Big Brother 23 — Can You Keep a Secret? (July 28)

Big Brother 23 – July 28 —  Can You Keep a Secret?

Big Brother 23 has the most diverse and unique cast this year that I’ve seen in a long time.  They not only seem to genuinely get along, but they also seem to work well as teams, alliances, and the revenge machine.  They may not be showing the team aspect that well but hey, they’re all in other alliances with each other.  And the alliances – well, no one seems to be able to keep them straight as they keep popping up.  With Brent and Britini on the block, Brent is sure he is safe.  Is he?  Brent as pawn, it cannot be.  He’s done too much damage as Frenchie’s number two man to just assume safety.

It’s Time for Big Brother

After the recap and the nominations, Xavier admits his options for the nominations were limited to three (Whitney, Britini, and Brent).  Derek X. and Tiffany teamed up against Britini so she didn’t win the Wild Card which made Azah upset.  Oh, and we’re given a taste of the Power of Veto game, the spinning ballerina.  Did I mention the entire house wants Brent gone.

Britini is in tears and runs to her bedroom after noms.  Brent doesn’t look happy and feels Xavier has only  hurt himself as HoH.  The house is consoling to Brent but do they mean it?  Brent is so dense (stupid), he has no clue that he’s the target and Xavier wants to keep it that way. 

While trying to console Britini, Azah feels that something is going on that has been kept from her.  When Xavier arrives to talk to Britini, she leaves.  Xavier tells Britini that she’s safe and was the best choice to go up against Brent.  I honestly wonder how Xavier would feel as a pawn.  Meanwhile, Brent is meeting with his team of four.  There is no strategizing because Brent knows he is safe.  He has their votes (and others).  Hannah can’t stand him because of his being so touchy with her.  Whitney tells us it was so hard not to let him know he was gone.  (At this point, even his team wants him gone.)

Brent is meanwhile being discussed throughout the house.  The plan is that Brent is the real target and Hannah tells us that she’s willing to take him out because she can’t stand him because of his actions (and wanting a possible showmance).  Whitney says it is hard to lose a team mate/alliance member, but she also wants him gone.  (Does anyone want him to stay?  According to Twitter, the answer is no.)

Derek F. and Azah try to build Britinit’s spirits.  Azah doesn’t like what happened and feels like she’s manipulating people.  No matter how much Team Joker talk, Britini and Azah are still hurt.   Derek F. thinks that Azah doesn’t understand the game.  Meanwhile, Xavier talks to Brent to build up his confidence.  Brent says he understands why he is up but Brent says he’s not as dumb as he seems.  (Really!  I’m beginning to think you are as dumb as we think you are.)  Xavier is told by Brent that he knows he is the target and Xavier is covering the plot.  Brent thinks he has strong alliances and friendships and he will win the vote.  I will admit, I’ve called him Gaston (Beauty and the Beast) in a previous post and I stand by that.  His actions speak louder than words and he is clueless. 

Azah won’t let it drop.  She meets with Xavier who is upset that Britini was in tears.  He tells us that he is keeping the Cook Out alliance in the clear.  Azah goes to talk to Tiffany and tells her it was obvious what was going on during the Wild Card competition.  Tiffany is fast becoming this season’s “Janelle” due to her game play.  She has no sympathy but now knows that Azah sees things and plays emotionally.  She will keep her eye on Azah.   Is Tiffany getting paranoid on us?  She might lose her queenship.

Showmance Update

Christian and Alyssa is trying to come up with a showmance name (and I won’t even mention what they said since it was dumb).   Alone in the HoH room, Christian decides they need a make-out session and she’s not adverse.  Xavier walks in and sees them on the HoH bed.  He’s not happy and basically breaks it up.  As he says:  “Use the couch and leave the bed to me” (paraphrased of course).

Power of Veto Competition

Xavier breaks up the yoga class to pull contestants for the veto competition.  Xavier pulls house guest’s choice and takes Christian.  Brent gets Derek F. (although Brent hoped for a teammate).  Derek F. wants to show he’s a competitor.  Britini choice is Whitney who is excited to play.   Whitney wants to win to keep Brent, her teammate, on the block and out the door.  Hannah tells us that Brent’s ego is so big (think Gaston from Beauty and the Beast).  Xavier and Hannah talk and he changes his view of her.  She’s intelligent and observant. 

Sarah B is hosting the veto comp called Room de Rumble (I think).  It’s the bowlerina/tutu game but different as there are lounge chairs on the path to the bowling alley.  They bowl against each other to find out what room the party is in knocking down numbers after spinning for 15 turns.  If they hit the wrong numbers, they must reset.   

Britini is first and takes on Brent who wins that round.  Next up is Xavier who doesn’t give Brent a rest.  Xavier wins and Brent is so dizzy he is sick.  Brent is out.  Next up is Derek F who takes on Whitney.   Whitney really wants to win to deny her team mate (Brent) the Power of Veto. That relationship disappeared fast.  Derek F. wins after a long round and is taken on by Christian who wins. Christian beats Xavier to win the Power of Veto.  Xavier isn’t upset about losing.  His goal now is to take out his target. 

After the PoV game, Brent talks to Hannah.  He starts planning Britini’s exit.  He knows he has his team and can get the other team of four on board to keep him.  He thinks he can get enough votes that Britini leaves by a 9 to 2 vote (wait is that right?).  He talks to his “allies” as if he knows he’s safe and they play along. Brent is proposing the blind side that the rest have already planned for him.  Later in the HoH, Xavier and the rest find out Brent’s story from Kyland and have a good laugh.  The BB history will be made by Xavier and company and not Brent.  Xavier does tell us in Diary Room that he feels sorry from Brent and maybe should have the veto used – NOT.  He’s happy that Brent is going out the door.

Power of Veto Ceremony

Christian calls all for the veto meeting.  No pleas again from the ones nominated.  What gives with this?  Is this a new twist for the audience.  Christian tells them he will not use the power of veto and adjourns the meeting. 

In the Diary Room, Christian tells us that he will have no blood on his hands.  Britini is tired of being a pawn, wants Brent gone, and revenge.  Brent says he can’t ask for a better scenario and will make Big Brother history with the best blind side ever.  Xavier acts as an air attendant and tells Brent to exit the plane.

This has been the funniest week ever on Big Brother.  It wasn’t a train wreck to watch.  For someone to not sense what is going on is unbelievable.  So tonight’s questions are:

Will Brent still not realized he was played?  Will he be able to stay?

Has Queen Tiffany overplayed her game with the Cook Out crew?  Has it hurt her potential as this season’s Janelle?

Who will be the next HoH and will they seek revenge or get rid of a showmance?

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