Big Brother #23 — Christian for the Win (8/1/21)

Big Brother fans were surprised that Christian won the HoH this week.  The plan was to throw it to someone who would put the pair of Christian and Alyssa?  So what happened?  Christian, and his competitive nature, too over and he saw he could win so he did.  Unfortunately, this set up the showmance with the perfect opportunity to continue their romance and this time legitimately in the HoH bed.  It also meant that the plans that the Royal Flush made were null and void.  All plans and alliances may be null and void soon with the number of alliances that exist in the house.  Maybe next week the dynamics will heat up some more as it looks like teams dissolve at the eviction Thursday.  Will the alliances last?  I can’t wait to see

HoH Aftermath

The HoH, as you may remember, was a puzzle surfboard.  I’m not sure what was going on but it seemed to the houseguests to be harder than it looked to the fans.  As the only alliance of four left in the house, Christian and Alyssa were happy.  They were safe and had heard rumors that they were going on the block.  The King’s target from last week was Whitney but Xavier thinks she needs to stay.  So with the power in their court, who will Christian put up to leave on Thursday night.

Christian and the members of the King’s team celebrate but Xavier, a member of the group, is worried.  Tiffany now is all for Royal Flush because she’s a member with Christian and Alyssa so she feels safe from the noms.  The Kings meet in the Storage Room for ANOTHER celebration and Alyssa is happy.  Alyssa calls their showmance a ‘social game.”  Wink, wink, keep believing that Alyssa.  Meanwhile Derek F. and Azah are talking.  While Derek F. thinks they are coming for the Jokers, Azah feels safe.  Azah tells him to act happy.  Claire feels safe because of the Royal alliance.  Meanwhile, Derek X. is worried about Hannah and Whitney.  He’s safe due to the Royal Alliance but they’re not.  Hannah thinks she’s okay but she really doesn’t have anything in common with Christian.  Derek F. feels defeated but Whitney tries to encourage him.  Whitney wants Christian out.  He’s the last of the three that was on her exit list.

Yeah – no HoH reveal but we see Christian and his team gather to discuss their target. Alyssa really wants to keep Whitney for next week.  Xavier and Christian don’t care.  Alyssa wants Hannah out because she knows the game and pushes like crazy.   Sarah Beth wants Whitney.  Xavier doesn’t want Hannah up.  Xavier pushes Britini but Christian is saving her for the renom.  So the top three for choices are:  Whitney, Hannah, and Britini.

Derek F. and Whitney discuss workout outfits and Derek F. questions Whitney’s choice.  Whitney has had some questionable outfits but this one is mild.  The outfit question goes to all with Alyssa saying that she doesn’t like it (most agree).  In the hammk area, Derek X. talks about family and China.  Azah understands Derek X.’s feelings.  Both respect their heritage but they love the American life.  This discussion goes over Whitney’s head.

Wild Card Competition

The Wild Card Competition is up.  The Kings can’t play and Claire is up her team.  Whitney must play for her team.  The Jokers must decide between Azah and Derek F. with Azah playing.  Christian in Diary Room tells us that Whitney cannot win. The game is called “Lights Out” (I think).  On entering the room, they are all dressed up in party clothes.  This game involves rolling a ball (an olive) down a curving ramp to the cup to make a martini.  The lights will go off periodically throughout the game.  While Azah goes slow, Whitney has problems.  Claire uses math and winss the game.  Her prize is either a week of safety for her team or two weeks safety (to jury) for herself.  After much conflict, she takes the two weeks.  Tiffany is happy for Claire but it could jeopardize Tiff’s game.

The Royals meet to discuss the nominations.  Christian wants to make sure all are on the same page.  All feel Whitney makes sense, but the second choice is all over the place.  Hannah is discussed because Sarah Beth wants her gone due to Hannah’s knowledge of the game.  Others suggests Britini from the Jokers.  Tiffany sees Britini as a legitimate choice because she could put up their teams due to two weeks on the block.  Xavier doesn’t want Hannah up but has to move carefully due to the Cook-Out alliance.  Jealousy is huge on Sarah B.’s part.  Tiffany doesn’t want to see Hannah on the block so the target needs to stay on Whitney.  Christian tells them those are his three choices and Tiffany takes the blood off her hands by reminding him that it is his decision to make. 

Later Christian meets with the Jokers who promise to work with them. I guess Christian doesn’t realize the showmance clause?  Xavier is not happy because it makes it harder to protect the Cook-Out.  (Little do they know, teams are almost over).  Christian talks to Hannah and tells her about the pawn situation.  Hannah calls it hinting and she’s looking for a way to protect herself.  Hannah mentions the Jokers.  Reasoning with Christian is like reasoning with a two year old.  He admits that he needs to decide whether to put her up or not.

Nominations Ceremony

At the Nominations Ceremony (please bring back the key wheel), Christian turns the keys revealing Whitney and Hannah.  Whitney and Hannah are up because his team would have been up if they had won.  Now his squad needs to figure out the target.  Hannah is already gunning for Christian and Alyssa.  Whitney doesn’t know why she was thrown on the block.  Xavier is upset because a Cook-Out member is up but will do all he can to protect her. 

Okay, here’s the things these house guests should be considering.  How much longer can the teams last?  They should realize that it’s coming as the option for Claire was jury. Can you count on your original four team member to stay loyal or leave you high and dry?  Just how many alliances will hold together as the jury comes into play?  Could it happen Thursday (and we know it must as it is an endurance comp)? 

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