Big Brother #22 – Cody and the Never Changing House – 10/7/2020

Big Brother fans!  How many of you are feeling down and depressed (and not from COVID or politics)?  How many wanted more from this season in the form of distraction and enjoyment?  Believe me, I expected more out of an All Star season than what we have gotten.  Plus, Big Brother #22 has come down to the Alliance plus One (Enzo).  Cody has final deals with all (even Christmas I think) and this has to have been the most non-action week in Big Brother history.  I expected fireworks and got none!  I expected Christmas to scream!  Didn’t happen and I’m not sure how much will be shown on discussions that we have heard on live feeds.  Not that there was much but we could hope.

It came down to who Cody nominated and that, of course, was Tyler and Christmas.  Up until yesterday, I was sure Tyler was going.  When Memphis started saying they couldn’t send Christmas out on her child’s birthday, I got suspicious of whether the wind would change.  That may have happened, but it won’t change the course of this season because the damage has been done.    In fact, it looks like Cody and Enzo are scared to go against Memphis in the hopes that he gets Nicole out.  Expect the last few weeks to be even more dull than this week.

Pre-Game and Power of Veto

After a recap of everything most of you saw Monday (we had football), it’s time to get to the real show.  We do know now that Memphis swore he doesn’t have an alliance with Christmas (wink, wink).  Nicole is excited about the noms but wishes she had done it.  Like she’s really been playing this game.  Cody wants Christmas out but Nicole wants Tyler out due to his getting Dani out.  Christmas, for Cody, is obvious since she’s in the “other” Wise Guy alliance.  Christmas actually said “they swung, they missed” and it is everyone for themselves.  Wait!  That’s how Tyler has had to play all year.  Enzo talks to Nicole (who is wearing boots – what gives).  Enzo knows he’s the reason Tyler and Christmas is on the block.  Oh shoot – another “meow meow” in the diary room. 

Tyler talks to Enzo who is playing dumb.  Does Enzo really admit in Diary Room that he’s dumb.  No – he thinks he’s smart and will lie regardless.  Christmas meanwhile is talking to Cody about the noms.  Christmas uses the usual “I’m not taking this personally” but about to break into tears.  Oh, it’s nice to see that she can cry on cue like Nicole.  Cody isn’t buying it.  Of course, he knows that Nicole pulls the same stunt.  Wait – isn’t Enzo in the pregame also.  No way would he vote out Christmas who will go next week.  Do I have time for a nap?

Oh great!  Don’t tell me the rest of this before PoV is going to be Tyler/Christmas pleading.  Tyler talks to Memphis and gets no response.  Memphis talks about unconditional love for children in a  Diary Room after talking to Tyler.  Memphis has unconditional love for his kids yet he left his children to play this game(I could insert political reference but won’t).  Memphis is playing for America’s Favorite Player.  No way can he get that.  Could we vote for Mooch from Celebrity Apprentice Two to get that this season!   Now, we see the real Memphis after his talk with Christmas.  He’s not going to be there for Christmas and comes across as scum.  Tyler does try Enzo but I think he knows that there is no chance.  Well Tyler did tell Enzo that the original plan was to get Enzo out instead of Dani and tell him about The Committee

The POV is set up as a picnic.  This game is called “Shapshot Shuffle”.  They must place the photographs of previous house guests in the correct order in chronological order.  The time limit is 25 minutes.  Nicole tells us it is hard and the pictures have four people in them.  They must see what’s different.  She must make it look like a story.   Memphis has a real “hate” on for Tyler.  He wants to win just so Tyler won’t.   Enzo and Tyler apparently time out.  (Okay – my mind did wander during the POV because it was BORING).  Cody doesn’t want to name a third person.  Wimp!  Yes, I called Cody a wimp.  He has no one to get instructions from now that he has no contact from his puppet master.  (Good thing I’m taping the Masked Singer, isn’t it?)  Oh, time for results.  Cody did this event in the time of 4 minutes and 57 seconds.  Cody congratulates himself.  Oh, why aren’t I surprised!

After POV Game and Plea Deals

Hey – I use one of Twitter’s terms for Christmas and didn’t mean to do it!  Christmas makes a plea to Enzo to help her stay.  Tyler is worried.  Cody and Enzo meets and discuss how Tyler and Christmas are throwing everyone under the bus.  Now Cody is ready to target Tyler because he revealed “The Committee” to Enzo.  Cody at this time, forget all alliances.  You know, if I was Tyler, I’d be glad to get out of this crazy house where the game is being staged for only a few to win! 

They’re back In the HoH room talking (Enzo, Cody and Nicole).  Wait a minute, was Nicole mirroring Dani.  They must be hurting for material to show that “so-called” comedy routine.  Cody does make one more pitch to Cody but is it too little, too late.  All I’m hearing from Cody is talk, talk, talk.  He has finally wised up about jury management.  Honest, with anyone but Tyler, I’m not sure how Cody will fare.

POV Ceremony

Okay, raise you hands if you think there will be a change in the nominees.  He doesn’t allow them to plead their case and does not use the power of veto.  He adjourns the meeting and we get the usual sign off.

How to Make BB Better

There’s been much talk on Twitter about what would bring viewers back to this game.  In my honest opinion, the show needs to change directions and casting decisions.  Honestly, I would love to see them play a 1984 version of BB where there is a person upstairs dictating what the house guests did.  Could you imagine if Evel Dick was the Big Brother representative who tells the others what to do.  He could even make each do house work oh my!  And Evel wouldn’t take any pregame alliances.  He’d out them right away.

See you tomorrow when most likely Tyler leaves.  Wonder what filler we’ll get then.

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