Big Brother 23 — How to Ruin the First Week

Big Brother 23 has only just started but I feel like I have lived through a battle zone.  The first week usually have people beginning to meet, make foolish final twos and starting alliances.  Very rarely in Big Brother’s history (or since I began watching in season 8) has a HoH on week one set out to make a name for himself and turn the first week into week five or six.  Unfortunately, Frenchie wanted to be the best player of all time and made some of the dumbest moves in week one. 

So what did Frenchie do wrong?  I mean every Head of House gets a case of HoH-itis but Frenchie’s was over the  top.  So to help future players, let’s use Frenchie’s reign (of terror) to figure out what not to do.

Number One:  Never make a blanket promise of immunity.  Let me define this better.  Never make a blanket promise if it includes all women and minorities (or People of Color).  Usually, by making this promise you cut your potential nominees by half if not by more.  In this case, over three quarters of the house would not have been on the block.  Frenchie stood no chance with nominees and he should have been smart enough to know it.  He should have had a second plan for what to do if his plan failed.

Number Two:  Never state your ideas on nominees to a wide assortment of people (in other words, the house).  By giving the blanket “I’m not nominating a woman or a  POC,” Frenchie set himself to be manipulated if anyone was smart.  In this case, good old Brent stepped in and decided to play Frenchie’s second in command.  It didn’t matter to Brent who Frenchie put up as long as it wasn’t him.  By day two, Frenchie was already limited to two or three people and his big mouth had sunk his HoH.

Number Three:  If you are playing in teams, consult said team.  Frenchie was captain of a team of four.  The only one of the four that he talked to was Derek Frazier (Derek F.) and Derek F. was kept out of the loop on many issues.  The girls didn’t know anything until after Frenchie and Brent had made decisions and brought it to the “Slaughter House” (who didn’t contribute either).  It’s best to trust your team instead of a member of the opposition, Frenchie.  

Number Four:  Know your second-in-command’s capability.  Brent got in Frenchie’s ear and just wouldn’t let up.  Then, in the end, he couldn’t live up to his promises.  Brent lost the HoH to probably one of three people Frenchie wouldn’t want to see at the top of the food chain.  If you need a second, go for one like Frankie Grande who listens and reports.

Number Five:  If creating an alliance be aware of the size.  Also, in the case of a big alliance, it’s best to know more about your alliance and what they can contribute or who else they are working with before you do so.  Include women and POCs as they can feel out their allies.  If it’s all talk, what good is an alliance.  If you won’t listen, then it’s on you.

Number Six:  If you want to listen to conversations, develop relationships.  Listening at doors in the BB house is always noticed which means that you are a known snoop.  Again Derek saw Frankie’s value and had him as a source.

Number Seven:  Don’t make promises you won’t keep!  You made a blanket statement about nominees then couldn’t keep it.  Frenchie, the audience and live feeders saw what happened.  We know that you outsmarted yourself day one.  You wanted to be known as a man of your word only to show you were a liar.

Number Eight:  Everyone wants a final two because this is Big Brother.  You need to be sitting in the chairs at the end of the show with someone you can beat.  You made so many final twos Frenchie that it came back to bite you.  Of course, if you could be trusted, everyone would have been of the “ride and die” school with you because they could beat you.

Number Nine:  If it is teams, work with at least one additional team.  Yeah, Frenchie had some members from outside his group, but he never realized that he should have gone with only one additional team.  By aligning yourself with another team of four, you would have gotten so much further in the game. 

And while I could give more pointers, I am going to end with this.

Number Ten:  Never put your eggs in one basket on who you want out.  In your case, you targeted Kyland and said Derek X. would be your second target.  You never had a target three because everyone else in the house was in one of your alliances or a final two with you.  When Derek X. won the Power of  Veto and took Kyland off, Frenchie was left with no person to put up.  His word became worthless.  By making a comment on who you wouldn’t nominate, having as many side alliances as Frenchie had, you can’t win and you are sure to be nominated the next week.

I honestly feel that Frenchie who claims to be a super fan really is not one.  If he was, he’d be aware of how his plan would have failed.  Plus, his personality and need to control everything set him up to land on his face.  Seeing the result of all this has been entertaining in itself.  The man was placed on the block week two and so far has done everything but self-evict.  Wait, he even threatened that.  Frenchie, if you see this, I’d advise you not to go on Twitter when you get out.  You may find people haven’t been as kind as I have tried to be.

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