Big Brother 23 — Where, Oh Where Is Christian? (8/4/210

With Big Brother, you always need to know what is going on as Head of Household.  Your job isn’t over until after the Power of Veto Ceremony.  Yet, after reading/watching live feeds, I have often found myself asking:  “Where is Christian?”  Frenchie was all over the place in everyone’s business.  Kyland and Xavier were part of the group and watching over the alliances and groups.  Yet, Christian seems content to stay in the HoH and hold meetings there.  Of course, his second in command, Alyssa, is with him and he trusts his team and the Royal court but is that smart.  I guess we’ll find out tonight.

Post Nominations

With Whitney and Hannah on the block, the rest finally look to start evening up the numbers.  It doesn’t look like the guys are worried being down by three, but they do have issues with one team with four.  After this week, one team will be down to two while Christian’s team will still have four. The others see this as a threat (it is).  These house guests just haven’t grasped the concept that teams must end sometime.  When it does, the teams of four are no more and so is the loyalty.  It will be everyone for themselves.  Thus, their team scheming on which needs to go up next week has been wasted.  We, the fans, know that with no Wild Card and an Endurance comp this week to come, there will be no more teams!

Sarah Beth has been overplaying her hand this week.  She wants Hannah gone.  Alyssa has been whispering in Christian ear and is wanting Whitney gone.  Guess who is winning that decision (Alyssa).  Both Hannah and Whitney are on the Aces and Whitney tells us she is confused.  She knows her relationship with the Kings is done and she’s the target.  Hannah knows she is the pawn but she’s going to find out if the nom was personal.  And, let’s don’t forget Derek X.  He’s the only member of his team that is safe. 

Alyssa and Christian are holding court in the HoH bed.  They’re hoding “court” with the Royals to decide who to vote out.  Sarah Beth pushes for Hannah to leave and Xavier for Whitney.  Hannah has told Christian, though, that she would not put him up (wink, wink).  Sarah Beth sees that Xavier wants to keep Hannah and realizes if she (Sarah) keeps pushing her choice, she is a target.  Christian tells Hannah she’s safe and to put her trust in him.  She tells us that she’s still not feeling safe. Hannah is going for the veto.

Xavier talks to Whitney because they are friends.  She tells him that all is okay.  He asks her if she mentioned his team as a target.  She tells him that she’s never said it (but of course she did).  In Diary Room, Whitney points out that Christian’s team had been the target of the house before HoH.   Of course, Whitney goes to Christian about this and asks if she was mentioned specifically.  (It was Derek F. not any of Whitney’s team.)  Christian in Diary Room says Whitney knows she’s lying.

It’s time for backyard fun and Christian is doing pushups and back flips (six!).  As Britini says: he now is on others radar.  As the group relax, Whitney plays up to Xavier making Azah jealous.  At least Azah tells Xavier about her feelings!  Xavier is not in the Big Brother house for a showmane and changes the conversation.  Whitney and Derek X. talks about the nominations then Hannah asks him to protect her.  Derek X. wants both safe but he must first win the veto.  Derek X. talks to Alyssa who assures him that Hannah is the pawn.

The Power of Veto Competition

It’s almost time for the Power of Veto choices.  They’re cleaning and Tiffany falls while doing the moonwalk.  She’s not hurt but embarrassed.  Then Christian arrives with the box to pull for veto (safe until jury).  Hannah picks house guest’s choice and chooses Derek X. (because he will keep her).  Whitney feels betrayed by Hannah’s choice and pulls Azah.  Really, Azah wasn’t good in the Wild Card comp this week.  Very quickly, Tiffany fills Hannah in on the Royal Flush meeting with Sarah Beth’s pushing for Hannah to be gone.  Hannah’s now has a new reason to win and target.

The Veto Competition is setup as a volleyball game.  They must play against themselves.  They roll the ball up the ramp and run to the other side to return it.  If the ball hits the ground, the score returns to zero.  I think it’s called “Jump the Veto” (it’s sometimes hard to understand Alyssa who is host).  Derek X and Azah have an early lead but as the game progresses, Azah drops her volleyball.  While all don’t seem to want the noms changed, Sarah Beth (on the sidelines) wants Hannah gone (with a Whitney win).  It is coming down to Christian and Derek X.  Christian reaches 100 first and wins.  In Diary Room, Christian is happy, Hannah plots revenge for next week, and Whitney is scheming. 

Unfortunately, Whitney hears a comment in one of the group gatherings that she is “going home” made by Derek X.  When he apologizes, she tells him she’s ready to go home (liar).  Whitney talks to Christian about staying.  She wants Derek X. up now.  He understands and listens but doesn’t think Derek X. has a chance to go home (he’s a member of Royal Flush).  Whitney makes promises and Christian admits in Diary Room that she’s made valid  points.  Will it sway him?

Power of Veto Ceremony

Christian calls the group in for the Power of Veto Meeting.  Christian does the spill, no pleas are made, and he choses not to use the Power of Veto.  The meeting is adjourned.  In Diary Room, Christian tells us that he’s not putting up Derek X.  Hannah is still worried and she knows that one person wants her out (Sarah Beth).  Whitney is upset and will do what she can to stay.  Azah is happy that Whitney is up but Sarah Beth is still going to try and get Hannah out because Hannah is Sarah’s biggest threat.

Who will go tomorrow night?  Will Sarah Beth sway any votes?  Can Whitney vamp her way to safety, or will Hannah’s alliances keep her safe?  This has been the best year of Big Brother in a long time and it’s sad that one of these two schemers must go?  Of course, we now have new targets to watch in Sarah Beth and Derek X.  So stay tune and hold on to your seat.  With so many weeks left, I don’t expect a dull season.

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