Big Brother 23 — Eviction Night! Will the Curse of Frenchie Continue (8/5/21)

Big Brother 23 – Eviction Night!  Will the Curse of Frenchie Continue (8/5/21)

The Show Begins

As usual, we get a review. What they forget to show is that Whitney was the third person of Frenchie’s trusted leaders. With new action, we see Christian is happy that the noms will stay the same.  He wants Whitney gone.  Sarah Beth said she had to back off trying to get Hannah out.  Later, Tiffany fills Hannah in on Sarah Beth’s actions and feelings only to have it broken up by Sarah Beth.  Sarah Beth meanwhile plays up to Kyland which really sets Tiffany off.  Kyland admits that if he had to choose between Sarah Beth and the Cook-Out, the Cook-Out would win.  The Cook-Out meets and realize they must find a partner outside the alliance.  That way if the two gets put up, they can safe guard the Cook-Out alliance.  (I missed a few minutes but I’m sure it’s more of the same). 

When I get back after the commerical, Whitney knows she is in trouble and looks for votes.  She comes up with activities including a model walk with Christian participating.  Has he realized he needs to participate!  Xavier has style though and Christian just can’t get the swagger needed.  Later Tiffany comes in on Xavier, Sarah Beth and Kyland meeting and gets upset.  Kyland gets called out by Tiffany for spending time with Sarah Beth.  Everything was awkward when Tiffany entered the room.  Kyland says it was only social and they are okay with the Cook-Out.  Claire meanwhile has finally hit radars (and she’s been invisible until this week).  With being safe until jury, no one knows what to think of Claire.  Tiffany and Azah talk and put the radar on Claire and Sarah Beth.

Whitney hopes to use Alyssa to sway Christian.  She has a one-on-one and promises safety to both Alyssa and Christian for longer than Hannah has.  It’s a better deal (of course) and Alyssa takes it to Christian who seems interested.  In Diary Room though we learn that he wants Whitney gone.  As we get a peak at the living room, looks like Hannah is staying as Whitney is in fancy dress.

The Eviction Ceremony

Julie goes to the living room for the live vote.  Hannah and Whitney are given the opportunity to sway the votes.  Hannah talks to her family first and then the house guests.  She has enjoyed it.  She wonders how the house will survive without her gone.  Whitney gets bleeped at the first of her speech (oh great, not again).  She calls the house guests weird and that she loves them. The voting begins with Derek F. first.  Derek F. votes for Whitney and I have to wonder if the rest will.  The final vote is unanimous (10 to 0) and Whitney is headed out the door. 

Again a bleep as Whitney exits to hugs.  They must have known they would need a 10 second delay tonight.  Sarah Beth looks sad as Whitney leaves.  Outside the house, Julie has questions as her picture turns to gray inside the house.  The house guests scurry off to get ready for the comp. 

Julie asks Whitney if saw the hand writing on the wall.  Whitney admits she did and thinks she had to leave because she was loud and the guys were scared of her (annoyed is more like it).  She’s not afraid to make moves that scared people.  Julie asks about the threat level and she feels like she was a bigger threat than Hannah.  Asking about the suggestion that Christian use Derek X as a blind side, Whitney has problems understanding why.  Julie tells her about the Royal Flush and puts up the eight members of the alliance.  Whitney admits that explains much of what went down.  The goodbye messages are played with Xavier first who tells her that she was the main target.  Sarah Beth says that she fought to keep Whitney in the house.  Azah tells her that she had issues with Whitney due to Xavier.  Azah has a crush on him.  Whitney is confused and surprised about what Xavier said.

The HoH and the Game Changes

Julie tells us that only one can win Big Brother and calls the house guests to the living room.  All wish Tiffany a happy birthday.  Julie tells them that with the Aces down to two, the Jokers and Queens have three and Kings have four but only one can win Big Brother.  Teams are gone.  “It’s every man and woman for themselves.”  The Wild Card Competition is done also.  They only have themselves to guarantee safety.  Julie offers Hannah congratulations.  She’s asked about the biggest challenge of being in the house and Hannah says the teams.  Julie tells them to go outside for the new Head of Houeshold.

We have a wall competition.  This is the hanging on the wall which looks like a boat.  Each has hand grabs.  The game, “Whale of a Time” is played by them holding on to the last.”  If they fall, they are out (and no mention of the first being “Have Nots.”  The game immediately begins with the wall tilting over.  The next move is usually liquid thrown or poured on them.  Julie says the forecast is for rain, and rain they get.  IT’s pouring.  Tiffany, Azah and Claire look to be set for a while.  Derek X. looks cold.  As credits roll, they’re all still up.  At least they have goggles this year.  When the show ends, no one has fallen.

Sunday will be the conclusion of the HoH competition.  Wednesday will be the Power of Veto and next Thursday, with eviction, will come a twist involving America.  So get ready to help out.

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