Nicole fall off.  Tyler is fast!  Tyler wins the Power of Veto so I figure nominees will remain the same.  When Tyler needs to win, he does.  So, how will the vote go.  Memphis and Enzo seem closer to Christmas so with them it could go either way.  Christmas feels closer to Nicole as she has built a relationship there.  Cody is the wild card.  He has a pre-game with Nicole but had Dani in his ear.

Veto Meeting and Vote

Tyler is asked does he want to remove a nominee.  Nicole tells Tyler she would love to come off the block.  Dani is talking to family and will not waste her time making a plea to Tyler.  Tyler tells them that he will not use the veto because, I think, he knew Dani wanted him out and Nicole just doesn’t have a relationship with him.  And the alliance falls.  Should we celebrate yet? 

Dani and Nicole as hugging each other and both are crying.  All return to the living room and Dani wipes her eyes as she returns.  She brought Nicole a tissue so the Mean Girls are still friends.  Nicole’s plea is that she doesn’t know what to say.  The experience has been amazing.  She thinks Dani’s awesome and still has fight.  Dani says that Christmas and Tyler in the final two.  She says that if she stays and wins Christmas and Tyler will go up.  Boy, can we say vicious nominee.  Cody is first.  The vote comes down Cody, Memphis, Christmas, and Enzo all voting to get rid of Dani.  Dani doesn’t allow anyone to say anything to her but does take a hug from Nicole.  No, she does hug some of them.  Nicole is lying on the floor and looks exhausted.

Julie ask why no hugs for Christmas and points out that all are calling her a legend.  Dani knows that Christmas didn’t like her.  Dani relied on a social game and is most upset that she didn’t get a vote from Cody since they had sat up plotting many nights.  Dani thinks that not having a relationship with Christmas might have been her downfall.  She felt good with Memphis, Cody and Nicole but never felt good with Tyler.  She thinks Nicole is the one they are the least afraid of right now.  Dani feels that the alliance may have had something to do with her exit and how she was playing.  She thinks Tyler and she turned against each other because Tyler wanted to leave.  It messed up her game and Tyler’s also.  Julie asks her if she has respect for those remaining.  She respects Tyler for playing but doesn’t respect him for wanting to leave.  She thinks he should have stayed home.  Dani feels this season has been the most fun that she’s ever had. 

Remember, next week the game moves to Monday/Wednesday/Thursday.  The gang will only face one eviction and the last we see of them is a relaxed group.

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