Big Brother 23 (July 22) — And Another One Bites the Dust (and All Hope it is Frenchie)

So Big Brother fans are almost all aligned on who should leave tonight.  After a messy week one where Frenchie only missed Derek X. in an alliance, it looks like he is on the way back to the farm by the end of week two.  Can he pull a switch of targets?  Will he have pity votes that will keep him safe?  Will the door hit him on the way out?  And who will be the next one to go?  Two Slaughter House members have a target on their back but Brent wants a girl out?  I believe it will all come down to the next HoH and which of the many alliances they are in.

Eviction Night and the Recap

Okay, I’m not going into the reminders.  They just seem to kill time.  I will say that Big Brother reminds us of Frenchie’s fall from power, alliances discovered, and tears shed.  We’re reminded of the Slaughter House and Cookout and Frenchie’s paranoia blowing up his alliance.  Kyland put Frenchie and Britini up. Derek X. did not use the Power of Veto.  Big Brother’s announcement was:  “Is Frenchie fried?”  Did they have to go there?

Julie welcomes us to day 16 and says that Frenchie had the wildest HoH in the history of Big Brother.  (Julie you need to be on Twitter more!)  Then she tells us that Frenchie is working to stay in house (of course everyone on the block does that).  Derek X. wants Frenchie gone and feels bad about not taking Britini off but didn’t want Kyland to have to make another nominee.  Even Frenchie knows “no one in their right mind” would vote against her.  Luckily, Britini sees that too and tries for the low profile.

Frenchie starts his “redemption/stay safe tour” with Derek F. and Tiffany.  TIffany deserves the eye-roll award.  He eventually makes his way around the house only hearing what they want him to hear.  In the Diary Room he enacts dying only to come back to his life.  If Dan G. did it, so can he.

Julie’s Announcement on Alliances (House of Cards)

Last night the alliances started reforming. Sarah Beth and Kyland share personal history and seem to have gotten close.  (He doesn’t make her feel awkward.  Kyland meets with the Slaughter House with Derek X.  It seems like all but Brent thinks the alliance is dead.  Brent starts trying to charm people to stay safe while Whitney keeps her distance.  When the Slaughterhouse met, the remaining members didn’t offer Kyland safety but that’s not stopping Christian and others from doing it.  Kyland does acknowledge to Christian and others he has two people he thinks should go and the rest agree that those two are Brent and Whitney.  The Kings and Queens feel safe going into next week.  Meanwhile Christian talks Alyssa about how Brent is conspiring only to have him arrive to talk to them.  Brent is still saying a girl needs to go.  In his mind, there is still a Slaughterhouse.  Christian will say what he thinks Brent wants to heard but it doesn’t mean Christian will do what Brent wants.

Nominees and the Vote

Julie gives each a chance to sway the vote.  Britini is first and uses a rap to thank people for leting her be  and experience Big Brother.  Frenchie tells the house guests that he knew he would have crazy experiences and play the “country” card.  He has a friendship with all (yeah, right).  He wants to keep the friendships going.  The voting begins.  Claire is first.  By the time the cycle plays out, the votes are Frenchie 11, Britini 1 (made by Derek F.).  Frenchie has lost the vote and will be going home.  Will Frenchie leave with class.  Frenchie knows he is gone and hugs Britini.  No one else waits for a hug but they do a “friendship circle” and he expects them to do amazing things and be amazing people.  Is Derek F. crying? 

Frenchie and Julie

Out the door he goes and to the Julie questions.  She thanks him for keeping it classy as he exited the house and Frenchie tells her he is worried about her questions.  Julie wants him to tell us how he did as HoH.  Frenchie tells us his wife told him to come to Big Brother and change the game.  He made it his point to keep “people of color” in the house and he hopes future house guests follow his lead.  (Wait!  Is that why he wanted Kyland and Derek X. out.)  Julie asks about outing the Slaughter House.  Frenchie tells us that he formed it with the group of people he selected to keep them close.  They made him nervous and he felt he did the right thing as he proved with some of them that they were what he had expected. Julie asks about the “double of nothing.”  Frenchie is not sorry he didn’t take the two weeks safety.  He wanted to see his kids photo because he’s a dad first. 

Julie plays the messages.  Tiffany wants him to know that she respected him but if he continued, no one else could have won.  Brent didn’t think Frenchie had a shot at winning and Frenchie betrayed Brent first.  (My question to Brent is when?)  Britini apologizes that he had to leave while Derek F. called him his best friend and promises to play for both of them.  Frenchie is shedding tears over Derek’s F.’s comments and tells Julie that Derek F. will be his friend for life.  They may come from different walks of life but they are connected now. 

Head of Household 3

Outside, the house guests are told that the HoH is consists of two videos that Tom Green of Celebrity Big Brother has made in Ottawa, Canada.  He will be doing two “man on the streets” question/answer game called “Tom Talks Big Brother.”  They will answer questions based on the videos.  If they answer correctly, they are safe.  If the answer is wrong, they are out.   

After the first video, the questions start.  The first question sees Derek F., Britini, Brent, Christian and Tiffany leave.  Second question is missed by Azah.  All get question three correct.  On to video two and a few people who know the game.  Question four sees Whitney and Claire leave the game.  The next question gives us a winner.  It is Xavier crowned the new Head of House.

Now, where what will Xavier do?  New alliances were formed last night but, after Kyland, Brent was there first trying to make an impression.  Xavier is a member of the Cookout but will he keep them safe.  As we watch the celebration, the manipulation starts (especially with Brent).

As the show concludes, Julie talks to the house guests are.  After congratulations are given to Xavier, she reminds his team, the Kings, that all are safe.  He tells us that he’s looking forward to the HoH rewards, especially the bedroom and private bath.  Britini is asked if aher rap helped convince others to let her stay.  She tells Julie that it only took 10 minutes to prepare but she’s been practicing since Sunday.

So… will the Wild Card be used?  Will it throw a wrench into Xavier’s nominations as its ripples go through the house?  I really want to see where Xavier’s head is at in regard to nominations.  I think he, as a lawyer, will play a game that Brent doesn’t understand.  Will he keep his Cook Out crew safe or did he buy into any of the alliances last night?  We’ll start getting answers Sunday night (if you don’t have live feeds)!

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