Big Brother 23: Why Brent’s Been Bothering Me

Yesterday, I took a break from watching some live feeds to contemplate why Big Brother 23’s Brent was bothering me so much.  During Frenchie’s week as HoH, I just thought it was because he was trying to run the HoH.  Okay, to be honest, he did run Frenchie’s HoH.  Of course, he took no blame for the final outcome.  When I went on Twitter last night and saw one of the pictures, I finally figured it out.  Brent reminds me too much of the character Gaston from “Beauty and the Beast.”

I am a graduate who is proud of her AB in English.  My period of study was the Renaissance and the 1960s.  I have written papers for pop culture on fairy tales and “Once Upon a Time.”  Why did it take me so long to realize this comparison?  Mainly it is because we, as fans, don’t look for such things.  Last night, the more I looked at that picture, the more it bothered me.  Then it struck me!  I had read seen the story so much that the image was lurking.  All it took was a glimpse of reading something about “Once Upon a Time” that made the image clear.

The more I thought of it last night , the more I realized that in many ways, Brent IS acting like Gaston.  For those who cannot remember his character from the Disney movies, Gaston was the “man about town” who all the girls wanted.  He wanted Belle who would have nothing to do with him because of his arrogance (ignorance).  To make matters worse, he was always preening around and talking about how handsome/smart/strong he was.  When Belle went to the castle, it was Gaston who turned the towns’ people against the Beast to storm the castle and “Kill the beast.”   

So here is why I see Brent as Gaston in the story of “Big Brother 23.”  Listed are five reasons that come to mind.

First, Brent came in and seemed to want to immediately plays the game.  Gaston thought he knew it all but didn’t.  Brent thought he knew how the game should be played and wanted to be HoH in place of Frenchie.  He encouraged some of Frenchie’s worse decisions.  Brent got people behind him using “it’s best for the alliance.”  What Brent wanted though was opposite to Frenchie’s stated purpose and this came back to haunt Frenchie.  Brent proceeded to get Frenchie in trouble with the nominations.  What Frenchie had planned went counter to Brent’s grand scheme.  Thus, Frenchie had to change his nominations and Brent got out a target that would only helped Brent’s game.  To him, Travis was a threat not only in looks but in competitions.

Second, Brent never took any blame for the aftermath of Frenchie’s HoH.  He passed his part off on asa Frenchie’s actions.  The problem with this is that it comes back to haunt you.  Brent could have said something to help Frenchie when all planned to vote Frenchie out.  He could have given a vote to Frenchie.  Instead, to keep his image as the perfect alliance(s) member, Brent never took any blame and sold Frenchie down the river.  No more being second in command for Brent.  He was taking the reins just as Gaston did in stirring up problems in town.  In the process, he has tried to form more alliances.

Third, a ladies man.  Brent thinks that all women love him.  If they don’t, they are not worthy of his attention.  Brent thinks ladies should be rushing to listen to him and do his every whim.  When he doesn’t get the attention he craves, Brent thinks it’s not his fault.  Everyone needs to be amazed by his plans.  For those who aren’t, they are unworthy of his consideration and he ignores them. 

Fourth, Brent’s Belle:  Brent has tried to make inroads with Alyssa but she teamed up with Christian.  He turned his attention to Hannah who is not happy with said attention.  If you remember the opening of “Beauty and the Beast,” you know that Gaston was so obsessed with Belle that nothing or no one turned his attention away from her.  Belle wanted nothing to do with Gaston just as Hannah wants nothing to do with Brent.  No matter that Hannah (Beauty) turns away, walks away, says no, here Brent comes.  Even feigning sleep doesn’t work.  Brent is so wrapped up in his fantasy of greatness and control that he is obvious to what is really going on around him.

Finally, Brent’s town.  Just as Gaston though that he was in sole control of the town, Brent thinks he has the house (except for the Jokers) dancing to his tune.  He walks in and makes the conversation about his great plan.  Brent thinks that he is the only strategist in the house.  Any strong male who seems is a target.  The only difference is that Gaston could get the town’s people to try and “kill the Beast.” Big Brother 23’s house guests has their own plan as of Monday night.  They’re going to get rid of Brent by voting him out.  They didn’t use the veto on him while still implying he’s safe (in a vague manner).  Just like in “Beauty and the Beast,” the supposed hero has turned into the villain and the townspeople have had enough. 

I know there isn’t a specific Beast in the Big Brother house, but it is sometimes interesting to see the house guests as characters in books and movies.  This time, a chance memory stirs the need to address an issue. As a “Once Upon a Time” lover of Belle and Rumple (the Beast), I hate to make the comparison, but it is lodged in my brain.  Does anyone else agree?  Can you see Gaston in Brent’s character?

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