Big Brother 23 — Eviction (Blind side) Night (7/29/2021)

When we last saw Big Brother, all were celebrating the potential exit of Brent.  Brent has been annoying everyone from week one.  Considering the way he acted that week, Brent really thought that the HoH that Frenchie got was his.  Big Brother doesn’t work that way.  Last week Frenchie left.  This week it looks to be Brent.  Plus Brent evidently didn’t pay attention during the “sensitivity” training as he has been actively seeking a showmance.  I honestly think Brent is only “in love” with one person – himself.


Remember, the last thing we saw last night was Christian not using the Power of Veto.  Julie told us that Brent was excited for the first big blindside this season.  The bad thing, she says, is it on him.  Blindside started at the end of the Power of Veto and we are off to the show.

Julie has information about creating and pulling off a blindside – keep it a secret.  Christian thinks it’s smart he kept the nominations the same.  Xavier hugs Brent but is excited that he is gone.  Britini is going to lay low.  Will any house guests tell Brent the truth?  Of course, someone will slip up.  It always happens but will Brent’s ego allow him to believe it is happening.  While Brent feels secure with his “The Mafia” formed last is week, he assumes he has the numbers.  While all feel somewhat uneasy about the decision, they do have to laugh behind his back after he makes his rounds.  Brent is trying not to be paranoid. 

In the kitchen, the crew is laughing at their pictures.  Derek F. thinks that Xavier works in government, as a lawyer or with the FBI.  Xavier denies it.  Derek F. is beginning to upset Xavier who tells us in Diary Room that he hopes Derek F. will shut up.  Derek F. admits that it is the way Xavier talks and Xavier tries to play it off.  Upstairs, they watch as Brent moves around the house trying to find people.  When Brent talks to Whitney, she seems to try and warn him but he’s not believing her.  Whitney says he’s too oblivious to what she’s trying to say. 

HoH is discussed, the players feel that one of the Kings has to go to make the teams equal.  Derek X. feels safe because he’s in the “Royal Flush” alliance and his team’s alliance but he can’t take the shot.  Alyssa wants to win since she hasn’t won anything.  My question is:  how are you so sure you will win.  Someone would have to throw it to you.  Tiffany would love to see the showmance broken up.  Are they finally beginning to see things as individuals?  No, it’s too early yet.  

The Live Eviction (and Possible Blindside) 

Julie goes to the living room and Britini is up first.  She’s rapping again but stops and does a traditional exit speech.  Brent does his shouts out and jokes with the house guests.  He tells them he is a man of his word.  He does a smart response and says he will still be there.  By a vote of 11 to 0, Brent is evicted from the house.

When Brent reaches Julie, he looks – er — bland.  It’s not like he knew he was going but he did think he was safe. I’m beginning to think he has only one facial expression – the one we always see.  Brent thinks he was a threat and people saw it.  He’s looking smug on camera for Julie.  His personality and others game took him out.  Asked about Derek X.’s game which is similar, Brent says that their game was different.  Julie asks why did you lobby for the blindside not to be used.  Brent thought he’d be safe if the veto wasn’t used. 

Brent blames the other house guests’ game play.  He also says he tried to pull Frenchie away from his decisions but Frenchie wouldn’t listen.  Brent thought he had 6 to 5 and Julie wants to know why.   Brent felt the vote would run team lines.  Julie plays the godbye messages.  Xavier says no hard feelings.  Hannah tells him that his arrogance sent him home and gives air plane instructions.  Derek X. said the house target shifted.  Once it start, Derek X. could stop it.  Allyson says that Brent thought she was wrapped arround his finger but she had him wrapped around her finger.  Tiffany tells him that the Jokers and three Aces sent him out the door.  

HoH Competition

Will the house still have targets, Julie asks.  Next up is the HoH competition.  Tonight’s comp is “Peer Pressure.”  They will play as a team.  They must complete their surfboard puzzle as a team.  Each player has 25 seconds to put a surfboard together.  If they don’t race back and change players, they are out.  The first team to finish, wins HoH and the last player will be HoH.  Jokers are doing great but it is the King’s that wins. That’s the one team no one wanted in the HoH room.  Christian will be HoH.   

Julie tells us that Tuesday will be the last Wildcard competition.  Personally, I’m glad of that.  Next week for the HoH, we have endurance and we will be able to watch it on live feeds.  Does anyone believe that?  It’s been promised beforel

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