Big Brother #22 – And Cody Troops On

Good evening Big Brothers #22 – ahem — fans.  Anyone have any doubt on who is off the show tonight.  I will be honest!  Unless the powers that be at Big Brother comes up with a way around this, Tyler is toast tonight with Christmas out the door next week.  This leaves the door open for the two pregamers and their associates (Enzo and Memphis) to be in the final four.  Anyone care?  I honestly got mad when I heard the word pregame.

I will say, the only thing of interest on the live feeds were the number of times they changed their minds.  I have a new opinion of Nicole.  She was sent in the house to try and muddle the thoughts.  She hates Tyler then hates Christmas.  She makes the guys change their minds.  And she was suppose to be in a final two.

An Idea for Any Future Season

Last night, at the end of my post, I suggested that they institute a new scheme for Big Brother.  They need to play the game more like Orwell’s “1984” and control what the house does.  This way, the pregamers can not set up alliances that makes the season boring.  Changes are needed in both the way the game is played and how they cast the show!

Pre-Eviction Night Filler

As Julie welcomes us, she tells us that it is day 65 and Julie seems to think they should have taken Whiner – I mean Nicole — out. Julie said the question is:  Who has whose back?  Cody tells us that he can’t take out Enzo, Memphis and Nicole are too close and Tyler is the plan.  So this raises the question:  Just who does D and D want to win?  Tyler feels he can get Memphis an Nicole (yeah, right).  Christmas tells us she has spent three months away from family and child and she’s going to win this game (yeah, right).  Nicole does talk to Enzo and Cody about Christmas being “too happy.”  Maybe I should do a waffle count.  Memphis is only playing for Memphis.  Tyler knows he’s gone (I think).    I will give it to Tyler, he does keep trying to stay.  Of course the four are so good liars, who knows.  And with all the train wrecks coming off the tracks who can follow the plot lines or the voting.  (Of course with feeds down when I watched, who knows what is going to happen.

Jury House

Suggestion:  Big Brother, to retain fans, why not move the camera and game to the Jury House.  You would get more action and discussion than what we are seeing in the Big Brother house now.  And it would be more entertaining as each of these house guests have different views!

Yes, we get the Jury House.  Ian is bored and has spent the time alone naming the turtles.  He greets Da’Vonne and they hug.  Da’Vonne tells us that she is relieved to be out of the house and has a story to tell.  Oh good, alliances are being spilled and Dani Is obviously in everything.  Da’Vonne spills that Nicole is the one who voted Ian out which surprises him.  Ian is not holding it against her. 

Next up is Kevin and Da’Vonne is surprised.  Kevin tells us his eviction felt like a weigh lifted off his shoulders.  Kevin spills about the triple eviction.  Next in is David as Kevin tells the others who he thinks will be there.  David does get hugs.  Da’Vonne is excited to see who will be the the third evictee.

Dani is the final juror to enter the house.  Dani is a little upset when she walks in and everyone is in shock.  She thinks the main reason is that she was playing with/against Nicole and got played.  Dani is not talking anymore that night but the next day spills the tea with a video.  While Da’Vonne gives David grief over taking the money, Ian doesn’t blame him.  David thought he had Tyler.  While Dai doesn’t really say it, I am wondering if Dani and Nicole will be close again?  Da’Vonne explains that Cody was using both and eventually Dani was out.  Da’Vonne is glad she wasn’t in the house for the triple eviction.  Dani feels sad and disappointed but is not bitter. 


Julie says the house guests have been discussing the eviction all day.  Julie gives them a chance to plea their case.  Christmas is first and tells her son a happy birthday.  She asks the house guest to think what type of player she has been since day one and on and on she goes.  Tyler sends love to Angela and he tells the rest that he’s thankful to be there.  He tells them he is not done and he can help them.  And the votes start with Enzo first.  By a vote of 3 to 0, Tyler is evicted from the Big Brother house (as if there was any doubt).  This leaves us with a potential final four that really has no potential for giving us an America’s Favorite Player. 

Tyler leaves the house with a smile.  He knew it was coming and does get hugs.  I so hope Christmas gets HoH and shakes this crew up.  Julie greets Tyler with an air hug and tells him she thought it was his year.  She wonders why Tyler told the remaining guests that they’ll regret getting him out.  He tells Julie he wanted to scare them (little does he know what Christmas can do).  Tyler does seem okay with leaving and Julie wants to know why Enzo and Cody didn’t take him further.  Tyler is right in his answer.  He thinks they saw him as a threat.  He also felt that Nicole has a stronger hand than she is showing (I told you he knew more than he showed).  When he put Nicole up, he honestly thought that Enzo would vote her out.  Tyler liked David and fought for him.  He tried to work with him.  Julie does ask Tyler if he wanted to leave.  He said there were times that he wanted to leave but after all that, he thinks it set a tone for him (in his life maybe).  The messages were all about the usual and comes down to this.  They (a) had other alliances and (b) Tyler was too strong a player.  As of now, Tyler had no final thoughts.

HoH Competition

Tonight’s HoH is called Smashing Pumpkins.  They must move pumpkins from one basket to the other via teeter tootle.  If they fall off or drop a pumpkin, they must start again with all.  When a pumpkin gets in the teeter tooter, they pumpkin goes up in the air.

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