Big Brother #22 — You Are Not Going to Believe Who Won! — 10/12/2020

Oh, it’s time for another episode of the newest soap – “Big Brother 22”.  Of course, we should also add “the show that didn’t live up to the hype.”  Just a reminder, we have lost the last one with a brain cell as Tyler was shown the door on Thursday night.  He had figured out much of Cody’s game but not all of it and so was caught off guard with Enzo’s lack of working with his scheme to get Nicole out.  Enzo is supportive as long as Cody is giving the orders.  But anyway – we all know the inevitable is going to be at least Cody (a pregamer) in one of the two finalist chairs.  As with other Big Brother seasons over the past few seasons, we have seen calculations (and laziness) like usual and that turns the season from being enjoyable to being boring.

Social Media and the Live Feeds

The most exciting thing that I saw was on Twitter.  I saw a post about Big Brother made by a former winner (let’s call him D) saying that he did not participate in any pregame.  So sad for his ego because no one believed him.  It actually wasn’t helped that later that same night not only was D mentioned in a conversation between Nicole and Cody but we also learned that there was some other pregamers involved.  Both Cody and Nicole’s moms are friends and apparently talk every day.  Yep – according to the two, this also included game play.

And we also had hints of a showmance, even though it is late in the season.  It seems Christmas and Memphis may have/have not kissed.  While the majority of Twitter think they did, others say they didn’t.  I have no opinion as I didn’t see the clip. Honestly, I still have the feeds but have given up on them. This isn’t what I expected for this season.  And CBS is losing live feed fans as they are tired of these house guests and only seeing stars (they don’t really mind the puppies/kitties until the three hour mark).

And Now on to the Show

You can tell they don’t have much to show when they have to go back to the start of the season and show the alliances.  Yep!  That’s what we got to start the show tonight.  Finally we do get some history that is from the “three eviction” event then a move to last week.  Now the new stuff is beginning with the HoH competition.

Christmas and Nicole seem to have an edge on this competition.  Of course, we get Cody’s input because he is an expert and a possible nomination.  Truthfully, I’m tired of hearing his analysis.  He always slant it in his interest and not what is going on.  Enzo tells us that this game of pumpkin slinging (as I call it) is causing his back to hurt.  We do get Nicole bragging on herself (although) she did lose a pumpkin at least once.  By the way, this game isn’t going as fast as most of the past HoHs have.  So we do see all losing their pumpkins from the teetor totter eventually.   In Diary Room, Cody complains about Enzo’s lack of ability at playing.  He’s also mad because Christmas at one point was ahead of the rest.  As the competition continues, Memphis, Christmas and Nicole (who needs a miracle) handles this game very well.  Christmas looks at the others and loses concentration.  She lost one ball which means she must restart with all the pumpkins.  She only has herself to be mad at.  Memphis doesn’t want Nicole to win but does loses a pumpkin so Nicole has a clear path to the win.  Nicole wins the HoH competition and she is so happy.  She got her miracle and we get another boring week!  Anyone want to guess who the nominees will be (hee hee)?

After HoH

Christmas does have a good cry in the bedroom but Nicole has no sympathy for Christmas.  In Diary Room, Christmas tells us that she feels like she’s failed.  The guys aren’t to be seen in the early shots.  Finally it is Memphis who goes in to hug Christmas (no kiss to me yet).  Nicole, Cody and Enzo are so happy that it is ri-di-cu-lous.   Christmas and Memphis both seem to be disappointed and did I hear Christmas say: “I don’t care.”  When Tyler had that attitude, she blew a fuse.

First Enzo, Cody and Nicole celebrate in the bathroom.  Now Enzo and Cody are celebrating in the storage room as Enzo realizes he won’t have to get his hands dirty.  Really, Enzo.  I think most people in jury, if they have a brain, will know you have been working with Cody.  Memphis assumes that he’s safe but Cody has turned on him.  Cody sure does protect his friends, doesn’t he?

Cody, Nicole and Enzo talk about the nominations.  They decide that Memphis and Christmas are going up and Enzo wants Memphis to go because of his arrogance.  Yes, Memphis is arrogant and the three of them are normal.  (All who agree, show of hands.)  To hear Nicole’s Diary Room, she’s done all the work herself.  Oh, we get to see Christmas walk in on Enzo in the bathroom.  Guess Enzo doesn’t know how to lock the door.  Oh, it’s his relaxation room.  My head is hurting now.

Nicole’s HoH Room

Wait a minute, it looks like it always does.  Did we get to see the other reveals – I don’t think so?  Nicole gets family pictures and a big basket.  Victor wrote the note.  Cody, in Diary Room, basically calls Victor a wimp because he’s not the way he was before (shirtless, body building, long hair).  Nicole is happy to have a letter (but later on the feeds, she thinks something is wrong because of the wording of the wording in the letter). 

Christmas does go up to talk to Nicole.  Nicole plans to get information (What – there’s only five left).  Christmas thinks that it is in Nicole’s best interest to keep her.  Christmas dear, Bless your heart!  You didn’t know that Nicole’s pattern is to get rid of all girls?   The one thing Christmas did that hurts her is tell Nicole she wants Cody out.  Of course Nicole shares the information with Cody.  Like, duh – that’ was to be expected.  (I think my IQ is being challenged as I write this.)  (ARE they really talking about their teeth and their feet?  New low producers!)  On the day of nominations, Memphis apparently makes a plea that sounds like a final two deal.  He denies having others.  (By the way, it looks like all Nicole does is eat cereal out of that green bowl!)  By the way producers, stop the bathroom garbage, okay. 


Nicole has made her nominations and the ceremony is held.  Nicole (no surprise) nominated Christmas and Memphis.  The reasons given is because it is final five and they won’t further her game.  Why not just say – I’m going to win so forget it.

Wednesday will be POV (the BB Comics).

Thursday will be eviction.

Does everyone else feel that the season can’t end soon enough?

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