Big Brother #23 — The Mighty Have Fallen (episode 4)

Has Big Brother #23 only been on a week?  The first week under Frenchie seemed like a mid-season HoH.   Frenchie made a promise that no women or minorities would be on the block.  Guess what!  They were!  Not only did Frenchie create the first (and eventually largest of the week) alliance (probably not the largest ever as Frenchie claimed but he didn’t care) but he also had so many side deals and “final” twos that he was aligned with everyone but Derek X.  And who created the most havoc for Frenchie?  Derek X when he won Power of Veto.  Frenchie thought Derek X wouldn’t be able to win but he did.  At the POV Ceremony, Frenchie had to put up one final two alliances, Travis, who would go out the door.  To add insult to injury, he couldn’t play for Head of Houses (HoH) and his team and his second (in command) Brent (or is it Brett) couldn’t win.  So what will happen next?  We’re about to see.

Now you must understand that I (finally) got my live feeds (after switching Wi-Fi carriers) but I have been following the plot.  I’ll try not to spill anything early.  Let’s settle in to watch Frenchie’s downfall.

Thursday’s HoH Aftermath

On last Thursday (July 15th), the HoH was played.  Each player lined up at a distance and tried to sink a ball into the shark’s mouth.  No two people could play the same number and no one could bank a ball into the mouth. It looked like one of Frenchie’s alliance members, Brent, would win only to lose to one of Frenchie’s nominees (saved by Derek X), Kyland. 

In the house after the HoH competition, celebrations starts.  Kyland is surprised but very happy.  Alyssa survived and she’s going to lay low.  All question the two votes for Alyssa (Tiffany and Derek F.).  Derek F. did is to be silly.  Frenchie asked Tiffany to do it.  Frenchie was sworn to silence by Tiffany but she’s sure it will come out. 

As Alyssa goes on fact finding, Derek X. is busy relaxing.  He saved Kyland so should be good.  Christian is trying to help Alyssa (possible showmance) discover the votes that were done for her.  Claire celebrates as Kyland was on a team making her safe and no slop or purnishments.  Kyland and Xavier think Tiffany did one of the Alyssa votes but can they prove it?  Of course not unless Frenchie tells.  Later in the gym, Frenchie talks to Brent and Whitney.  Tiffany is there and finds Frenchie going back on the deal.  She’s got proof that Frenchie will “run his mouth.”  Frenchie promises if nominated to leave the house with dignity.  Tiffany of course talks to Kyland about Frenchie in regard to loyalty.  Tiffany doesn’t want a Frenchie’s HoH part two (maybe you should worry aboaut Brett).  Kyland is on to it.  Cristian has told him about some things he found out last week.  The trust factor is gone in regard to Frenchie and it’s not only with Kyland.

The HoH reveals occurs and everyone is anxious to see what Kyland gets.  He has three pictures from home and a letter from his mom.  He starts to read but is emotional and Tiffany does the honors.  His mom celebrate Kyland’s birthday (last week).  Later in the bedroom, Tiffany breaks down because she is away from her son.  It’s part of her strategy though.  Tiffany is also very much aware that Frenchie needs to go because he spies and creates chaos.  Azah, who is on the Frenchie’s original team, is confused.

Friday, July 16th

The Wildcard Comp is to be played.  Kyland’s team cannot play.  If the other three teams can’t decide who to play, it will be by a draw.  Frenchie (Jokers) wants to be the player because it will secure his safety.  The Aces decide that Sarah Beth will play.  The Kings leave it up to fate and that person is Brent.  Brent is glad because he may need it.  Costumes are given for “a wild night out on the town.”

Kyland talks to Frenchie who wants to set himself up for safety.  Excuse me but from what I see it looks like Frenchie tried to run Kyland’s HoH.  Frenchie even admits he knows people are telling Kyland to put Frenchie up.  Frenchie is seeing red flags that he’s in danger and he’s mad.  Wow!  Frenchie even mentions the Slaughter House (a Frenchie alliance) is done.  The rest of the members are scrambling and now everyone knows about it.  When Whitney tries to talk to Frenchie, his excuse is he doesn’t want drama (really, week one was nothing but drama).  Whitney is trying not “to go off on” Frenchie who is nothing but a loose cannon.  Brent tries to calm Frenchie down but Frenchie says he “doesn’t have the numbers.”  Brent wants to keep the alliance together but I think there’s no way the Slaughter House alliance can survive.

The competition, Splat, has the three contestants dressed up in evening clothes. They will be shown paintings then asked questions about each painting.  First one who gets three correct wins.  Sarah Beth wins the first and get splashed with paint.  As the game goes forward, both Brent and Frenchie score points but Sarah Beth gets the necessary three points.  Sarah Beth hates the slime but loves the points.  Winning the comp, Sarah Beth has control.  Brent is happy that Frenchie did not win.  Frenchie meanwhile knows he is in trouble. 

The prize for this competition is the guarantee of safety as long as Sarah Beth will move to Kyland’s team.  While Whitney hopes Sarah Beth will chose to change with her, Sarah Beth decides to remain where she is.  There will be no replacement and no one but Kyland’s team is safe from eviction.


Next up is nominations.  Kyland meets with each house guests for their thoughts.  Tiffany tells Kyland that Frenchie, Brent and Whitney is the three headed monster in the house.  She points out with that group gone, they will last longer.  Kylnd hears Frenchie from all (even Brent and Whitney).  Kyland wasn’t happy with Britini’s answers and finds her only loyal to the Team Jokers.

At the Nominations Ceremonies, Kyland has nominated Frenchie and Britini.  Frenchie is told that his nomination because Kyland has learned that Frenchie isn’t loyal.  Britini is only loyal to her team mate. Frenchie is too dangerous to keep around and Britini is only loyal to her team mate.  Frenchie says he isn’t going to quit now and he’s going to win the veto.  Britini remains loyal to his team mate.  Brent admits they want Frenchie out and the house will be fine.

So tune in Wednesday to find out who wins.  I know, the game has already been played but will not spoil it.  Here’s the questions for Wednesday:

How much drama will Frenchie cause because of his nomination?

Will Frenchie win the POV?

Will he be saved? 

Which alliances survive as the Slaughter House and Butchers fall?

I’ll be back Wednesday.   

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