Big Brother 23 — July 25, 2021 — Xavier Takes Control

Big Brother fans have had an interesting two weeks so far.  It started with the mad frenzy of Frenchie and then the determination to get rid of Frenchie under Kyland.  Both times Derek X. came into play.  So with the crowning of Xavier as Head of House, what will we get this week?  Hold on to your seats.  We’re only seeing a small amount of it tonight.

HoH Competition Aftermath

With Xavier winning the key, people must regroup.  Alliances are in shambles and only the strong (or unknown) will survive.  With Frenchie outing the Slaughterhouse and its members before his exit, do they even have a chance to survive?   What about its members?  And the one that seems to be sweating the most is Brent.

So the Kings and Queens suggest working together, but will that work?  Brent now assumes he is safe as his team is working with the other four member squad.  There is safety in numbers.  Of course, it was an easy win as two gave it to him (Xavier didn’t look happy).  Xavier feels good and he wants the right person to leave (Brent).  Britini is happy that she’s not on the block and feels Xavier won’t put her up.  Brent feels safe because he and Xavier has been together since day one.  Meanwhile Derek F is upset but he’s still working with the Cook-Out crew so feels good.  Oh, and showmance report:  Christian and Allyson don’t care anymore and who their growing affection in front of Xavier as he hasn’t expressed an interest in getting showmances out.

The Kings and Queens express relief at being safe but how safe is safe in the BB House.  And within the Royal group you have a separate group called the Royal Flush that seems to be the made up of the smartest people in the house.  On the Jokers, Azah is worried but Britini feels fine.

Brent meanwhile continues flirting with Hannah and his talk is annoying her.  He’s talking all the time about the need to take out a girl and how good he is.  He tries to flirt with Allyson and moves on to Whitney.  How many girls can he hit on in one day?  Xavier knows he is rubbing people the whole way plus he was associated with Frenchie.  Tiffany sets him up by asking Brent if he has ever had a friend who is a girl and he says he hasn’t.  There goes another ally.

Xavier and Tiffany discuss putting Brent up.  She’s worried that Xavier isn’t comfortable with the nomination.  Xavier and Tiffany discuss options:  Brent, Whitney and Britini (due to new alliances).  Xavier likes Britini and Tiffany tells him to listen and not speak.  I personally love how Tiffany talks to the camera.  She does tells us about the game.  Tiffany also proves she knows to watch her back because some will cut her throat.

The most popular guy in the house seems to be Derek X.  He gets along with all the girls and Derek F. is comfortable with him.  Brent meanwhile” isn’t.  Christian is feeling ashamed because he is going against the advice of “no showmance” (with Allyson). They are cute together and cuddle all the time.

Wild Card Competition

Derek X. and Hannah have a meeting about Brent.  She wants Brent gone.  Hannah does admit that she and Derek X. did throw the HoH competition leaving it to Xavier to do the dirty work.  Hannah also wants Whitney out.  Derek X realizes that he must play the Wild Card Competition and throw it to prevent Brent from being safe.  Evidently, they all have forgotten that there is a choice to take the reward of winning the comp or not.  So far, no one has taken the reward. 

The teams choose who will go into the Wild Card Competition.  Tiffany (Queens) is playing and making her move.  Derek X. (Aces) will play as will Britini (Jokers) to prevent her going up.  Derek is going to try and make sure Tiffany wins because it is best for the Royal Flush.

This week, the competition is called “Unlucky 13”.  The players must walk a balance beam and place cards to make 13.  If you go over, you are out.  Derek X. and Tiffany are mainly playing to keep Britini available to go on the block.  Derek X. is determined that Tiffany will win.  As the game starts, it is very obvious to all what Derek X. and Tiffany are doing to Britini.  Tiffany wins and is faced with the decision.  If she accepts the “reward,” one of each team that played will be safe based on chance.  Tiffany choses not to accept the reward.  (So this Wildcard Competition has been a bust from the start.)

Aftermath of the Wildcard Competition

Xavier now knows that the plan can go into effect.  It is a safe bet that Brent will be on the block but who will be the pawn (everyone is the house is against Brent).  In the Diary Room, Brent still feels safe.  Tiffany and Xavier talk and to them the only non-obvious (sure, wink) option is Britini.  Azah meanwhile is upset because it was obvious that Britini was a target. Xavier feels that Britini is the safe choice to go up against Brent.  Xavier talks to Azah who asks to be put up instead to be fair to Britini.  Xavier respects Azah but the options are few.  Xavier will not put Azah up as they are in the Cook-Out together.

Xavier talks to Brent about going up.  Brent is upset and says he is not going up.  Xavier tells Brent he is the pawn to get someone else out.  Xavier thinks that if Brent blows up, it will be at him.  Brent is upset because he doesn’t think he’s a threat.  Xavier does play the trust card yet Brent implies that he is too good to be a pawn.  I’d put him up for just saying that.

Nominations Ceremony

Xavier calls all in for the Nomination Ceremony.  Whitney wears her hoodie (she must think that keeps her safe).  Xavier does the ceremony with Brent and Britini’s pictures appearing.  These guests have straight faces during this ceremony (all knew) and Britini breaks down.  Brent is up because Tiffany didn’t take the Wild Card.  Britini is up because she’d put Xavier up if given the opportunity.  Xavier hope that he or the right person wins Veto so Brent will go home.  Britini is going to play strong (she’s done with being a pawn).  Brent is going to win and really become a threat when he leave the block.  Azah tells us that her heart is broken because Britini went up again.

So on Wednesday we find out who wins the Power of Veto (heck, I already know from feeds).    Here’s the things to ponder.

Who will play the Power of Veto?

Will the Veto be used?

Will Brent or Britini lose their cool?

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