Big Brother 23: And a New Head of Household is Crowned (July 21)

Hi all!  And the Big Brother fandom rejoiced on Thursday night when Kyland was crowned the Head of House.  Let’s face it!  Big Brother 23 started off as it was in week five or six with all the wheeling/dealing of Frenchie.  The only person that Frenchie didn’t have an alliance with was Derek X and the only reason was because Frenchie had planned to put him on the block.  And by the Sunday show, Frenchie had got his due with being put on the block with teammate Britini.  Can he talk his way into being saved?  I already know but won’t spoil it.

Post Nominations

So, Frenchie and Britini are up and Frenchie feels betrayed.  Personally, I think that Brent should be next to him in the nom chairs but it seems Kyland felt that the nominees should come from the same team.  Hey, it puts the Jokers down one this week.  But with the Power of Veto competition to be played anything can change.

Well, you can tell that Frenchie doesn’t care who he takes down.  The producers remind us that Frenchie kept throwing the Slaughter House name out.  The nominations Kyland says was that Frenchie was basically a distraction and Britini only has loyalty to her team.  Brent tells us that Frenchie’s nomination was karma due to Frenchie being sketchy.  (But Brent!  You were in Frenchie’s ear.  What does that make you?)  With Britini in tears, the Jokers are in disarray.  Azah even calls Britini a scapegoat.  She sees that Kyland should have put someone from another team up.  Derek F. is upset because Kyland hit to close to home and didn’t give Derek F. a head’s up.  Frenchie does tell Britini to let him go home and he tells us that he will put the veto around her neck.  He still thinks he’s a mastermind and could figure out a way to stay.

Kyland talks game with his team.  Alyssa is glad that the kings are safe because of Frenchie’s power trip.  Meanwhile Tiffany and Kyland talk about the nominations and feel good about it.  Tiffany tells us that Frenchie must go (I so agree). 

Brent talks to Derek X and Whitney about the nominations.  She’s glad that Frenchie’s up.  Brett is taking no responsibility.  When Frenchie meets with Kyland, Kyland is not buying his comments about saving Britini.  Kyland promises in Diary Room to make sure Frenchie doesn’t win.  Kyland, with Britini, is a different matter.  He tells her that he felt she was the one person who wouldn’t go home next to Frenchie.  Kyland makes it plain that he does not want the POV used on Britini.

Brent looks to be hunting for a showmance.  He’s flirting with Hannah and she’s playing with him.  She doesn’t believe his sweet talk and gives him nothing.  Brent thinks she is interested.  Boy, talk about a swelled head. 

Frenchie meets with the Slaughter House to decide what to do.  Frenchie sees that they have turned on him and thrown his name out so why help them (you couldn’t see that happening Frenchie).  Derek F. pretends to sleep and hopes that Frenchie will not mention him (Frenchie didn’t).  After this meeting, Frenchie blows up the group to all the rest of the house.  Frenchie’s reasoning is that too many alliance members called his name and he’s going to make them regret it.  Word gets back to Kyland who is a member of Slaughter House and he knows Frenchie must go.

The house guests plans to celebrate Alyssa’s birthday so they wrap her in toilet paper (don’t ask me why).  This is where Kyland finds them and let’s all the rest of the Slaughter House know what Frenchie has done.  This will cost him with any who might have helped him. 

It’s Time for the Power of Veto Competition

It’s time to draw people for the veto competition.  Kyland draws first and gets Alyssa.  Frenchie wants Derek F. but gets C.laire.  Britini wants a teammate but gets Derek X.  That won’t help her chances.  Derek X. is determined that Frenchie won’t get off the block and Frenchie knows it. 

POV is being played in a beach setting.  Call “Untan Lotion,” they must get a float out of a tube after filling it with suntan oil.  Britini is first and figures out that the ones that are farther away gives the most lotion.  The ground is slick.  Wait!  Don’t they play something similar like this for HoH later in the season? 

Britini figures the pattern out but so does Derek X (who figures out that the SPF 30 gives the most lotion).  All three times are good.  The winner is Derek X in 4:41.  Kyland’s time was 4:54.  Frenchie finished at 5:06 and Britini was 5:08.  (Britini don’t be ashamed.  You did great).  Alyssa (at 6:57) and Claire (at 5:33) didn’t want to win and could have cared less.  The winner is Derek X.  All hoped Frenchie wouldn’t win because of last week and he didn’t.  Derek X sees it as his chance to eliminate a big threat in the house.  Britini is upset because she knows she is not coming off the block.  Frenchie is in tears but he will hold his head high as he leaves. 

After the Competition

Frenchie admits his last hope is gone. (So was Travis’ but you had no remorse.)  He talks to Azah and admits he probably cause this himself.  Azah is understanding.  She says she knows that the game brings out every emotion in you.  Derek F. does tell Frenchie he was taught by his mom never to give up and Frenchie shouldn’t either.  Great advise Derek F. but did you have to do this in front of Britini.  Frenchie now swears that he’s coming for everyone. 

Frenchie does make one last pitch to Kyland and Derek X to keep him..  Frenchie only wants a chance.  Frenchie uses the old reason we always hear that if he’s up against anyone else, he will go home.  Yeah but Frenchie, I don’t think the house or us could take another HoH with you at its head.  Even with the promise of keeping them safe, can Derek X. be swayed?  Derek X. admits in Diary Room that he is thinking of the house versus Frenchie’s word.  Which is the best choice?  (Well, I wouldn’t believe Frenchie after last week.)

Power of Veto Ceremony

Derek X. has made his decision and calls the rest in.  Usually we hear pleas to the POV winner to keep each safe.  What gives?  We don’t hear any speeches?  Derek X. adjourns the meeting without using the veto.

Derek X. feels that he made the best decision while Kyland is glad that the noms remain the same.  Britini is going to campaign to stay in the house.  Frenchie is going to fight but how?  He tells us not to count him out yet.  Derek F. is upset about losing a teammate. 

Turn in tomorrow for live eviction when we learn:

Did Frenchie find a way to stay?

Does he blow up everyone’s game on the way out?

Does the door hit him as he exits the house?

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